Friday, June 29, 2007

Odeongdo Island

When hubby asked me where i wanted to go, i didn't get a second thought to tell him that i would like to go to Odongdo. Odongdo Island is the gateway to Hallyeo Marine National Park which is famous for its camellia flowers. I've already been there once but when i saw on tv that it changed a lot because they are preparing for the Expo 2012 that will be held in Yeosu.

It was 2 years ago when i've been there, and i was amazed to see this way to the island. Yes, it changed a lot!

There were many people parking, so while we are waiting for our turn to enter the gate i entertained myself looking here.

The island is too far from the parking lot.

We can take this, but i'd prefer to walk.

Don't you just love watching this beautiful sea while walking?

This is how far i walked from the parking lot to the island.

This is what is inside the island.

There are more beautiful sightseeings to see inside but because i've already saw them so i went out to see this new views. That's not just a simple fountain. It dances in the tune of the music. It's wonderful!

There are also some activities that you can do like taking the boat or yacht.

Korea is a mountainous country and it's not surprising anymore if we have to passed to many tunnels.

Monday, June 25, 2007


After Jebudo we dropped by to Daebudo. Daebudo is also located in Gyeonggido and it's very closed to Jebudo. I saw many people fishing and there are also boats used for fishing.

There are also many trees just near the beach which is good to stay without worrying of getting sunburn.

I asked hubby to walk along until we reach this bridge.

We didn't passed the bridge but we went here, instead.

While relaxing and eating some live octopus under the trees, i was amazed to see this.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Anmyeondo is the sixth largest island in Korea. It is located at the west coast of Korea connected with Namyeon in Tae-an. It was originally a waterway, built during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1911) to help with transporting ships, but eventually became an artificial island. In 1960, the island became connected to mainland through the Yeonyuk Bridge.

Anmyeondo is very famous of its good beaches. One of the famous beaches is the Kkotji beach where you can see the Halmi and Halabi bawi (grandma and grandpa rocks).

This is the view when we went there around 7a.m. in the morning.

Then we've decided to have breakfast but when we came back. Here's what we saw.

I was curious so invited hubby to come closer to the rocks and see what people were doing. Oh well, here they are, getting some Kkul. Oh well, some people have also soju (korean alcohol) beside them. hehe...

We drove there for 4 hours so we've decided to stay in a pension house where we stayed on our first travel there. The owner gave us some discount because it's our second time to stay there.

If you know the drama 내 남자의 여자 nae namja ui yoja (my man's woman), they shoot some scene here. Here's the view from the hotel where we attended a wedding ceremony.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Jebudo is a small island in the west coast of South Korea. The island boasts of a long costal line (12Km) and has Maebong (three rocks of different shape and size) at the end of the sand flat. When the tide is out, the water parts and a 3m-wide road appears.The left side of the road is muddy while the right side contains sand and gravels. As the tide is up, the water comes again and the road and flat go down under the sea. The tide remains high for about six hours a day, but the time can be different everyday.

If you know the drama haengbokhan yoja (happy woman), Byoung Gu and Ji Sook went to Jebudo but couldn't go back home because the road was covered by the water. They slept together and decided to get married.

Jebu Island is small in size but once on the island, there are many things to see like this very long bridge by the sea with foot massage.

One thing that i love most is the sunset.

Going to the beach means eating sea foods. There are many restaurants and pojang macha (street food/ outdoor drinking tent) just near the sea.

Oh well, if you are not a fan of sea foods then i recommend mollebang-a restaurant. It's a traditional restaurant with old korean stuffs. The restaurant serves delicious kalkuksu and puchingge with delicious panchan (side dishes).

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Seonunsa is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. It stands on the slopes of Dosolsan in Asan-myeon, Gochang County, near the Yellow Sea coast in western Jeollabuk-do province. It was originally a very large temple, but much was lost during the Jeongyujaeran (the 2nd Japanese Invasion in 1597). It was burnt down during the second Japanese invasion in Korea and was reconstructed for 5 years under the direction of saint Wonjun from 1614 (the 6th year of king Gwanghae) through 1619.

Korea is a mountainous land so it's not surprising anymore when we passed here.

Seonunsa Temple provided the location for episode 2 of the drama Daejanggeum.

The temple is also surrounded by the mountains and some of them are located on the high of the ground.

Here's one of the buddha's that we see in the temple.

And here's the nine storied stone pagoda made of granite during the Goryeo dynasty but now only six stories are left.

Aside from the temple, Seonunsa is also a good place to relax because it has a stream, park and forest inside.