Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Celebrate Christmas

Are you using blogspot? Are you also having trouble with it? I'm supposed to post some pictures but I can't see the icon where I can post my photos. I can't even preview my post like what I have used to. Anyway, my post is not about this problem that I'm facing with blogspot. I just wanna share what I saw while I was waiting for hubby in the office. I was with my co-worker when we heard people singing Christmas songs outside. When I looked out of the window, I saw the children wearing Santa Claus costumes singing in front of the Big Supermarket on the first floor of the building. They are children who attend taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts) class. What a surprised to see the children who look brave and strong wearing white uniforms but now they are dancing while singing Christmas songs. They all look great with their Santa uniform specially the ladies who are wearing beautiful hats. Hmmm.... These kids know how to celebrate Christmas.

Most Exciting Adventure

We had an appointment last night. We met someone and talked about business. Then we talked a lot of things including everyone's hobby. We told them that we like travelling and we sometimes go out of the country to travel. The guy said, he also wants to travel with us. That's a great idea! We haven't traveled for many months now and we really miss travelling. I sometimes think of myself staying at one of the Montana Resorts to see the breathtaking site into the Glacier National Park.

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Have you already decided where to go for your vacation? Don't miss this wonderful vacation that you can experience in St. Mary Montana and enjoy your stay at the National Park Resort Lodge.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm just here waiting!

Oh yes, it's an update again before the Christmas comes. It's too cold outside so I didn't go out with my hubby. After a long time, I finally stayed at home again all day long watching movies, drama on tv and lying down. This is what I always long for although I was thinking of blogging while watching tv. hehehe...

While blogging, I suddenly thought of my mother in law so I called her. She said she missed my voice because it has been a long time of not hearing it. That's true guys! I couldn't call her because of my busy schedule. I always thought of calling her but I always come home late. I arrived home when she's already sleeping. I know she's asleep because she sleeps early and gets up very early. If me and hubby and night owls, my mother in law is an early bird. I think most Korean in laws are like her. My father in law too, but my father in law only gets up early to exercise and goes back to bed again after breakfast. hehe...

Btw, Christmas is already on Thursday so I'm wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year! I'm not preparing anything for Christmas so if you have left over, just send it to me and I'm just here waiting. hehehehe...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Oh yes, am I back? hmmm..I just wanna update my blog. I still have no time to bloghop so bear with me guys. I owe you a lot but I promise to make it up to you when I have time. My schedule is getting tighter everyday but I'm
sure it will be finished before the end of this month. Hew! I miss bloghopping! I want to know how's everyone doing specially now that Christmas is coming. I'm sure most of you are going back home to meet your loveones and some are busy decorating your home sweet home. Ooopppsss.. I think it's time to set my Christmas tree now before Christmas ends. I almost forgot about it.

How do you celebrate Christmas? and how will you celebrate it this year? Well, here in Korea there's nothing special to do. I even asked my students about their plans this Christmas and most of them answered that they would sleep or play computer games. Oh well, some of them even didn't know what Christmas is. Christmas is just like a normal holiday for them that mark red in the calendar like the other holidays. Like them, I also don't have any special plan for Christmas. How about you?