Sunday, October 17, 2010

Superstar K 2

I love Fridays but I started to love it more because I can watch my favorite cable program on TV the Superstar K 2. It's like American Idol. A singing contest for Koreans but the audition didn't only happen in Korea but also in some parts of the U.S where many koreans live there. If you remember John Park, one of the top contestants of American Idol, is now one of the top 2 of Superstar K. Next week Friday will be the most awaited day of the audiences like me specially to the Top Contestant John Park and Ho Gak. They are my favorites including Jang Jae In, but Jang Jae In was eliminated last week. I thought she would become the Superstar K 2.

Is it John Park or Ho Gak? Whoever! They are both my favorites. They both look kind and serious. They are friends and I can say that Ho Gak supported John Park a lot. I was touched last week because John Park's mom who was in the US came in Korea because of Ho Gak's help. Two weeks ago, they performed at the Navy and Ho Gak won so one of his gifts was to make a wish and it will be granted. His wish was to meet John Park and his mom. He said Koreans once met their parents but John Park couldn't meet his mom because she's in America. So last week, John Park and his mom met through Ho Gak.

From the beginning of the program, I saw how Ho Gak supported John Park. I think one of the reasons why Ho Gak is chosen by the crowd is because he's kind, gentle, and loving person. John Park also looks kind and down to earth. Besides, he's handsome that's why most of his fans are ladies. And because he has lived in America, so foreigners support him and Koreans too because he can speak English well, one the weakness of Korean ladies.

Anyway the two deserve to win but they have to choose only one. Well, can't just they share their price money 2og won (around 200,000 dollars)? How about the car? Who will bring the car? Hmmm...

Show me your love

It's getting colder here so it's not surprising anymore if you'll hear that many of your friends, relatives or someone you know is getting married. Fall is the season when many engaged couples are getting married. As you know, it's cold so we need someone to keep us warm in the winter. And what do ladies expect the most during the wedding? Isn't it the wedding ring? Wedding just happens once to someone special so you should choose the diamond wedding bands that you and your loveone will really love.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dongdaemun Market

There are lots of opportunities to buy good and inexpensive good in Seoul's traditional markes. Among them is the "Dongdaemun Market" near Dongdaemun is the most famous of its kind in Korea. Here you can buy the latest fashions and prices are much cheaper than department stores. The area is so famous that it would be hard to find a young person who has never been there.

The Dongdaemun Market has established itself as the center of the Shopping mall beginning in the late 1990s, when shopping malls like Doota and Migliore opened up for busines. There are some 30,000 shops and stalls selling clothes, accessories and the various sundries. Moreove, and an estimated 2.5 million foreign tourists and merchants are said to visit every year. The government designated it a "special touris zone" in 2002.

Everything from designing, production, and sales takes place at Dongdaemun Market. It supplies the clothing shops for the whole country while also selling retail to incividual consumers. Both wholesale and retail sales take place 24 hours a day, so you can purchase clothes even in the wee hours of the morning, and even at night the area is filled with the large crowds.

There is even a "purchasing information center" exclusively for foreigners to help foreign industry buyers find the items they need. It can also helpt foreigners fill out the documentation necessary for shipping and other parts of large export transactions. It would be worth your time to go there if you stay in Seoul.

Drive Safely

Don't forget to wear your protective gears when you drive a motorcycle. We have only one life and we have to know how important it is. We have to be careful always. Drive safely! As you know, accidents suddenly happen. It happens in time that you aren't prepared that's why we have to be ready always. How many accidents happen everyday specially to the motorcycle drivers. And how many of them lost their lives just because they didn't wear protective gears specially shoei helmets? I thought police officers arrest motorcycle drivers who don't wear helmets but why can I see many of them driving without wearing them?

Actually I like seeing motorcycle drivers in their complete gears specially those who have great motorcycle parts. They really look wonderful. And I think they are also rich because they are driving nice motorcycles and gears. The motorcycle gears look expensive but as I came to this motorcycle gear online shop, I found out that it's not that expensive as I think because you can get those parts and gears for a very affordable prices. There are lots of sales products and you can save up to 65%. It's great, isn't it?

Korean Weather

Let's talk about Korean weather again because the season already changed. It's fall now and it's getting colder everyday. It's too cold specially in the morning and at night. But it's warm in the afternoon because the sun shines all day. I'm starting to hate the weather again because it's getting colder. How many times did I say that I don't like cold weather? And I will say many times more so that you can know how I really hate it. I always try to accept this kind of weather but it's not that easy. But I know someday, I can enjoy it too. What do you think?

I'm totally opposite with my hubby because he likes cold weather. He hates hot weather that if you're beside him, you can always hear him complain about the hot weather.

How about you? What's your favorite season? And what do you do to enjoy the season that you hate the most?

Wear Your Helmet

Here in Korea, there's what they called Dabang Agassi or Coffee Girl. They are the girls riding behind the driver of single motorcycles delivering coffee. The motorcyles are too noisy. They have loud music and you'll see the girls wearing thick make up and a short skirt even in winter. And sometimes you can also see them in the rain. Oh well, I don't care about their job. What I care about is, they ride a motorcycle without wearing motorcycle helmets. I'm sure they know how dangerous it is but they don't care about it. I hope they can realize how important helmets are before it's too late. I feel so sorry for them because I saw motorcycles accidents many times because the drivers drive too fast. Maybe because they have to deliver on time.

I'm sharing this post of mine not only to the Coffee Girls but also to all motorcycle drivers. You have to wear a helmet and motorcycle clothing if possible or else you'll regret later. There are lots of motorcycles clothing to choose from. In different colors, sizes and styles. You can get them at the one of the most popular online stores. Well, leather pants are also available. The cheaper and more comfortable pants in a very low price.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Korean Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies

If you want to purchase regular non-prescription drugs for things like colds, digestion problems, or fevers, you still need to go to a pharmacy as pharmaceutical products are not sold in stores. Pharmacies sell mostly only pharmaceuticals but sometimes also sell cosmetic products as well. Also, since pharmacists cannot fill prescriptions without a prescription from a doctor, you should first go to a doctor if you think your cold or other sickness is serious enough to need more than a drug sold over the counter.

There are also many individual clinics (for internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, gynecology, otolaryngology, dermatology, urology, etc.), as well as many hospitals and clinics specializing in oriental medicine.

Most medical examinations and prescription pharmaceuticals are covered by medical insurance. Getting either is far more expensive if you do not have insurance, so a foreigner intending to stay in Korea for a long period of time should get medical insurance. Foreign citizens are not required to have medical insurance, but can apply for it if so desired by submitting to National Health Insurance Corporation the documents such as a copy of their alien registration card and documentaion on their purpose of stay in the country.

Importance of Cellphones

Long time ago in Korea, if you have a telephone means you are rich. Because at that time, only rich people have phones. If at that time phones are signs that you are rich, now cellphones can make you rich because you of Mobile Marketing. It can make your business more easier and profitable. It can also give more comfort to the customers. So it's very useful to everyone.

Well, let me tell you something about my cellphone. I've been using my cellphone for almost 2 years now and I want to change it to a new one. My hubby bought our cellphones at the same time. Mine still looks new but my hubby already changed his. He broke it a few months ago that's why he got a new one. I love my cellphone and I consider it as one of my bestfriend. When someone asked what things that I can't live without, my answer was always computer and cellphone. But if I have to choose one, I can say that I can live without computer but not cellphone. My life is meaningless without cellphone. My life is not complete without my cellphone beside me. I remember one time that I was in hurry for work when I left my cellphone but went back home to get it. I'd rather be late than going to work without my cellphone. Since then, I always check my bag if I have it before I leave home. I even sleep with my cellphone beside me not only because I use it as an alarm to wake me up in the morning but also because I don't wanna miss any call. I think every call is important to me. Taking photos, videos and sending or receiving text messages are also the reasons why I love my cellphone. I sometimes prefer to send and receive text messages than phone calls so I think I need this Text Message Mobile Coupons.

Cellphones are very important. They have lots of use and they have made more useful because homebuyers can get instant information through House4Cell. You can get details on what you are looking for by just simply text in a keyword. You can even received fax and email brochures if you want to.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forms of Identification in Korea

Resident Registration Cards (Jumin deungnokjeung), drivers licenses (Unjon Myeonheojeung) and passports (Yogwon) are considered legal identification for Korean citizens in Korea, but Resident Registration Cards are the most common, since they are issued to every Korean national who is at least 17 years old. Resident Registration Cards include a person's name, Resident Registration Number, address and photo.

Resident Registration Numbers are issued to all Korean citizens upon the registration of birth. Each is 13 numbers in length, with the first six being a person's date of birth. A person born on 30 April 1962, therefore would have a Resident Registration Number that begins with 620430. The seven numbers that follow are particular to that individual. The first of these seven numbers indicates gender. For persons born in the 20th century, the first number of these seven is 1 for males and 2 for females. This means you can tell a person's age and gender just by looking at his or her Resident Registration Number.

Foreigners residing in Korea do not have Resident Registration Cards, so use passports or Alien Registration Cards. Since it proves that you are a legal resident, you will need your Alien Registration Card for many common everyday needs while living in Korea, for example when you open a bank account, apply for health insurance or a Korean driver's license, find employment, sign a housing contract or in various other situations.

All in One

Whenever I go shopping, my hubby always reminds me to buy the ones that have good quality and not the cheap ones that you can only use for a very short time. He said that I have to consider the quality and not the price. He knows me very well when it comes to shopping. In my case, I consider the price and appearance. If it is cute and cheap then I'll take it. I always choose the cute and cheap ones.

I remember the knife that I bought to use for camping. I bought the cute ones but after using it for a few times, I had to throw it away because it was very dull and full of rust. I didn't use it much. My hubby even said that it was useless because we used scissors when we wanted to cut something. And because I already threw it away, so I was looking for a knife online when I came up to The Blade Shop. Even when you don't want to get one, you will be attracted with the selection of knives specially to the featured products. I've never seen such beautiful and sharp knives except on tv or movies. They are so wonderful. And the price? You would never expect that you could get those special knives in a very low prices. You can't even imagine that you can save more than two hundred dollars for a knife.

There are largest selection of knives available. So if you are looking for the cutest, cheapest and good quality knives, choose the one that has a name like Benchmade Knives, Gerber knives or Kershaw knives. You can make sure that you got the highest quality knife with those brands. Cute, cheap and with good quality. All in one!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Korean National Foundation Day

It's holiday tomorrow but it's Sunday. It's the National Foundation Day of Korea or called Gaecheonjeol in Korean. It is always celebrated every October 3rd. It's the anniversary of Dan-gun's Accession. It's the day when Tangun (the mythical "first Korean") founded the country about 4,300 years ago. On this day, national commemorating ceremony is held in National Cemetery. This holiday celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon (ancient Korea) founded by Dangun Wanggeom in the year 2333 BC.

Believe it or not

Since I work with my hubby, I always go to work with him. Because he drives to work, I don't have to commute like what I used to. But one day, I finished my work much earlier than him so I decided to go home by bus. It was too complicated for me because I had to walk far to the bus stop wearing high heels shoes and it was too noisy on the bus. The most terrible thing was the man sat next to me smelled alcohol. Since then, I just wait for my hubby even when I wait for a long time. I prefer to wait than to have a terrible day on the bus.

My hubby is true when he said that when you start to have a private ride like having your own car, you don't want to take the public transportations anymore. I wonder if I still feel the same way when we travel to another country. Anyway, no worries because I know where I can find the rental cars that give discount, coupons and deals
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