Monday, March 29, 2010

Intermational Marriage in Korea

Many foreigners like to marry Koreans. I don't know if there's a connection with the famous Korean dramas or it's just because of Korean Dream. There are even agencies who are looking for korean guys who want to marry ladies from the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. They just match their pictures and get married without knowing each other. That's one of the main reason why most of them can't live well.

Sad to say that ladies from these countries want to get married to Korean because they want to escape from their poor country. They think if they marry Korean, they can help their families back home and can live well. Is that really what happen to women who got married to Korean? A few, I think! Those who are lucky.

What I've noticed is that koreans who get married to these foreigners who are using Matching Agencies are those who couldn't get married to Korean girls. Because most of them are old, not good-looking, or farmers. Most Korean ladies like men who have either good jobs, handsome, or rich.

I can say that Korean guys are sweet, responsible, and kind. But don't expect too much. Remember that communication is always a barrier. Not to mention the culture and mother in law.

By the way, most foreigners who got married to Korean guys because of love live well. Those are the international couples who got married through courting. Although there are some who got divorced because they had trouble with communication and Korean Cultures.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stay on top

I thought before that blogging is just a kind of simple hobby that you have to create a blog when you have nothing to do. That's what I felt before so I opened an account with a free site so I can also have something to do when I'm bored. But it totally changed because I learned that blogging is also sharing and meeting friends on the net. And the simple hobby became a big interest that sometimes ended with a battle because I always want my blog to be on top. Alrhough it's impossible right now but I'm working for it.

I started with a free webhosting but after a long time of blogging, I got interest with a new web hosting because I know it can help me improve and develop my blog. I never thought of this before. Actually, I even laughed others who spent money for their blog when they can have it or do blogging for free. I can blog, I have my own website and that's all. That was the time when I was new in the blogging world. I didn't know much anything about websites. I even didn't care if there's someone reading on my blog but now I always expect readers or visitors to come. I feel like my blog is dead if nobody visits and reads it. It amazed me when I see others get many readers that sometimes force me to do some research on how I can do it for my blog. One thing that I found out is the webhosting. I realized how important it is because through it, you're sure that you're using the right tools and resources to keep you ahead of your competition. Now I got it!

How about you? Didn't you feel the same way on the first time that you enter in the blogging world? What do you do to get more readers and how do you keep your blog to stay on top? Is it also because of the backlinks and webhosting? If so, then I know what to do now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mt. Mudeung

In Korea, over 70% of the land is mountainous with the eastern regions consisting of mainly rugged mountain ranges and deep valleys. It's not surprising if there are many people enjoy hiking in the foothills and mountains.
One of the most famous mountains that I've climbed was the Mt. Mudeung with 1,186.8 meters high. Located at Iseo-myeon, Hwasun-eup, Hwasun-gun; Dong-gu and Buk-gu in Gwangju; and Nam-myeon in Damyang-gun. Mt. Mudeung has plenty of tourist attractions. The mountain is not sharp to climb so don't be surprise even if you meet the crowd who want to enjoy its scenic beauty on weekend. Most of them usually go up in casual wear.

Would you believe that there's also playground on top of the mountain? This is on top of the mountain and the whole family are now enjoying the nature and beauty of Mt. Mudeung.

You can also take a walk with this flat area on top. There are some benches to relax when you're tired. Or you can sit down and see the wonderful view.

Here's what you can see from the benches.

No need to worry if got thirsty from climbing up the high mountain because there's spring that can obey your thirst. It's cool and taste good. Some are carrying big gallons and get much water from it because they believe that it's good for our health.

There are also resthouses on top of the mountain which is always full of tourists eating and drinking soju (korean alcohol).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My mother in law and the medicines

I met my mother in law last week so she gave me different kinds of vitamins. Three different kinds of vitamins that needed to take 3x a day each. But instead of taking 3x a day, she told me to take once a day each vitamins. Oh my gosh! I'm worried that I would get big if I would do that. My mother in law is always worried of her family's health. Everyone does but there's no one like my mother in law. She likes watching tv or talking to her friends and when they have mentioned something that is good for our health, she would buy it.

My hubby was worried and doesn't want me to take the vitamins because my mother in law bought them outside. I mean not at the drugstores. She was also proud to show us the paper where it written the disease that the medicines can cure. We've seen lots of that kind of people on tv who are selling something and said that it's good for our health and it can even cure cancer but they are just deceivers. They only use immitation products and sold for a very high prices. I hope my mother in law didn't make mistake in buying these vitamins that she gave me.

Buy everything you want

I've been longing for a laptop but until now I don't have one. My hubby said I don't need it because we have computer at home and I can also use the computers in the office. I agree but isn't it better if you have your own computer? A computer which you can carry anytime and everywhere you go? Specially me who likes traveling. I want to upload and share immediately what I've seen and experienced about my travel. But it's hard to do it when you don't have a computer to use so you have to wait until you arrive home. What if you are out of the country and need to stay there for more than a week or sometimes a month like what we did before? I was so happy on my trip but it wasn't complete without a computer.

We are planning for our next trip and I can't leave without a laptop so I'm checking these cheap laptops. It's really cheap so now I don't only want a new laptop but also new Ipod touch and Wii Games. Anyway, it's really cheap so you can save a whole load of money so you can buy everything you want.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yellow Dust in Korea

When spring comes, it always reminds us to be careful with the yellow dust (particulate sand) coming from China. It has been in the news since last week and this afternoon, I looked outside when I woke up. I woke up in the afternoon and I thought it was still morning because it was dark. I couldn't trust the clock so I checked the time on my cellphone. The clock isn't broken. It's really afternoon and it's dark because of the Yellow dust or Hwangsa in Korean. It's already here in Korea and it's terrible. Just imagine the dirt flying all over the air. It's not rain or snow falling but dust. It's not only dirty but also dangerous. It has bad side effects to our health like allergy, lungs problem, etc. I didn't go out all day today. I was supposed to get some groceries but I'm afraid to go out. I don't like wearing mask so i'd rather stay home and forget about the groceries. Luckily, we still have something to eat in the refrigerator and I think it would be enough for the whole week.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's unbelievable but believe it

My friend told me to send her a pair of glasses from Korea. She said, she heard that glasses here are too cheap. But when I've mentioned about the The #1 online Rx glasses store, she was surprised. She said it's unbelievable to see stylish, high quality prescription eyeglasses for only $8.

It really is but it's true because they are from Zenni, which is known as the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses. Oh, I'm telling you that you will be more impressed after reading this Eric's Review of Zenni Optical.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How come?

We received a notice in the mailbox telling that we didn't pay our cable bill on our former apartment. We've been living here in our flat for more than three years now so that means we didn't pay that bill three years ago. That's impossible! If we didn't pay it, why just now that we are receiving this bill? And cable bill is just around $5 but the bill that we received yesterday is almost $50. How come?

My hubby called the telephone number and told everything about it. He complained and said that they were deceivers. Here in Korea, there aren't many thieves in public places but they are doing it in private. They are trying to deceive people so if you're not smart enough, you'll lose everything. Last time, we also received a phone call telling that we had to pay something that we didn't know what it was about. You think you're safe with thieves because you're in a safe place? Of course not if you're not smart enough. Don't trust everyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Korean Culture Part 5

40. The octopus on my plate is moving. Koreans like eating raw food including raw octopus. Alive octopus is cut and it will be served moving on your plate. It is a common dish for those who like drinking soju (korean alcohol).

41. It's legal to drink in public. As long as you're not making trouble. It's legal to drink in public. You'll see some people drinking by the beach, on the mountains, in the park or even in the street.

42. It's a Pojangmacha (soju tent). There are many tents standing in the street in Korea. They are tents selling soju and some korean snacks or side dishes eaten with alcohol. They are open until late at night. So if you're hungry and had a bad time and want to go out and drink alcohol at night, it's very easy to find a place.

43. Public Bathroom Etiquette. In korea, a person outside knocks on the bathroom door. If you're inside, you knock back. The person will know that somebody is in there. If there is no answer the person will think the bathroom is empty so they will push it and try to get in.

44. Umbrella for sunny weather. There are two kinds of umbrella. One for rainy days and another for sunny days. On sunny weather or even when there's no sun, you'll see many koreans specially hajuma (married women) carrying an umbrella. They are white but afraid of the sun.

45. Korean Taxis. They said of you wanna die early, then take a taxi. Of course it's exaggerated but taxi drivers really drive fast. Most of them don't follow the traffic lights. But I think they are just doing their jobs because if you're in a hurry, take a taxi and you'll reach your destination on time. My hubby always reminds me to take the Daein Taxi (private taxis) because they are driving their own taxis so they are more careful.

46. Surgery as a Graduation Gift. It's not unusual for Korean students specially High School to get a surgery as their graduation gift from their parents. Most of the surgeries they get are eyelids. Most koreans don't have eyelids so they get operation to have ones.

47. All Ears are on me. When you're on the phone, specially if you're a foreigner, hajumas (married women) or ajassis (married men) ears are near you listening to what you say even when they couldn't understand. But if they are on the phone, they talk too much and don't care if everyone was listening.

48. It is rude to look in the eyes when you're talking to someone. Koreans don't look in the eyes when they talk to each other specially if the speaker is older or have a higher position than yours. It is rude to look in the eyes. They are looking down to be polite.

49. What's your blood type? It is a common question in Korea to ask about your blood type. Most of them including kids know their blood type. They think that your blood type determined your personality.

50. There are Bus and Train Cards. There are cards to use for trains or buses. It makes the transport easier and you can even get discount whenever you use it. You can charge them in stores.

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The Flag of my Country

It was holiday here on the first day of this month because of Independence Movement. If you go out on this day, you'll see lots of flags hanging on the trees in the street. You can also see many flags hanging on the windows of some houses and buildings. Is it a sign how we love our country?

When I was young, I didn't give much attention about the impotance of flags. It was just a routine for me to sing a National Anthem every morning in school while raising the flag. I didn't know the meaning why we did that. But after marrying a foreigner and changed my citizenship, I realized how important my country is and the flag is the symbol of it. I also love my new country and it also touches my feeling when I see the Korean flag raising like when Korean teams win the events or sports games.

On Independence Day, I also want to put a flag in front of my apartment building to show that I also care for my new country, Korea. Specially now that I know where to get one. American flag is one of the largest manufacturers of flags not only American flags but also world flags, international flags and state flags. Flagpoles and accessories are also available so name it and American flag will ship everything you need.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gochuchang Village in Sunchang

Gochujang Village is located at Sunchang Eup Jeon Nam Province. I don't remember how many times I've been there. We sometimes go there not to see the beautiful attractions but also to buy different kinds of side dishes. It's true that the side dishes there are great! As you walk through the village, you'll see many people on the street calling some customers and grab you to the gate. You should get in because you can taste different kinds of side dishes made with gochujang (hot pepper paste). It's free to taste including some drinks like makgeolli, korean traditional alcohol or sikhyae, korean traditional drink made with rice.

When you visit Sunchang kochujang village, you'll see lots of big jars standing in every houses that makes us feel that we are traveling way back in time. The village has changed a lot since the last time that I've visited there. Here's the new sights to attract more tourists. The imitation kochu (pepper) tree. If you look closer, there are lots of red peppers hanging on the tree.

There are small houses decorated with hot peppers.

And lots of jars used to preserve gochujang.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Naju Image Theme Park

Naju Image Theme Park is a place where epic dramas have been produced such as Jumong, Taewangsasingi, Baramnara, Esan and Cheonchutaehu among others as known for its fame of the largest drama filming place for the historical plays in Korea with a sized of 150,000 pyung, and more than one million domestic and foreign tourists have visited the place until now. Naju Image Theme Park is now reborn a pleasant place where we can have direct experience of Korean history in pride- Goguryeo- out of the exisiting notion as a place of drama sets. You might have the unique chance to learn the bravery and spirit of Goguryeo people while riding the horse and shooting bow here. Naju Image Theme Park will provide you with the power and courage with the fresh wind to live in the world.

As you enter the gate, you can see the street of stars where the Korea's top stars who have featured in dramas and movies taken in Naju Image Theme Park including Song Il-Kook, Han Hye-Jin, Jeon Kwang-Ryeol, Bae Yong-Jun, Moon So-ri, Lee Seo-Jin, Han Ji-Min, Ju-Jin-Mo and Jeo In-Sung among others will present amusements to visitors with their hand printings, still photos and banners.

You can also enjoy some Korean games like Yutnori.

Middle Fortress is a fort established as role to separate the life and culture between noblemen and commoners. You can see large houses with tiles in the noble village where noblemen used to live while the street with stores, where commoners used to live, are full of various items necessary for the daily life. You can have the actual feelings of the strict status system in the society of Goguryeo here.

You can also use these costumes used by some stars in the drama. You can use them for free. I saw lots of tourists wore them and took some pictures as a remembrance.

Naju Image Theme Park is located in Gongsan-myeon, Naju City, Jeonnam Province.

Elegant Beds

I heard from my in laws that when hubby was a high school student, he had a problem with his backbones. The doctor said that he needed an operation but instead of following the suggestion of the doctor, he just took care of himself until he reached his present age. Because of that, he can't use any bed. The bed must be comfortable for him. Nobody wants an uncomfortable bed but in my hubby's case, he needs more comfortable one.

How about you? When you buy a bed, what do you consider first? Is it the price? Elegance? Or comfort? It's hard to find all of these considerations but not with these modern beds. They are not only comfortable beds but also elegant with reasonable prices. I think I already found the best bed for my hubby.

Btw, modern beds are great and modern bedroom sets are perfect.

Spring Rain

It usually rains now a days. In Korea there's what is called Beom Bi or Spring Rain. I hope it really is. It's already the third month of the year so I'm expecting for the Spring to come. It's not only because it's my favorite season but also I want for the winter to end. I hate winter. I think the cold weather is only for kids. You know kids love snowy weather but not olds. Snow is good but only the first snow specially for lovers.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Promote it with Cellit

Most people have their own cellphones. It's not also unusual to see kids in their very young age to carry cellphones with them. For me, my cellphone is one of the most important thing that I can't live without. I consider it as my bestfriend. I feel that something is missing in my life when I don't carry it. I even put it beside me when I go to bed. It's the first thing that I look at when I get up in the morning. I don't call much but I always use the text messages. I'm happy with it.

Before we opened a business, my hubby didn't like carrying his cellphone specially when he's out. His reason was because I always called him. But since we had a business, he has no choice but to carry it with him. Every calls that he received are very important. If he couldn't answer the calls and didn't know the caller, he called them back and asked the reasons of their calling. Nobody wants to lose any customers. It's hard to start a new business but if you know some of the technics, then there's a possibility that you can have a successful business. I can say that we lose one of the most important thing in our business. The business is working well but I think it will be more successful if we have the Short codes. I mean the five digit phone numbers that can make for the customers to contact us easier. It's really important specially for promotions.

Cellit Mobile Marketing is all that we need if we want a successful businesses and promotions. Instead of paying loads of bucks for promoting your business on radio or tv, why not promote it with your cellphones? Everyone checks cellphones everytime they hear something from it no matter how busy they are. Either it is a text message or a voice call.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Slow City in Damyang

March 1st is Independence Day so it's a holiday here in Korea. There's no work so we decided to go out yesterday and take a rest today. A few days ago, we saw on tv about this Slow City (Cittaslow) located in Damyang County Changpyeong Town (subcounty). It isn't hard to find the place because there are signboards going to the New and Improving Attractions of Damyang until you reach your destination.

I wondered why it is called Slow City. I was so excited to see the place and when we arrived, I suddenly got an idea. Here's what you can see at the parking lot. An old hut on the left and -

they are building new houses on the right. They are developing the area with new ones but old style houses. I think it's one of the reasons but their purpose of calling it Slow City is because they don't want a totally change from the past. Even the development of the town is slow, they have a meaningful life and they live happily.

If you keep going, you'll see the Samjicheon Village Stone Wall Lane. They are houses built long time ago made with Stone Wall Lane. The old lane lined with an ancient stone-stacked wall beautifully preserves the spirit of a small typical rural village of Korea. The lane currently registered as a cultural heritage of Korea, is protected as a historic site.

Wandering the area is more fun if you borrow a bike. Bikes are free from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. And when you get tired and hungry, try the Duck Menu at the Duck Restaurant (Kab Eul Won) located just inside the village. You can experience the korean traditional life with korean traditional food. What a great place to visit!