Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bangjangsan Recreation Forest

We went camping again. It's our second time to Bangjangsan Recreation Forest. The first one was on Chuseok. The time when there were not many campers and ajassideul (old guys) were already drunk. They made much noise so we decided to leave the camp site. But today, it's perfect. Not so many campers because it's still cold.

The campers were quiet and it was too bright at night. We didn't need to turn on our lamp because the light refects in our tent. Whie sitting on one of the empty decks next to ours, I saw this squirrel in its house coming in and out. It's so cute!

It also has a wonderful road. You don't need to climb up the mountain to take a walk because following the road is already an interesting things to do.

There's also a seminar room that looks so nice.

In the garden are lots of beautiful flowers. Ah, it's a really wonderful camp site.

There's also an open air learning or studying area.

Bangjangsan Recreation Forest has a nice and clean restroom and wash area. The water is also clean that you can use it as drinking water.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flower Road

I love the new road in my apartment building. It's a long road that people use to exercise, take a walk or take a rest. There are lots of plants and trees and there are many benches where you can stop and rest when you're tired. I sometimes go there to read books because it's cool and the air is fresh. There are also machines that you can use to exercise. There are also beautiful flowers which I love the most.

Look! Isn't it beautiful? My hubby said it's more beautiful if the trees grow bigger because they serve as shades to the way. And I know it will look perfect if they put more flowering plants. Btw, I can't wait to see the roses. They are so beautiful.

Here's the view from my apartment. I live on the high floor so it's a little bit far.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hwemunsan Recreation Forest

Hwemunsan Recreation Forest is located in Jeollabukdo Sunchang-gun Gurim-myeon Anjeongri San3-1. It's still cold and some of the recreation forest are closed. Some of them will be opened on May because there are not many people going camping in cold weather.

Look! We were alone. Nobody was on the camp site except us.

The recreation forest has a great view. There's a bridge over the spring and near the mountain. It's a great place for a scenic view.

I think you can also climb up to the mountain going to this rest house but we didn't choose to because it was too cold.

A bench where you can take a rest or take pictures of a wonderful view of the mountain.

The beautiful mountain.

The waterfalls from the mountain rock.

If you don't have a tent, you can stay there by renting a guesthouse.

The roads from the camp site.

Well, I can say that the view is great but not the camping site. I don't like the old style bathroom. It's dirty and too small. Not advisable to stay here in the summer when there are many campers specially for those who have kids. You'll have trouble with the bathroom.

I wish they could make a good bathroom so that I can go back there for a nice camp.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Korean Cultural Experience

Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation is committed to various programs aimed for the preservation, transmission, and creative use of the Korean Cultural achievement and activities to promote international cooperation for the development of the valuable intangible cultural heritage across the world.

I always wanted to experience the traditional Korean arts and crafts whenever I go to Incheon International Airport. After several times of using the airport, I finally experienced it last month while waiting for my flight.

It is located next to Gate 24 and 31 (2 different locations on the 3rd floor). The Korea Traditional Craftworks is on the departure level. It's free for the foreigners. The instructors will help you make various traditional Korean arts and crafts pieces while giving you detailed information on its background.

There are lots of interesting things to do while waiting for your flight at Incheon International Airport. There's also the Korean Traditional Arts Performance and Experiencing Korean Instrument where you can explore the fantastic world of traditional Korean music. You can also experience the Traditional Korean Cultural Lifestyle where you can dress up the traditional Korean costume and enjoy the traditional Korean folk game.

Note that the experience program dates are subject to change.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Parents' Day

In the site that I've joined, people are busy greeting each others for Mother's Day! But it's different here in Korea because it's not Mother's Day but Parent's Day. It is a day for Mom and Dad. It's a holiday here. It marks red on the calendar. Fortunately, it's Sunday this year so it has the same day in America and any other countries. Parent's Day is celebrated every 8th day of May every year but people are busy buying gifts, carnation flowers, cakes or going to the restaurants the day before the celebration. In Korea, it's better to do it in advance so it confused me on my first consecutive years here in Korea.

In Korea, giving carnations and cash is the best presents for parents. Koreans specially in laws love receiving cash rather than any other gifts.

Problem Solved

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Children's Day

It's Children's Day here in Korea. Children's Day is celebrated every 5th of May. It is a holiday here so that parent's can give time to their children. Parents in Korea are always busy so this day, it's time for parents to spend time with their kids. Most of the family go out to celebrate this occasion. Parks, Amusement parks, camping sites are almost full during this day. There's also heavy traffic so if you don't have any kids, it's not reasonable to go out on this day.

Parents also give gifts to their kids. The famous gifts are cellphones and games. They also eat delicious foods like pizza, hamburgers, chicken or barbecue (samgyopsal). You know they are kids favorites.

Well, Happy Children's Day to all kids out there!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Korean Wedding

We attended the wedding of my hubby's cousin. The night before the wedding, we were invited to have dinner at aunt's house. There were lots of food. We were also introduced to cousin's husband to be. After dinner, aunt gave us some rice cakes to take home. I don't rice cake much but it was delicious, so instead of bread I had rice cakes when I felt hunger.

The next day, we woke up early to pick up my sister in law, mother in law, and aunts and took them to the wedding hall. My hubby became the family driver because it was Saturday and my brother in law was working. We were late at the ceremony but at least we saw this.

In Korea, most of the wedding are held at the wedding hall. The ceremony takes less than 30 minutes because another couple is waiting on the list. After the wedding is the reception which is also held on the other floor of the wedding hall. Each floor depends on how much the food cost. You put money in the envelope and give to the family of the bride or groom and they will give you a coupon for food. Here's at the reception.

It's always a buffet-style at the reception. There are different kinds of food. You can see everything that you are looking for. Any menu from pork, beef, vegetables, fruits, drinks except wine, fish, porridge, etc.

Every table have some alcohol, beer, cola and soda. Here's what I have on my plate.

The Best Vacation Ever

You know how I love traveling. I've been to different places in Korea and in other countries and I enjoyed my holiday a lot. I traveled by plane, boat, bus, train, car but never experienced traveling by yacht so it's always my dream to have a vacation through luxury yacht charter. And I think it's everybody's dream. Who doesn't want to be on a yacht even for a day? How much more if it's a trip? Isn't it wonderful?

How would you like spending a holiday on the yacht with your loveone? Ahhh, just thinking of myself taking a Super yacht charter makes me feel like heaven. I feel like a princess or superstar. I wish I could go on a trip by yacht. I want to explore the world with comfort and amenities. There are also events every month. This month the events are the signicant and famous automobile races, the Monaco Grand Prix and the world-famous Cannes Film Festival. Either of the two are perfect! If I just have enough money, I already made a reservation.

It might be also your dream to travel by yacht. Why don't you check out the elegant traditional sailing yacht or the mega yacht charter. Whatever it is, i'm sure you can have the best vacation ever!