Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gangneung Beach

Gangneung is a city in Gangwon-do, on the east coast of South Korea. One of the most famous attractions is the Gangneung Beach or Gyeongpo beach (Gyeongpode). It is well known for its clean white sandy beach, crystal blue sea and beautiful pine forest around, is regarded as the best resort in the east coast in Korea. The Beach is not too far from Sokcho Beach. It's the beach that my hubby loves to visit so even it's already dark, we didn't waste our time not to visit the beautiful beach. Even when he was tired because he drove all day.

Gyeongpo beach is 1.8㎞ long and 1.4㎢ wide. In summer hundreds of thousands of tourists come to enjoy the festivals and events on the beach every day and night. Gyeongpo beach attracts people not only in summer but all the year round. See, it's winter, it's freezing and it's dark but there are still tourists specially lovers who visit the beach.

As soon as you reach the parking lot, you'll see the preserved nature and modern facilities that's why Gyeongpo beach is loved not only by Gangneung citizens but all the visitors as well.

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