Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bangjangsan Recreation Forest

We went camping again. It's our second time to Bangjangsan Recreation Forest. The first one was on Chuseok. The time when there were not many campers and ajassideul (old guys) were already drunk. They made much noise so we decided to leave the camp site. But today, it's perfect. Not so many campers because it's still cold.

The campers were quiet and it was too bright at night. We didn't need to turn on our lamp because the light refects in our tent. Whie sitting on one of the empty decks next to ours, I saw this squirrel in its house coming in and out. It's so cute!

It also has a wonderful road. You don't need to climb up the mountain to take a walk because following the road is already an interesting things to do.

There's also a seminar room that looks so nice.

In the garden are lots of beautiful flowers. Ah, it's a really wonderful camp site.

There's also an open air learning or studying area.

Bangjangsan Recreation Forest has a nice and clean restroom and wash area. The water is also clean that you can use it as drinking water.

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