Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day is coming!

I went to the supermarket today and the it was crowded by people buying some presents. I don't if it's too early to buy presents for Chuseok (Thanksgiving Day) which starts from Friday to Sunday this (October 2-4) year. I told you I hate this year's calendar because the reds (holidays) are usually on weekends.

The famous presents that people give or receive on Chuseok is set of toothpaste and bar soap that mostly have shampoo or body cleanser, fruits, healthy food like ginseng or vitamins, sets of olive oil, set of ham or tuna.

It's too noisy in the supermarket. The salesladies are dragging you and forcing you to buy things that you don't want. I pretended to smile even when they are annoying. I know they are just doing their jobs but I'm sure they also hate what they are doing. Don't you think so?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Books Vending Machine

Whenever we go somewhere and use the expressway, I always expect to stop by at the Resting Area (Hyugeso). It's not only to take a rest or go to the bathroom but also you can buy different kinds of food. There are lots of korean snacks like hotteok (korean pancake), squids, drinks, and almost everything that you are craving for. I've been to lots of Resting Area but it's my first time to see this vending machine for books.

Sorry for the picture. It was late at night when I took the picture. My hubby likes driving at night because there's no traffic. Besides, he's a night owl so he's more awake at night than driving in the morning.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Influenza in Korea

How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is fine and is safe from the pandemic disease called H1N1 (influenza). Here in Korea, it's getting worse everyday. There are lots of people specially students who get the disease. It's really contagious that no one can avoid. They say you can avoid it by frequently washing your hands and covering your mouth when you sneeze. It could help I think but not a 100% specially when you're in public places. Students and parents are worried now that the second semester started and the number of students who get flu increased to 3 digits everyday. As of now, there are more than 7,500 people who have H1N1 and there three or more people died here in Korea. It scares me that I can't even take the bus, go to the supermarket or go to any places where there are crowds. I'm also worried at work so I go out every hour to wash my hands.

How about in your country? Is it worse than here or getting better?