Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cherry Blossoms at Sangnok Park

My hubby invited me to take a walk. He also asked if there was something in my mind that I wanted to go. I said I wanted to see flowers. Cherry blossoms of course because they are famous in Spring. Then he said, prepare and let's go see some flowers.

We went to Sangnok Park. Just 10 minutes drive from my place. There were lots of people and it was hard to find a parking lot. There were lots of stores in the street and inside the park. Even when you don't get inside the park, you'll see lots of cherry blossoms from the road going to the park. But of course it's more beautiful inside.

I don't know why they are called cherry blossoms when they are not cherry trees. hehehehe...

Lots of vendors selling snacks, drinks, toys for kids, and different kinds of food like pork, chicken, alcohol, etc.

Aaah, I feel comforted and relaxed whenever I see flowers. How much more the cherry blossoms where the trees is full of flowers.

Btw, you can't only see cherry blossoms but also this beautiful flowers.

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