Saturday, January 31, 2009

My first priority

Wow~ I can't imagine that I haven't updated my blog for 10 days. Is that right? I know that I'm sometimes lazy to update my blog but most of the time I'm too busy at work and when I have time, I just want to spend my time lying down and watching tv.

Last weekend, we went to my in laws house and we stayed there for 4 days to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We received some presents and my inlaws gave us some cash (goodluck money). If most countries received presents and cash on Christmas Day, here in Korea it is on Lunar New Year.

And today was my niece's birthday. After work, we went straight to the venue (Wedding Hall) where we celebrated her birthday. We waited for all the visitors to leave and all the family members went to my sister in law's house except us. My hubby said, he wanted to take a rest so we went home and slept for a short time. Tomorrow, we are thinking again on how to divide our schedule because we have lots of things to do. Most of all, I want to go to church and it's my first priority for tomorrow's schedule.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eyelid Surgery as a Graduation Gift

I saw that my student's eyelids are red. It's too clear that she had an operation so I asked her. She said she had an eyelid surgery and it's her mom's present to her on her graduation. It's not new to me that students had an eyelid surgery as their graduation gifts from their parents specially the middle school and high school students. Having a surgery is normal in Korea. Singers, actors and actresses are not shy to say that they got an operation. You will be surprised that your favorite singer or actress has gone for a few months and you'll see her different face when he/she comes back. Some hajumas (old women) are also into it. They are not afraid of surgery even when they already saw on tv that there are people who pretend to be a doctor and do surgical procedure and made some troubles in doing an operations.

If you have enough money, are you willing to get an operation to change your physical appearance?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Korean Traditional Houses in the snow

I had to post this earlier but because I didn't have time so it's late again. Anyway, I just wanna show you this picture that was taken last Monday. It snowed a lot here last Sunday. Me and my hubby went out to take a walk. Then we dropped by to the market and stayed there for more than an hour. We didn't have any plan to buy something but because we stayed there for more than an hour, so it's a shame to go out without carrying anything so we bought some snacks and drinks. When I woke up in the morning, I looked out and saw that it was still snowing so I took a picture. This is actually my first picture in this year's winter so I'm posting it here.

They are the Korean traditional houses in front of my apartment.

Now, it's a little bit dark. I'm wondering if it will snow again. I hope it won't. I just wish that winter will be over soon. I hate walking on the ice.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Korean Traditional Way of Relieving the Pain

I had a stomachache yesterday. My hubby gave me some medicine twice but it was still painful. He couldn't think that it was a food poisoning because we ate the same thing and he didn't have stomachache. Hubby suddenly thought of the Korean traditional way of relieving the pain which I was afraid of. He took the needle and thread. Although I didn't want and afraid of it, I just let him do because my stomachache was getting worse. I just asked him if he already did that before and he replied, "Yes, many times." I was nervous so I went to the bathroom to pee eventhough I didn't feel like doing it.

At first, he gave me some massage at the back. It seems like he was pulling down some blood going down to my hands. He did it many times before he tied up my thumb and shot my finger with the needle. I shouted whenever he gave shot and after doing it for three times I told him to stop. When he was done, I felt very cold and started to shiver because I was afraid and thinking of the blood on my finger. I waited for myself to relax before I looked at my thumb. I didn't see any blood. I asked my hubby where the blood was. He said, he felt sorry because he made a mistake. He said that was his first time to do that thing and he just lied to me so that I won't feel nervous. Yaiks! We both laughed and the pain released. I felt good and I slept well last night. I was okay when I woke up this morning. I just wanna say that my hubby was my doctor and I was his first patient.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

travel, travel, travel....

You know how much I love adventures! I love travelling but as you see, we haven't travelled for a long time. If not because of the economic crisis specially the sudden increased of dollar rate, we already flew to Nepal and India. The places that hubby loves to visit. We waited for few months hoping that the exchange rate would decrease but it happened in an opposite way. Instead of travelling, we decided to open a business so now we can't go anywhere. We miss taking a plane. We can't even go out and continue our adventure here in Korea because of the weather. It's winter here so it's cold and it's dangerous to travel anywhere specially when it snowed. And my hubby has to work on Saturdays and I sometimes go with him. He works and I wait. I stay in the office and use computer. He said I can do anything on the computer except blogging. Omona!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a White Christmas here. It snowed on Christmas Day and it also snowed a lot here last night. When I went out from the office, I saw the white surroundings covered with snow. It was really beautiful but we got stock on the road because of the heavy traffic. And it's too bad because we've just washed the car last weekend. The snow didn't stop until late at night. I was thinking of taking a picture of it but when I woke up, the snow has already gone. I woke up in the afternoon and the sun shone deeply so it melted the snow.

I didn't go out last night. I saw some lights flashing from downtown. I'm sure they were the lights from the concert held while waiting for the New Year. I live near downtown and my apartment is on the 20th floor. So, at 12 midnight, I saw lots of beautiful fireworks to welcome and celebrate the New Year. It was awesome!

Happy New Year everyone!