Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid Roh Moo Hyun

Stupid Roh Moo Hyun (Babo Roh Moo Hyun) is what they called him even when he was still a South Korean President. It's because he's very kind and now he committed suicide, I guess. Since he passed away, he's always the heart of the news. I usually feel like crying and sometimes cry when I see him on tv specially the program this evening where they show a lot about him. They show about the good things that he did for his country. They interviewed the people who was closed to him and showed the people who feel sorrow because of his lost.

I just can't explain how I feel for him. What I know is I like him since the first time that I saw him on tv while he was running as a President. At that time, I felt that he was the right man to lead the country. He made me cry when I knew that he won as a President on Presidential Election. I felt nervous when he was in trouble on his presidency but felt relieved and made me cry again because everything went well and had to continue his job as a South Korean President.

Me and hubby was watching his life on tv and we were both crying. Then hubby said, he couldn't watch it anymore so he changed the channel.

To Mr. Former President, wherever you are, you'll always be in our heart. We love you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roh Moo Hyun killed himself

It has found out that Roh Moo Hyun, the Former President of South Korea killed himself. He left a message on his website Roh Moo Hyun Ui Saram Saneun Sesang (Roh Moo Hyun's Know How) thirty minutes before he went hiking. He also left a note for his family and for the people.

"I'm weak. I can't even read and write. Don't be sad. Don't feel sorry. Burn my body. Make a small tomb just near our house. It's destiny, etc.." Inspite of his bribery scandal, people still show how much they love him. The whole country is in deep sorrow because of his lost. Those who can't go to his funeral gathered together in some places to show their support and love to him. Even when you just watch on tv, you can't help but to cry.

Popular Air Purifiers

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

South Korean Former President Roh Mu Hyon commits suicide

South Korea Former President Roh Mu Hyun committed suicide this morning. This shocking news woke me up this morning. I was still in bed when my hubby said that Roh Mu Hyun died so I got up and turned on the tv while hubby was reading the news on the internet. The SOuth Korean Former President went out at 5:45 to climb up the mountain in his hometown and around 6:40 he fell down (jumped down) on the rock. He was brought to the nearest hospital to get an urgent treatment then moved because his head was injured and arrived at Pusan University Hospital at 8:13 a.m. At 9:30 a.m., he was confirmed dead.

Roh Mu Hyun (Noh Moo Hyeon), South Korea President 2003-2008 loved and trusted by most Koreans. After serving his country, he moved to Bongha Village a small town in Gimhae which is near the mountain. The village became famous and lots of people visited there to see him or his house. He also helped the people improved and developed the village.

But later last month (April 30th), he was investigated in bribery scandal that surprised the whole country. He was still under investigation and don't know yet if he would be put into prison.

It wasn't confirmed if he really committed suicide but reporters, police officers and most people said that he did because of his present condition. And his words "I'm very tired", "I made people tired", "I can't read a book", etc. can tell that he really did. Besides, he also went out hiking without telling his family and he went out with his bodyguard only.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teacher's Day

To all teachers who teach Korean students, have you received presents from your students or student's mom? Of course you did because yesterday was a Teacher's Day, another special occasion for this month. First was the Buddha's Birthday, next was Children's Day, then Parent's Day and now it's Teacher's Day. I wish there's also Pet's Day so everyone can enjoy the month of May.

Oooppss, let's go back to Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day is celebrated every 15th of May so before that day, you'll see lots of students busy preparing cards and presents for their teachers. On this day, you can know who the famous teachers are by looking at the presents they received. Most of the presents are fruits, cosmetics, vitamins and the famous gifts of them all are the socks. Every occasion, socks will never leave behind as a gift. They always appear in every occasion. They are the easiest, simplest and useful presents. Everyone wears socks when we go out. In summer, ladies wear stockings. It's strange to see nude feet here in Korea so socks are always used.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flowering Road

They have been constructing this flowers street in front of my apartment since last year and now it's almost done. They already planted some trees on both sides of the street so they just need to plant some flowering plants. They made it for people to take a walk or exercise. It is too long and it can also use as a short cut in some places. I used to take a bus when I go to church. It took me 10 minutes to wait for the bus, 7-10 minutes to the bus stop and then another 5-7 mins. walk to the church. So it takes almost 30 mins. to reach the church. But using the flower road only took me less than 20 mins. I can save time, money and get some exercise. When it's done, I guess people will prefer to take a walk rather than taking a bus.

The pictures are taken from my apartment building. The road will look better when the trees grow and when there are flowering plants. I can't wait!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Parent's Day

Oh yes, another celebration for this month. After Buddha's Birthday comes the Children's Day and now it's Parent's Day again. Unlike other countries, Korea celebrates parents day and not Mother or Father's Day because they are celebrated together. Although Parent's Day is on May 8th but you'll see lots of people selling and buying flowers everywhere on May 7th, the day before Parent's Day. It is also the day when children give presents and flowers to their parents so it usually celebrates every May 7th. In Korea, it's better to do things in advance.

Kids usually buy plastic (imitation) carnation flowers and write letters to their parents and college students and those who already make money buy fresh flowers and give some cash to their parents like what we (hubby and me) always do. If we have time we also dine out together.

What do you think is the best thing to do or give to parent's on Mother and Father's Day? How about you? What do you usually do or give on this day?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Korean Celebrities

Korea is not only famous with its kimchi but also with drama, good looking singers, fantastic movies and sexy celebrities. And because of that, Korea and Koreans became famous around the world. There are lots of people who are interested and hook with Korean celebrities and I'm one of them. But it's too sad that most Koreans don't speak English well so if we want to know more about our favorite celebrities, then it's hard to get information because most sites are in Korean and hard to understand. And so I want to let you know about this favorite site of mine where I can get information about my favorite Korean celebrities.

Do you wanna know what's going on with Lee Min Ho after his drama Boys over Flowers? Have you heard about the Benz issue? Have you also heard about the new album's comeback show of Jun Jin that has been postponed? Do you wanna know the reason why? Well, you check out here at and get updated. There are more interesting issues that you need to know so don't miss anything about your favorite korean celebrities.

Children's Day

After Buddha's Birthday, the Children's Day comes. If we didn't get a rest day on Buddha's Day because it was Saturday, now it's time to enjoy this day because Children's Day is another holiday. A few years ago, Children's Day wasn't a holiday. It used to be the Parent's Day which is celebrated every 8th day of the month. Now Parent's Day which is on Friday isn't a holiday anymore because it changed to Children's Day. So instead of Children giving time to their parents, it's time for parents to give time to their children.

Most schools and private institutes are having parties for children before this day. Some children are expecting too much on this day because they receive presents from their parents and relatives. Most of them also go on a picnic or visit some famous attractions with their family.

How about in your country? When do you celebrate Children's Day and what do you or children usually do on this day?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Buddha's Birthday

Every 8th day of the fourth month by the Lunar Calendar, Koreans celebrate Buddha's Birthday. It marked May 2nd in this year's calendar so it was yesterday. It is mark as red on the calendar so it is a holiday here. It happened on Saturday so I'm not happy for it. I never work on Saturday. But students go to school every first and third Saturday of the month so yesterday was another rest day for them. Before the day comes, you'll see lots of round lanterns with lights on the streets going to the temples.

On Buddha's Birthday, solemn rituals are held at the Buddhist temples and the day's festival is climaxed by a lantern parade.