Thursday, June 2, 2011

Orange Ferry

I've been to Jejudo a few years ago and we took a plane at that time. This time, we traveled by boat called Orange Ferry. It's because we had to go with our car.

I don't know if there's a connection with the orange fruit because Jeju Island is famous with oranges, tangerines and hallabong (big and sweet oranges). It's my first time to travel by boat so I was very excited. The boat was fast and it took 2 hours from Jangheung to Jejudo. I enjoyed at first but became dizzy later so I slept.

The boat has a small store inside where you can buy snacks and some drinks including beer.

Actually, you will be tired watching the water for a long time. It's great at first but after an hour, you will be dizzy watching the sea and waves. So in that case, you can watch drama or interesting program on a big screen TV.

The top at the back of the boat is opened for 15 minutes to see the beautiful view of the sea. Most people are spending their time taking pictures. I went up but came down after a while because it seems like all people in the boat came out to see the beautiful beach.

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