Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jeoji Oreum

Joji Oreum or Parasitic Volcano has one of the most beautiful forest in Jeju. It measures 390m in height and 1540 meters in width. Jeju Olle Route 13 spread along this Jeoji Oreum - its top and circumference. "Jeoji" is a name of the village in Jeju and "Oreum" means climbing.

You will never get tired because it's cool and it has beautiful sightseeings. You will enjoy every steps of your walk. There are lots of trees and there are even lots of raspberries that you can pick and eat while taking a walk. It's just a small mountain and it's not steep so you won't get much tired.

View while taking a walk.

Jeoji Oreum is a famous place for taking a walk, climbing, exercising, and traveling because you'll see the beauty of Jeju when you're on top of the parasitic volcano. Here's the view from the top.

After reaching the top, it's time to go down to see the crate of the volcano. It's the steepest of the volcano but you'll love it. It's also the most tiring area when you climb up the stairs.

Here's the crate.

This is the area at the entrance of Jeoji Oreum. So, you can take a rest here or exercise with the machine before or after climbing up.

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