Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sam sam (Samgyopsal Day)

Yesterday was March 3 and in Korea it is called Samsam Day. Sam means three (3) and March is the third month of the year and it was the third day yesterday so it is called Samsam (3/3) Day. Samsam day is the day when Koreans have to eat Samgyopsal (grilled strips of pork belly, similar to bacon). It's not a rule or tradition, it's just a kind of joke that some people follow specially kids who force their parents to treat them for samgyeopsal.

I bought samgyeopsal last weekend and I put the left over in the freezer so I was thinking of serving it last night. I usually use the left over when I make kimchichigae but I thought of it yesterday. For me it's just my alibi to eat samgyeopsal because it was samsam day but the truth was, I just didn't want to cook. It's my hubby's job to cook samgyeopsal and I just prepare some vegetables. But because we just had samgyeopsal last weekend so we were not craving for samgyeopsal so we went to the restaurant nearby and had daejigalbi (grilled pork ribs) instead.

Samgyeopsal Day saved me last night for dinner. I didn't have to cook and I just watched TV when I came home.


Reanaclaire said...

so 3 in korean is also sam? chinese also same.. sam sam.. 3/3
haha.. great blog u have keep in touch..

PinayWAHM said...

Hopping by here. Musta na?