Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eat Rice Cake Soup for New Year

Happy New Year! My boss asked if I have special plan for tomorrow. Me and my hubby didn't have any plan yet so when I said nothing, he told me to come to the office to have lunch with all my co-workers. During New Year Korean have to cook teokguk or rice cake soup. Eating rice cake soup mean plus one to your age. New Year means we are growing old and so everyone have to eat teokguk. I don't know what the connection of rice cake soup is to our age. But it's a kind of korean tradition to eat rice cake soup during New Year.

Well, we don't have any plan yet but sometimes even when we don't plan, we just go out. And even if we don't go out tomorrow, I prefer to stay home with my hubby than having lunch with my co-workers. Sorry my boss because I'm not having lunch with you tomorrow.

Don't complain

If you want to change something, change yourself. Don't complain! It's right and it seems easy but it's hard to follow. Sometimes, we try to be patient but there are situations that are hard to handle. Like in my work, sometimes there are complaints from the customers that are usually seen on the net. When someone complains, expect that you can read it online the next day. Everyone can know about it. The World is so scary that you can't do anything secretly specially when it comes to business. One mistake can ruin your business when someone complains. It's so stressful to handle complaints so let Marcus Evans do everything for it. He knows some professional procedures and strategies on how to deal with all the complaints that ruined your day, your business and your life.

Avoid the risk, sit down and relax and let those criticisms be the signs on how to develop and improve your business in the future. Good to hear right? You think it's impossible? Of course not! Because that's what happened to Marcus Evans Complaints. He managed well all the complaints because of his effective strategies. Do you wanna know how? Then email him and get more information.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Cold Weather is Killing Me

It's hard to wake up in the morning. It's hard to walk to work so I have to disturb my hubby to take and pick me up from work. I can't work hard and I can't do any exercise I think I'm gaining weight because I always lie down and eat. Who cares? I do care! I don't wanna gain weight. I don't wanna lose my job even when my hubby always tells me to quit and I don't wanna disturb my busy hubby specially in the morning while he sleeps and I need to wake him up to give me a ride to work because I'm getting late. Ahhhh.. It's all because of the weather and this cold weather is killing me. I wish that spring will come soon but too bad that I have to wait several months more. I'm tired of counting the days to wait for spring.

Big Discounts for Holiday Gifts

I'm the kind of person who ask and look for discounts when I buy things. My hubby always tells me to buy expensive things because you can make sure that the product has good quality. I do buy good quality products but I don't get them in an expensive prices. Do you know my secret? Well, besides from my point cards, I also use coupons to get some discounts. You know, I'm not satisfied with my shopping if I don't get discounts. So I always look for stores who give deals and promos for customers like us. Specially now that New Year's Day is coming so we need to buy lots of things. It's hard to manage our budget during special occasions like this so we need to be wise when it comes to shopping.

There are lots of stores online where you can get big deals and discounts. They also offer free shipping so it's double savings. You can save your time, effort and transportation fee. Besides you can get lots of discounts for all holiday gifts and gadgets.

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Jejudo Residence

We decided to stay in Jejudo (Jeju Island) for a year so we registered to the government office and changed our address. We are now residents in Jeju. We decided to become a residents of the island because we can save much for the entrance fees and insurance. People here pays less tax and insurance and there are much discounts for admission fees. Not to mention that most of them are free for Jeju residents.

Living in Jeju is not bad at all but it's hard that people here have their own dialects that even my husband who is Korean can't understand their talking. There are lots of differences between living in the city and the island. I also notice that people in Jeju don't throw their garbage well.

Construction Academy

It's really hard to find a job now a days. Even when you graduated in college, if you don't have any experiences with your profession, then you could never get a job. It's always my nephew's complain because it has been 4 years now since he graduated in college and until now he couldn't get a job. He said how could he get an experience when no one wants to hire him. That's true specially when you want to go abroad! No one will trust you if you don't have any experiences. It's hard to believe that my nephew who has a nursing degree is willing to work abroad as a janitor. Those who are trained at Construction Academies are much better than him because they got better job easily. Getting trainings at construction academy is much better than experiences because you learned everything that you need to enhance your ability in that said profession.

If you want to get hired easily specially abroad, then you should learn some construction works because it's the one that is always in-demand. There's always a vacancy and available positions when it comes to construction works. So plan for your future. Register at Heavy Construction Academy in NH and be the first one to be hired among the 4,000 jobs available online in the industry. Get the quality training that most employers are looking for.

New Year's Resolution

It's happy friday! Only few days left and it's already new year. I usually make my new year's resolution but I don't think I would make one this year. Besides it scared me what I saw on TV and read on the net about the year 2012. Is it true that it's the end of the World? I don't think it is but still it sometimes comes into my mind. Only God knows what will happen in the future so I don't believe in that prediction. Actually I'm waiting for the year to come and I hope the coming year will bring us prosper, good health and happiness in life!

Happy New Year Everyone! Did you make your New Year's Resolution? Or do you make one every new year? I guess I will pass this time.

Let's get insured

Me and my hubby are looking for the right insurance for our home. We left our home and let someone stay there including our things to use. I can't deny that I'm always worried even when I enjoy travel with my hubby. While taking a walk, we talked about our home. My hubby asked if our home is still in good condition. We are worried because we work hard so we could buy that home. So in order not worry, I suggested him to get insurance for it. He said he would think about it.

I've mentioned about this to my friend who has the same condition like me. She said she understands what I feel so she said it's really great to get valuables insurance. Because my friend who is leaving in the UK has an insurance and she said she's satisfied with it. She doesn't need to worry about everything including her important and valuable things like TV.

I can't forget when she said that we have to live smart by getting insurance to insured our valuable things and lives. I guess she's right and I think I have to get one now.

Not Married Korean Couple

What do you think of lovers who are not married but are staying in the hotel together? A not friend of mine is living in the hotel with her boyfriend. They stayed in the hotel for almost a week. But one day, the girl drank too much and she was so angry when she came back to the hotel. She kicked the table at the lobby and her boyfriend didn't know what to do. He asked what the problem was. The girl was leaving and the man was pulling her in order not to leave but the girl told another guy to call a police. She was so funny!

The girl left in the middle of the night and her boyfriend borrowed a flashlight at the hotel so he can find her in the dark night. I think they made a very scene. It seems like a film that is very interesting to watch. I laughed out loud when my co-worker told me about it in the morning. My co-worker said that the girl was like a crazy woman who always carry a doll wherever she goes. She's pretty but her personality is blank.

Sell my annuity

There are lots of insurance. We pay here and there but we don't know when to receive those payments that we have paid. There are some that we can get those when we are old and others mentioned when we reached the right age then we can receive them. My mother in law was upset when she was brought to the hospital and prepared all the documents that she needed but later on she found out that she couldn't get any from the insurance that she paid for so many years. The company said that she could receive some money if she has a cancer or just wait until she reach 65 years old. Well, she can start to receive next year but I think it's better to sell her annuity to trusted companies so she can enjoy her life. She's old and she needs to get her money in advance so she can do everything she wants before it will be too late.

If I really were in her condition, I will surely sell my annuity. I want to get my cash right away so I can enjoy my life. How about you?

Well, I think the best way that I can do is to tell my mother in law about this site where she can receive for her annuity in just very simple steps. Do you think my mother in law will love me more after knowing about it? Let's see. I'm sure settlement quotes will never disappoint me.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Darling

We are now 11 years and our anniversary won't pass without any cake on the table. Happy Anniversary my darling. Last year we were in India and this year we celebrated our anniversary here in the Island (Jeju).

Before we blowed the candle my hubby said something for the first time on our anniversary. He said it's already 11 years since we got married. That's long but still we are living together happily and he wished that we still live together forever and live happily as always.

That was awesome my darling and I wish that too! And of course I wish that our relationship and love will grow deeper and deeper. I love you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mt. Halla in Jeju

Mt. Halla, Mt. Hanla or Hallasan in Jeju is the highest mountain in South Korea. You can't realize that the mountain is high because it's not tiring to climb it. It's like a walking course with fantastic view. You don't feel bored or get tired of climbing because walking on a plain road is more than climbing. I'm talking about this.

Ther's a bridge near the entrance. I think it's awesome in rainy days.

Before the bridge are these stairs. I was surprised! My hubby asked if we came to climb up the mountain or climb down. Isn't it strange? hehe..

You can't believe that this course is on top of the mountain.

Here's Sajebidongsan. You can view this when you reach the top as shown above.

Of course there are rocks. As you know, Jeju Island is a volcanic island, dominated by Halla-san (Halla Mountain); a volcano 1,950 metres (6,400 ft) high.

Spring from the mountain where hikers and climbers stopped to obey their thirst. Even if you aren't thirsty, you should try it. It's cool, fresh and it has different taste from normal water. A tourist took out a big bottle from his backpack and put some water in it. He said he wanted to get some and sell in the mainland. That sounds like a good business. hehehe..

Here's the Manse Park Observatory. There are telescopes use to view the different kinds of oreum (walking or climbing course). You don't need to insert coins to view the other mountains so feel free to use them.

On the left side of Manse Park Observatory, you can view Mangcheoreum (Chetmangoreum): It was named for the Oreum U-shaped crater resembling mangche meaning a U-shaped coarse sieve. Also, the Bulgeunoreum with the meaning of reddish for "bulgeun", the area was named for the blood covered mountain from the suicidal end of the fight by Gen. Kim Tong-jeong and his wife, his soldiers and their wives at the time of the Sambyeolcho (Three Elite Patrols) Rebellion, a korean rebellion against the Goryeo Dynasty that happened at the last stage of the Mongol invasions of Korea.

And on the right side are "Minoreum" meaning a flat headed hill. "Janggumokoreum" which was named for the narrowing ridge that leads to Janggumokoreum and Samgakbong like the bridge of Janggu, an hourglass drum. "Wangsokbat"; wangsok means a large stone and bat means field. "Hallasanjubong" (crater wall). "Witseoreum", it is the common name for all 3 oruems of Bulgeunoreum, Nuweunoreum, and Jogeunoreum
at the highest place of the area. And "Manseidongsan hill" or Mansudongsan hill or Mangdongsan hill; the name came from this high landscape used to be a lookout point to watch over the grazing cattle and horses.

View from the other sides of Manse Park Observatory.

The trees on Mt. Halla. They look beautiful specially in winter.

There are some benches where you can stop and rest when you're tired climbing.

There are lots of birds at the parking lot. Hallasan is really a place where you can enjoy the nature.

Btw, there are buses going to Mt. Halla so you don't need to have your own car to visit the mountain. Check out the time of arrival and departure of buses so you can plan your visit to Hallasan.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Seong-eup Jeju Folk Village

Jeju Folk Village in Seongeup or Minsokchon is a must-see site in Jeju if you want to know how korean people live long time ago. Jeju Folklore Village intended to find, preserve, and develop the heritage with hopes that the village will remain a stimulus for further cultural development. The village displayed the living environment of Korean folks in the past.

As you enter the gate, you can feel and imagine how people live there. It's far different on how people live now where most Koreans live in apartment building.

The place is so familiar. I saw this kind of scene on TV like korean drama and movies. There were no people when we went there so the area is so peaceful.

Some of the houses still have loads.

These clay pot shows how people took some water from the stream. They carried it on their back when they get some water.

Can you see the clay pots? I think most people long time ago have clay pots. They are used to preserve kimchi.

These fruit trees also caught my attention. I don't know what they are but they look like pomelo (Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis).

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jeju Tangerines

If you visit Jejudo, you'll see lots of tangerine trees on the road. Jeju Island is fill with tangerines from Seongsan to Seogwipo City. Most of the houses in the street have tangerine trees, too. Fall is the harvest season so there are lots of tangerines in the market. You can even go to tangerine farm if you want to experience picking and at the same you can buy them for a cheaper price. If you happen to visit Jeju Island, don't ever forget to try the Jeju tangerines. Remember that the best tangerines are a medium-size, rich orange-color and thinly peeled. Today there are hundreds of types of tangerine trees on Jeju Island that vary according to their harvest time, size, and taste.

Tangerine is an important symbol for Jeju. There are lots of Jeju products made with tangerines like coffee, tea, wine, chocolates, etc. Most tourists buy them as a souvenir or presents to their loveones back home.

Here are some of tangerine trees.

I haven't bought any tangerines since I came here in Jeju but we always have at home. We received them as presents that sometimes you can even received from someone that you've just met for the first time. I think most Jeju residents have tangerines at home. These tangerines are sweet and juicy.

Tangerines that have just picked from the tree. I picked them in the school where we always go to play badminton. They are just cute and big so I picked them. They are stolen tangerines. Psssttt...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Post Office Voice Phishing

You're familiar with voice phishing, aren't you? Specially if you're living in Korea, this words or tactics on how to make money through deceiving others is very popular in Korea. The most popular one is the Post Office Voice Phishing. They call and tell that the caller is from the Post office and will tell you to send some money or you need to pay some amount of money. It's easy for Koreans to be deceived because you can do lots of things in the post office. You can send money, pay bills, pay insurance, taxes, etc. So, if you use some of their services, you would believe if someone call you and tell that it's from the post office and you need to pay some amount of money.

Just a few minutes ago when I received a phone call. It appeared on my cellphone that it's an international phone call so when I answered it says "Annyeonghaseyo, ucheguk imnida..." so I suddenly hang up. I was so irritated. They are smart enough to use international phone call as a caller. I'm 100% sure that it was voice phishing. There aren't many thieves in Korea but there many deceivers and they do it secretly.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rain, rain, go away

It's raining again. It rained a few days ago and I thought that was the last rain in fall season. But when I woke up this morning, it was cloudy and the rain drops before I left home. It's good that it's not windy although it's raining so it's not so cold. It's dark now and it makes me feel sleepy. It's really a great time to sleep or lie down on the sofa while watching TV or reading books. Ahhh, too bad that I have work today. Luckily, my boss is not here so here I am blogging or else I will fall asleep.

Do you like rainy season? Well, I don't! It makes me sleepy and I hate carrying an umbrella. I even don't wanna look wet. But do you know that most Koreans love rain? My hubby is one of them. He said it's so romantic to walk in the rain. Hmmm... I think so but I think it's more romantic if you stay home with your loveone watching TV while drinking hot coffee. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lotus Village

We went out for a drive and we saw this Lotus village located in Aewol area. It's near the Dorok Elementary School in Aewol. I didn't bring my camera when we first went there. I like the place so the next time that we decided to go for a drive again, I told hubby to visit the Lotus Village so I could take some pictures.

The weather changed so fast so the Lotus flowers looked a little bit wither unlike the first time that I saw them. Anyway, they don't look so bad and the place is really good.

It's so relaxing and I feel like I was making a filmed while walking in this wood path where there lots of lotus flowers surrounded me. I wanted to stay for a long time but we had to leave the place because my hubby was hungry and needed to have something to eat. I wish I brought something to eat before we went there. It's a perfect place for a picnic, isn't it?

Lotus flower Village is not only a best place to relax but also the best to work out. There are also some machines use to exercise or have a foot massage. Take off your shoes and start to get a foot massage for yourself for free.

If you're a Korean or can understand Korean, then read this to get more information about the Lotus Village. Actually, the words are too hard to understand even when you are a Korean. hehe..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jejudo Won the N7W

Almost 10 years since I first came here in Jejudo. At that time, I've mentioned to my hubby that I wanted to live here. You know the reasons why. Just a week ago when the Korea claimed that Jejudo is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Check out the pictures of my post in Jejudo and you'll know why it became one of the N7W. Congrats Korea and Koreans specially to Jeju residents. Btw, I voted for Jeju by phone. hehe..

Jejudo is like a paradise. Many tourists say that it looks like a small Hawaii. The island is most famous for korean honeymooners. It is also famous for foreigners specially Chinese and Vietnamese. It is famous for its beaches, volcanoes, mountains, walking course, and nature. It also feels like you are living in another country because it's far different from the mainland although it has two cities, the Jeju City and Seogwipo City. Both are also famous for tourists sites.

My hubby and I came here in Jejudo a few months ago and decided to stay here for a year. We love Jejudo!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hamdeok Beach

It was our plan to have a trip on the road coast. Our first route was supposed to be the Samyang Black Sand Beach but we missed our way so we ended up to Hamdeok Beach. It was raining when we arrived there so we just went out of the car when we went to the bathroom. We just stayed in the car under the trees.

There were many trees next to it so you you can have shelter when it's summer or when it rains. It's a good place to have a picnic under the trees while enjoying the beach.

It was raining so I couldn't get closer to the beach but just watching the waves and the beautiful view of the sea made me feel relax. The sea is quiet even it rained.

Is it a house? A restaurant? or a lodge that built by the sea? Whatever! I can say that it has a great view.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gimnyeong Beach

Don't forget to drop by to Gimnyeong Beach when you visit Gimnyeong Maze Park and Manjanggul. The two famous tourist sites are very close to Gimnyeong beach. The beach has a resting area where you can go to the bathroom, have some drinks or snacks, etc. I saw a group tour bus and some cars parked at the resting area when we went to the beach. Even when it's fall, people came to visit the beach.

What's unique about Gimnyeong Beach is the color of the sea. The clear waters are highlighted with cobalt-blue. The water is clear and it has smooth and clean sand.

It's fall here so there's no one swimming at the beach but still there were lots of tourists.

The wind farm is also close here. Can you see the windmill?

A korean man brought his dog at the beach.

The dog must be a beach-lover.