Thursday, June 2, 2011

Accommodation in Jeju Island

We came to Jeju without making a reservation. We just took a boat because we came here with our dog and car. It was already late afternoon when we arrived at the city so we decided to find a place to stay. We went to the city and saw the Prime Motel. It looks good outside so my hubby went to the counter and asked the rate. It was about $40 so we decided to stay there for a night. Here's the room.

And the bathroom. It has a big bathroom and it is separated from the room. The room has two doors. The main door where the bathroom is, and another door separated from the bedroom. It's nice and it's safe.

Btw, we came inside with our dog. Of course most hotel don't accept dogs but I put my dog in the box and carried it. The management didn't notice about it. I just hid my dog in the box.

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