Monday, December 6, 2010

Nothing Special

It's been a long time again. It's just now that I've got time to visit my blog. I'm on vacation now and I'm spending every minute of my time looking around and enjoying the beauty of the world. When I come back I will share more pictures that I saved on my computer. Too bad that I didn't post them before I left. I was too busy preparing for my vacation. I should have put the pictures so I can share them when I could get time.

Anyway, I was worried when I saw on cable tv here about what happened in Korea while I'm on my vacation. I thought there would be war between North Korea and South Korea. I hope it won't happen. And I hope everything will go well. A few years ago they said that the two countries will unite it happens in an opposite way. I dunno what the reason is but I hope they will have a good relationship.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Visiting My Parents In Law

I heard that my father in law was sick so I visited him yesterday. I haven't seen him for a long time so I thought it was time to meet him. I traveled for many hours and it was my first time to go there alone. My hubby was busy so he allowed me to leave by myself. I thought my father in law was in bad condition and I was so glad that his disease wasn't that serious as I expected. I decided to stay in his house for a week because I wanted to help my mother in law in taking care of him but because he was okay so I just stayed there for 2 days and one night and I went back home. I was so nervous and worried for the first time but then everything went well because of my sister in law. My sister in law asked my father in law if I could sleep in her house and he gave us the permission. I spent my night in my sister in law's house. I had fun with her. We drank and chat until 3a.m. We talk about a lot of things and I learned a lot from her.

In the afternoon, I went back to my parents in law's house to tell them that I would leave for home. I didn't do anything. I just had dinner with my in laws and drank with my sister in law and went back home.

Superstar K2 Winner

The Superstar K2 Winner is no other than Ho Gak. He's really good. I think he's much better than other singers. I expected him to win although I was still confused if John Park could beat him because John Park is loved by the ladies. Ho Gak is so lucky because besides from the car and money, he will also sign a contract to become a singer and this month, he's going to Macau with some other singers to perform there. I'm so happy for him. Go go go Ho Gak! Fighting!

Our Next Trip

My hubby and I love travelling. We travel not only here in Korea but also in some parts of the World. Among the countries that I've been, Australia is one of my favorites because of its beautiful attractions, delicious food and the people are very kind. Opera House and Blue Mountain are one of the most wonderful places that I'd love to visit again and again.

Hubby and I have been to many countries and this month, we're going to leave for some other Asian countries. My hubby had so much fun in Thailand so we're going back there. I'm glad that he hasn't made a reservation for our flight yet because I've just found the cheap flights online.

There are on sale, week's hottest fares and deal of the day and you can even compare the international airfares so you can make sure that you can get the cheapest flight for your trip. I'm so excited on our next trip and I'm happier because I can save more for our flights.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Superstar K 2

I love Fridays but I started to love it more because I can watch my favorite cable program on TV the Superstar K 2. It's like American Idol. A singing contest for Koreans but the audition didn't only happen in Korea but also in some parts of the U.S where many koreans live there. If you remember John Park, one of the top contestants of American Idol, is now one of the top 2 of Superstar K. Next week Friday will be the most awaited day of the audiences like me specially to the Top Contestant John Park and Ho Gak. They are my favorites including Jang Jae In, but Jang Jae In was eliminated last week. I thought she would become the Superstar K 2.

Is it John Park or Ho Gak? Whoever! They are both my favorites. They both look kind and serious. They are friends and I can say that Ho Gak supported John Park a lot. I was touched last week because John Park's mom who was in the US came in Korea because of Ho Gak's help. Two weeks ago, they performed at the Navy and Ho Gak won so one of his gifts was to make a wish and it will be granted. His wish was to meet John Park and his mom. He said Koreans once met their parents but John Park couldn't meet his mom because she's in America. So last week, John Park and his mom met through Ho Gak.

From the beginning of the program, I saw how Ho Gak supported John Park. I think one of the reasons why Ho Gak is chosen by the crowd is because he's kind, gentle, and loving person. John Park also looks kind and down to earth. Besides, he's handsome that's why most of his fans are ladies. And because he has lived in America, so foreigners support him and Koreans too because he can speak English well, one the weakness of Korean ladies.

Anyway the two deserve to win but they have to choose only one. Well, can't just they share their price money 2og won (around 200,000 dollars)? How about the car? Who will bring the car? Hmmm...

Show me your love

It's getting colder here so it's not surprising anymore if you'll hear that many of your friends, relatives or someone you know is getting married. Fall is the season when many engaged couples are getting married. As you know, it's cold so we need someone to keep us warm in the winter. And what do ladies expect the most during the wedding? Isn't it the wedding ring? Wedding just happens once to someone special so you should choose the diamond wedding bands that you and your loveone will really love.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dongdaemun Market

There are lots of opportunities to buy good and inexpensive good in Seoul's traditional markes. Among them is the "Dongdaemun Market" near Dongdaemun is the most famous of its kind in Korea. Here you can buy the latest fashions and prices are much cheaper than department stores. The area is so famous that it would be hard to find a young person who has never been there.

The Dongdaemun Market has established itself as the center of the Shopping mall beginning in the late 1990s, when shopping malls like Doota and Migliore opened up for busines. There are some 30,000 shops and stalls selling clothes, accessories and the various sundries. Moreove, and an estimated 2.5 million foreign tourists and merchants are said to visit every year. The government designated it a "special touris zone" in 2002.

Everything from designing, production, and sales takes place at Dongdaemun Market. It supplies the clothing shops for the whole country while also selling retail to incividual consumers. Both wholesale and retail sales take place 24 hours a day, so you can purchase clothes even in the wee hours of the morning, and even at night the area is filled with the large crowds.

There is even a "purchasing information center" exclusively for foreigners to help foreign industry buyers find the items they need. It can also helpt foreigners fill out the documentation necessary for shipping and other parts of large export transactions. It would be worth your time to go there if you stay in Seoul.

Drive Safely

Don't forget to wear your protective gears when you drive a motorcycle. We have only one life and we have to know how important it is. We have to be careful always. Drive safely! As you know, accidents suddenly happen. It happens in time that you aren't prepared that's why we have to be ready always. How many accidents happen everyday specially to the motorcycle drivers. And how many of them lost their lives just because they didn't wear protective gears specially shoei helmets? I thought police officers arrest motorcycle drivers who don't wear helmets but why can I see many of them driving without wearing them?

Actually I like seeing motorcycle drivers in their complete gears specially those who have great motorcycle parts. They really look wonderful. And I think they are also rich because they are driving nice motorcycles and gears. The motorcycle gears look expensive but as I came to this motorcycle gear online shop, I found out that it's not that expensive as I think because you can get those parts and gears for a very affordable prices. There are lots of sales products and you can save up to 65%. It's great, isn't it?

Korean Weather

Let's talk about Korean weather again because the season already changed. It's fall now and it's getting colder everyday. It's too cold specially in the morning and at night. But it's warm in the afternoon because the sun shines all day. I'm starting to hate the weather again because it's getting colder. How many times did I say that I don't like cold weather? And I will say many times more so that you can know how I really hate it. I always try to accept this kind of weather but it's not that easy. But I know someday, I can enjoy it too. What do you think?

I'm totally opposite with my hubby because he likes cold weather. He hates hot weather that if you're beside him, you can always hear him complain about the hot weather.

How about you? What's your favorite season? And what do you do to enjoy the season that you hate the most?

Wear Your Helmet

Here in Korea, there's what they called Dabang Agassi or Coffee Girl. They are the girls riding behind the driver of single motorcycles delivering coffee. The motorcyles are too noisy. They have loud music and you'll see the girls wearing thick make up and a short skirt even in winter. And sometimes you can also see them in the rain. Oh well, I don't care about their job. What I care about is, they ride a motorcycle without wearing motorcycle helmets. I'm sure they know how dangerous it is but they don't care about it. I hope they can realize how important helmets are before it's too late. I feel so sorry for them because I saw motorcycles accidents many times because the drivers drive too fast. Maybe because they have to deliver on time.

I'm sharing this post of mine not only to the Coffee Girls but also to all motorcycle drivers. You have to wear a helmet and motorcycle clothing if possible or else you'll regret later. There are lots of motorcycles clothing to choose from. In different colors, sizes and styles. You can get them at the one of the most popular online stores. Well, leather pants are also available. The cheaper and more comfortable pants in a very low price.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Korean Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies

If you want to purchase regular non-prescription drugs for things like colds, digestion problems, or fevers, you still need to go to a pharmacy as pharmaceutical products are not sold in stores. Pharmacies sell mostly only pharmaceuticals but sometimes also sell cosmetic products as well. Also, since pharmacists cannot fill prescriptions without a prescription from a doctor, you should first go to a doctor if you think your cold or other sickness is serious enough to need more than a drug sold over the counter.

There are also many individual clinics (for internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, gynecology, otolaryngology, dermatology, urology, etc.), as well as many hospitals and clinics specializing in oriental medicine.

Most medical examinations and prescription pharmaceuticals are covered by medical insurance. Getting either is far more expensive if you do not have insurance, so a foreigner intending to stay in Korea for a long period of time should get medical insurance. Foreign citizens are not required to have medical insurance, but can apply for it if so desired by submitting to National Health Insurance Corporation the documents such as a copy of their alien registration card and documentaion on their purpose of stay in the country.

Importance of Cellphones

Long time ago in Korea, if you have a telephone means you are rich. Because at that time, only rich people have phones. If at that time phones are signs that you are rich, now cellphones can make you rich because you of Mobile Marketing. It can make your business more easier and profitable. It can also give more comfort to the customers. So it's very useful to everyone.

Well, let me tell you something about my cellphone. I've been using my cellphone for almost 2 years now and I want to change it to a new one. My hubby bought our cellphones at the same time. Mine still looks new but my hubby already changed his. He broke it a few months ago that's why he got a new one. I love my cellphone and I consider it as one of my bestfriend. When someone asked what things that I can't live without, my answer was always computer and cellphone. But if I have to choose one, I can say that I can live without computer but not cellphone. My life is meaningless without cellphone. My life is not complete without my cellphone beside me. I remember one time that I was in hurry for work when I left my cellphone but went back home to get it. I'd rather be late than going to work without my cellphone. Since then, I always check my bag if I have it before I leave home. I even sleep with my cellphone beside me not only because I use it as an alarm to wake me up in the morning but also because I don't wanna miss any call. I think every call is important to me. Taking photos, videos and sending or receiving text messages are also the reasons why I love my cellphone. I sometimes prefer to send and receive text messages than phone calls so I think I need this Text Message Mobile Coupons.

Cellphones are very important. They have lots of use and they have made more useful because homebuyers can get instant information through House4Cell. You can get details on what you are looking for by just simply text in a keyword. You can even received fax and email brochures if you want to.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forms of Identification in Korea

Resident Registration Cards (Jumin deungnokjeung), drivers licenses (Unjon Myeonheojeung) and passports (Yogwon) are considered legal identification for Korean citizens in Korea, but Resident Registration Cards are the most common, since they are issued to every Korean national who is at least 17 years old. Resident Registration Cards include a person's name, Resident Registration Number, address and photo.

Resident Registration Numbers are issued to all Korean citizens upon the registration of birth. Each is 13 numbers in length, with the first six being a person's date of birth. A person born on 30 April 1962, therefore would have a Resident Registration Number that begins with 620430. The seven numbers that follow are particular to that individual. The first of these seven numbers indicates gender. For persons born in the 20th century, the first number of these seven is 1 for males and 2 for females. This means you can tell a person's age and gender just by looking at his or her Resident Registration Number.

Foreigners residing in Korea do not have Resident Registration Cards, so use passports or Alien Registration Cards. Since it proves that you are a legal resident, you will need your Alien Registration Card for many common everyday needs while living in Korea, for example when you open a bank account, apply for health insurance or a Korean driver's license, find employment, sign a housing contract or in various other situations.

All in One

Whenever I go shopping, my hubby always reminds me to buy the ones that have good quality and not the cheap ones that you can only use for a very short time. He said that I have to consider the quality and not the price. He knows me very well when it comes to shopping. In my case, I consider the price and appearance. If it is cute and cheap then I'll take it. I always choose the cute and cheap ones.

I remember the knife that I bought to use for camping. I bought the cute ones but after using it for a few times, I had to throw it away because it was very dull and full of rust. I didn't use it much. My hubby even said that it was useless because we used scissors when we wanted to cut something. And because I already threw it away, so I was looking for a knife online when I came up to The Blade Shop. Even when you don't want to get one, you will be attracted with the selection of knives specially to the featured products. I've never seen such beautiful and sharp knives except on tv or movies. They are so wonderful. And the price? You would never expect that you could get those special knives in a very low prices. You can't even imagine that you can save more than two hundred dollars for a knife.

There are largest selection of knives available. So if you are looking for the cutest, cheapest and good quality knives, choose the one that has a name like Benchmade Knives, Gerber knives or Kershaw knives. You can make sure that you got the highest quality knife with those brands. Cute, cheap and with good quality. All in one!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Korean National Foundation Day

It's holiday tomorrow but it's Sunday. It's the National Foundation Day of Korea or called Gaecheonjeol in Korean. It is always celebrated every October 3rd. It's the anniversary of Dan-gun's Accession. It's the day when Tangun (the mythical "first Korean") founded the country about 4,300 years ago. On this day, national commemorating ceremony is held in National Cemetery. This holiday celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon (ancient Korea) founded by Dangun Wanggeom in the year 2333 BC.

Believe it or not

Since I work with my hubby, I always go to work with him. Because he drives to work, I don't have to commute like what I used to. But one day, I finished my work much earlier than him so I decided to go home by bus. It was too complicated for me because I had to walk far to the bus stop wearing high heels shoes and it was too noisy on the bus. The most terrible thing was the man sat next to me smelled alcohol. Since then, I just wait for my hubby even when I wait for a long time. I prefer to wait than to have a terrible day on the bus.

My hubby is true when he said that when you start to have a private ride like having your own car, you don't want to take the public transportations anymore. I wonder if I still feel the same way when we travel to another country. Anyway, no worries because I know where I can find the rental cars that give discount, coupons and deals
like San Francisco Rental Car. Can you imagine getting cash back on rental cars? Believe or not, you can get cash back if you book now so hurry up!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Went Camping on Chuseok

Most Koreans visit their families on Chuseok but me and my hubby have decided to relax on that day. My in laws live very far from us and on special holidays like this, it takes us a day to travel to their hometown. So I called siomoni (my mother in law) and Hyeongnim (sister in law) and said that we couldn't go there on that day. So on Chuseok me and my hubby went camping.

First, my hubby called and asked if the camping sites are open on Chuseok and if there are campers. And yes they are open but not many people go camping on this special occasion. There were 2 tents set up when we arrived there. One for the couple with two kids and another for ajassis who were drinking soju. I think they are having reunion and they are spending it at the camp site. Too bad because people went there to relax but they were too noisy so one family left. After few hours, we left too. Luckily, I got some pictures to share so hang on.

On our way to camp site. The weather forecast said that it would rain but we still hit the road.

And that's our tent. The other one was the old men's. There was another tent set on the ground. Just next to the deck area but at least they can't hear much noise unlike us.

Here's the bathroom. Not too many people so it was clean.

And the washing area. It's where we can wash the dishes.

And the food. Ohh, there's a lot of food. That's supposed to be until the next day but we couldn't stay the night there.

Before it's too late, we decided to go to the office and get refund. We complained about the noise made by the drunk ajassis so they talked and warned them but we still chose to leave. They gave the money back.

Next to the entrance were these beautiful houses. I just saw them when my hubby was talking to the manager.

We decided to leave and on our way home, it rained a lot. Well, everything happens with reasons so we were not disappointed at all.

I wish

My hubby was watching tv and I told him to change the channel because my favorite drama was on. But he said he wanted to watch the news about the famous comedian here in Korea. We waited and saw that the Mr. Shin, one of the most famous comedian went to another country to gamble. Haven't he heard about the flash casinos? Many people saw him and told to the media. They wanted to find out if the gossip was true so they flew to that country and took some more information. They didn't see him gambling but many people said that they saw him at the casino. I don't know if it's true but my hubby said that he lost his job as an entertainer. He said we can't see him on tv anymore. That's too bad! I like him because he's fun.

Why did he have to go in that country to gamble? Did he think that it was safe because he wasn't in his own country? He can just play Free casinos online. It's much safer because nobody can notice him. He can enjoy free slots. Too bad because it's too late to know about it. I wish he knew it earlier.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Chuseok Day

Oh yes, it's still holiday here. It's a long vacation. There was heavy traffic from Monday. Our 15 minutes drive from work to home took us almost an hour. Even when there were many traffic officers, they couldn't stop the traffic.

Holiday started on Tuesday and we were supposed to visit my in laws but my hubby decided to go camping instead. We left in the afternoon because we woke up at noon. There weren't many people at the camping site. Only three tents were set up including ours. Before dark, one of the campers decided to leave and a few hours later, we left too. The reason was because of the drunk ajassi (old men). There were too noisy. We went there to relax and get rest but we couldn't endure their noise so we went to the office and got refund the money that we paid for the deck and entrance fee. The administrator warned the ajassis because new campers came. At first they were setting up the tent on the deck area but before we left they moved to another area. They chose to set the tent on the ground next to the deck area because of the noise.

It rained a lot while we were on our way home. We knew that it would rain so I think it's a good choice to go home. Actually, it flooded the other part of the country including Seoul. There was heavy rain and flood in some area during Chuseok.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Korean Driver's Licenses

What must a foreigner do to obtain a Korean driver's license? If you are licensed to drive from other countries, you may "exchange" it for a Korean. The process is different depending on the country in which the foreign license was issued, but generally you will need to have the foreign driver's license, your passport, ID pictures and written confirmation of driver's license from your embassy. Korean driver's licenses issued based on foreign licenses are the "Class 2" category, allowing you to drive vehicles under 9 passengers and trucks less than 4 tons.

Licenses from countries that Korea does not have an exchange agreement with require separate process for being recognized for a Korean one. Citizens of Australia, China, Laos, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States are required to take a simple test. The test is composed of 20 questions and can be taken in English, Chinese, Japanese, German and French.

What do you have to do to get a new license issued to you on Korea? First you have to take a test of 50 multiple choice questions with four possible answers each. This test can be taken in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Vietnamese. Thai and Indonesian are also being considered. If you pass the test, you're then allowed to proceed to an "ability test" that is simple test of your driving ability and is taken at the test site. If you past this ability test you then take ten hours or more of actual driving training, after which you must past a test of actual driving. Korea has driving schools all over the country, so you can easily obtain a Korean driver's license from one of these schools.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chuseok Day is Coming

Chuseok Day is coming. This year, it struck the calendar on September 21st -23rd Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some schools and institutes are closed for a week. They don't have class on Monday and Friday either. What a long vacation! I think they decided to have a week vacation because most of them are going to their hometowns and it's impossible to go back home on time with the heavy traffic. It's bumper to bumper on Chuseok Day. Expect to drive 4 hours more than your regular arrival time.

What do people do on Chuseok or Thanksgiving Day? Most people go to their hometowns to celebrate Chuseok with the whole family. On this day, Myeonoris or daughters in law are too tired preparing some food. Most people visit the tomb of their ancestors to give respect to them. They also bring some food to offer and then eat the food after the offerings.

I'm just curious when they offer food to the tomb because they also pour some soju or korean alcohol to the tomb and light some cigarettes and put in front of the tomb that seems like the dead person is drinking soju or smoking.

You're in good hand

There are many new cars appear in the market. I'm lying if I say that there's nothing that we don't like to have. There's a type of car that caught our attention but it doesn't mean that we have to buy just because we like it. We like that new type of car but we love our old car. And my hubby said that he would never change it. He already changed some parts of it but never thought of buying a new car. A month ago, my hubby bought new car seats. And now, he's thinking of changing the other parts again so it will be safer, more comfortable and more beautiful.

We are satisfied with every parts that we bought. We are so happy to see our car with its new parts and accessories. So if you have an old car, I recommend you to change some parts that needed to be changed or fixed and get some dodge accessories for a better car rather than buying a new one. You and your car are in good hands if your accessories are from Dodge, the one of the true giants of the American auto industry. And it's still one of the most revered names in the world.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Post Office in Korea

Korea's post offices are operated by the national government. There are more than 3,700 spread about the country, so you can find one easily no matter where you go. And yet, there's one just across my apartment building. Post offices have good services. They deliver so fast and it's very reliable. It delivers faster than what you think. When my mother in law sends some kimchi or other products to my sister in law, she goes to the post office in the morning. She said they deliver some goods in the morning so if she goes there in the morning, the goods that she wants to send will reach the destination earlier because they can bring her package on that same day.

There are different types of services if you want to send letters or package within Korea. You can send by "registered mail" (deunggi) where you can trace the route of delivery and it is given directly recipient. There's also the "next day service" (igilteukgeup), a service when you want to have something delivered the next day in most places throughout Korea. And the "door to door" (taekbae) service where you can call the post office and have the item picked up from your home or company. It is a good idea to use "Express Mail Office" (EMS) when sending a letter or package from Korea to another country which is quick and reliable. You can also use EMS to send kimchi, tea, marine products, and other products offered by the postal office.

In recent years, Koreas post offices have begun offering financial and other services like opening an account, get insurance and pay taxes and fees. Post Offices in Korea have good service but beware of the voice phishing where they use the named post office and telling you to pay something that you don't know.

Post offices are open from Monday-Friday but in large areas or cities, they are also open on Saturdays.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Tea Time

Koreans don't drink tap water. We always boil some water and put something like wheat, corns, etc. for our drinking water. In my case I put a little amount of green tea leaves. We got used to it so it seems like we just drink plain water because we still drink tea after meals specially on weekends. And last night, my hubby invited me to go out and we dropped by to the market to buy different kinds of tea.

Thanksgiving Day is coming and I already have something in mind on what to give as a present for my friends and relatives. Because Koreans love tea so I'm thinking of buying some Christmas tea gift set. It's not Christmas but the tea gift set is not only a good gift on Christmas Day but also in all kinds of occasion. There are over 100 different kinds of tea so name your favorite and you can get it for a very affordable price. You can even get some teapots, mugs and cups, kettles and tea accessories so you can enjoy your tea with Christmas tea. So, what time is it? It's tea time!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Korean's Health Food in the Summer

There are lots of tiems in the summer season when you lose your appetite, you feel fatigued, and you lose your energy. Thus, Koreans try to restore their enegy by eating foods that are believed to be helpful to that end, and typical example would be samgyetang. Samgyetang is made by stuffing a young chicken with ginseng, garlic, jujubes, and glutinous rice and cooked under a slow boil. Chicken is high in protein so is nutritious, and young chicken is more so. Ginseng is a widely recognized restorative good for bringing back your summer energy and dealing with fatigue. Once they have had samgyetang in the hottest summer and perspired as result, Korean forget the heat and have vigor restored. Samgyetang is neither hot nor salty, so meets well with foreigners' taste.

A refreshing bowl of noodles is always popular in summer. Mulnaengmyeon is famous in the summer but kongguksu is one type of noodle dish for the summer months, and is made of noodles (guksu) in soybean (kong), which is ground and made into a juice before the noodles are added. It is often eaten with a little ice in it as if it were water. The soybean soup is heavy and has a savory and simple taste. You can easily find yourself fatigued if you lack protein, and since kongguksu is rich in vegetable protein, it is perfect for the sweaty summer months.

Everyone drinks a lot when it's hot outside, and if you care about your health you should drink plum tea (maesilcha) instead of carbonated drinks. Measil, a variety of plum are used in wine, jam, juice and tea, but the easiest way to enjoy them are as a cold tea, measilchat. Maesil are good for recovering from fatigue and are help smoothing going for the intestines and stomach. An increasing number of people are drinking maesilcha or dessert, and it is specially popular in summer.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Travel Informations

I love traveling so I enjoy reading blogs related to traveling. I've been to some countries and I love every minute that I spent in those countries. Actually, I've been thinking of going back there again if I could have a chance. At first, I thought traveling is just visiting famous attractions. But then after visiting few countries I found out that going to Restaurants, bars and coffee shops is also a lot of fun because you can enjoy the food and meet people.

I can say that this travel in San Diego Hillcrest Area is wonderful. The author or traveler has a good taste in traveling. The pictures are unique and there are lots of information that you can get. What a great help for travelers.

Accommodation is very important when traveling so finding good hotels to stay is what we are worried about but I'm glad that I found lots of information about hotels, lodges, resorts, etc.

Korean Money

Korea has four types of coins, the 10 won, 50 won, 100 won and 500 won. They symbols of Korea on them such as the crane, admiral Yi Sun-sin, an ear of rice, and the Dabotap (a pagoda in Bulguksa, a Silla era temple in Gyeongju).

There are also four types of bills, 1000 won ($0.83), 5000 won ($4.1), 10,000 won ($8.3)and 50,000 won ($41.6). On them, you will find the creator of Hangeul named King Sejong and the Jeoson era Confucian scholas, Yi I and Yi Hwang.

In addition to cash, Koreans frequently use bank checks and credit cards. People usually use credit cards even when they buy a small amount of thing. Koreans don't usually bring cash.

In Korea, you may ride the subway or a bus for 1,000 won within the same city. No matter how far or near your destination is, you just pay the same amount of money. About 10,000 won allows you and a friend to enjoy lunch or have some coffee.

Public transportation (bus, subway, taxi) is relatively cheap but housing and education are very expensive. The prices of the houses depends on the location or city. Housings in Seoul (Korean capital city), are expensive which makes it very difficult for young married couples to afford places to live. There are lots or apartment building in Korea because most people prefer to live in an apartment than in Korean traditional houses. Living in an apartment is more comfortable and warmer in winter.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's Go Skiing

As we know, it's getting hotter now a days. This year is the hottest summer that I've experienced here in Korea. I know it's much hotter in some other parts of the world but instead of complaining about the weather, why not escape the weather by spending ski holidays in italy. Go and see the spectacular scenery in world class ski destinations located in Italy. Don't worry, it's not as expensive as what you think. You can't imagine that you can have a great vacation without spending much. To understand well what I'm talking about, just check out the hot skiing deals and book now for only £495 per person including flights from the UK. Not only that! You can even have a chance to get up to an extra £100 off if you book online. What a great deal, isn't it?

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I think there's no greater vacation than the italy sking. The wonderful sightseeings, great landscapes and atmospheres, delicious cuisines, and cheap ski resorts. What can you ask for? Just mentioning about holidays, I really love to pack now and spend a vacation in Italy. Going skiing to Italy is my dream vacation specially now that it's too hot. Besides, I'd like to see the famous attractions in Italy that I always hear from travelers. And because I like traveling so I'd love to visit Italy someday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Korea's Four Seasons

In spring, you see a rich range of pretty flowers bloom, including azaleas, forsythias, and the famous cherry blossoms. March is a little bit chilly, but warm weather continues through April and May.

It rains a lot in the summer specially in June and July, making korean summers very humid and some places experience floods. It is the hottest weather in late July and early August when the temperatures range between 30 and 35 degrees centigrade, and many people go on summer vacations to escape the heat. People usually go camping or stay in the valley. It's not unusual to see cars parking under the bridge to have a picnic near the river or ponds.

In Autumn or Fall, specially in October, Koreas mountains are filled with the beauty of trees. They turned in different colors called dampoong. Then, in November, their leaves fall. While it differs by region, in winter the temperature goes down about minus 5 to 10 degrees centigrade and occasionally, there is heavy snow.

The hottest month of the year are July and August and the coldest are January and February. During this time, elementary, middle and high schools all have summer and winter vacation for almost two months. During vacations, some of them spend their vacations abroad.

My Summer Clothes

I was chatting to my friend that I haven't met for more than ten years when she said that she wanted to see me on webcam because we live miles away. I wanted to but I couldn't because I was just wearing underwear at that time. It's too hot now a days so I don't wear clothes when I'm at home. I think it's the hottest summer that I have experienced here in Korea. Yesterday, the temperature was 34 degrees celcius.

And because I just wear underwears, I have to choose the lingeries that fits me well so I can look sexy in front of my hubby. It's much better if I wear new ones so while browsing online, I saw this olga lingeries. I like the styles and they look comfortable.

Do you think I'm the only one wearing underwears at home? My hubby does, too! So to be fair, I'm also thinking of getting him a giulio eventhough I've just bought him new trunks last weekend. I just love the design and I'm sure my hubby will love them, too. If you're looking for underwears specially for men, you check out these jockstraps. I was shock and I can't imagine my hubby wearing one of them but if I were to give a present specially to newly couples, I would surely choose jockstraps. Don't ask me why. Just check them out and you'll find the answer.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gwanghallu Park

We went to Gwanghallu Park located in Jeonbuk Namwon City Yocheonro. To be familiar with the City, here's a part of the story of Chunhyang of Namwon County. Wolmae, a former kisaeng, lived in Namwon County during the reign of King Sukjong (Chosun Dynasty). She was a famous kisaeng known throughout the three Southern provinces and lived with the Vice minister, whose name was Sung. Having no children of their own, they eventually appealed to the Guardian Spirit of Mt. Chiri. At long last, Wolmae conceived and gave birth to a beautiful girl, whom she named Choonhyang. The girl was rather kind-hearted and very fond of reading. Her good manners, chastity and filial piety soon attracted public attention in Namwon County.
Here's Wolmae's House. This house named after Chunhyang's mother was the main setting for the story of Chunhyang. This is the very place where Chunhyang married Lee Mongryong, the son of a Namwon magistrate. Mongryong, while strolling around Gwanghallu Pavillion, was completely charmed by the beauty of Chunhyang who was on a swing.

Here's a wishing place. Throw some coins and make a wish about love.

Don't they look real? In every rooms of the house, you'll see some statues doing some routines. It shows what the people did on that area during that time.

Chunhyang Memorial Hall. This hall was built to honor the spirit and faithfulness of Chunhyang in 1992. It was constructed in the shape of a traditional Korean Pavilion. Exhibited in the hall are nine oil paintings by artist Park Nam-Jae that tell tha tale of Chunhyang. A collection of calligraphy and antiques showing the lifestyle of people during Chunhyang's time are also on display. The tablet on the hall is the work of Song Seong-Yong, a highly respected local scholar.

Gwanghanru. This building was built by Gwang Hui, a well-known prime minister during the reign of King Se Jong (1418-1450) of the Jeseon Dynasty and was rebuilt in 1626. It's original name was Gwangtongru but Jeong In-Ji later name it Gwanghanru because it resembles "Gwanghan-Cheongheobu", a legendary palace in the Moon. In the center of the North, stages are attached to support the leaning building during the reign of King Go-Jong (1863-1907). There is a lake in front of the building and a half-moon shaped bridge called Ojakgyo (bridge), is placed over it.

There's also a big pond with lots of big fish that people enjoy feeding and watching them.

Wanwoljeong Pavilion. Legend says that the highest among the heavenly gods lives in Gwanghan Palace in the Heavenly Kingdom. Below the Palace, Ojakgyo Bridge crosses the Milky Way and beautiful heavenly nymphs enjoy the picturesque scenery of the laurel trees.
While Gwanghallu Pavilion is an earthly representation of its heavenly counterpart. Wanweoljeong Pavilion was built for viewing the moon. It's octagon-shaped roof and double eaves provide it with a unique architecture. This pavilion graces the site of Gwanghalluwon Garden and is the main venue of the annual Chunhyang Festival.

View from the Pavilion.

Isn't it a good place for this summer? It's cool and

Btw, you can also rent some Korean traditional clothes as a remembrance for 2,000won (less than $2). A 4"x6" picture cost 5,000 won and 8"x12" is 20,000 won.

And buy some Korean stuffs as a remembrance. There are lots of shops next to the entrance door.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Konglish is a combination of Korean and English. The English language is creeping quirkily into Korean slang. When Korea industrialized and English words flooded in, people couldn't find- or bother to find- proper translations. They chopped, patched or twisted English words to create wacky terms. Sometimes they adopted English words but gave them different uses and meanings.

In Korea, a comedian is called "gagman" and people say "eye-shopping" instead of window shopping. They also say "autobi," for motorbike. "Villa" is called to an apartment building of just few stories and "Apart" for an apartment building. People shout "One shot!" when they propose a toast. Actors or actresses are called a "talent" even when they are not talented.

It's very confusing when you stay in Korea for a long time because you think those Konglish words are the right words for English and you often use them when you're in an English country.

The study of English is mandatory in schools from third grade. But the stress has always been on reading and rote memorization of English grammar and vocabulary, rather than conversation so most of them are afraid of foreigners.

Before they invented their own alphabet in the mid-15th century, Koreans borrowed Chinese characters. Chinese influence on Korean remains deep, and most old generation can read and write Hanja. Korean names have Hanja ang it's included in their ID.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Morning in Korea

Korea's capital, Seoul, is a major city, so the streets are very crowded during the hours when people are going to work every morning. Middle and high school students go to school between 7 and 8 o'clock, and most working professionals arrive at work between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning. During these hours the streets are clogged and you can see everyone moving about in a hurry.

Students and working professionals commute mostly by subway, bus and automobile. Traffic is heavily congested during the morning commute, so it is a good idea to use public transportation. Seoul has eight subway lines that connect every corner of the city. There are special lanes for buses, making them faster than automobiles during the morning hours. Very few people commute by bicycle or motorcycle.

Government offices open at 9 o'clock and banks open at 9:30. Since most people eat breakfast at home, restaurants open after 10a.m. and begin preparations for lunch. Clothes stores, beauty parlors, and cafes usually open after 10a.m.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tanch'ong, Multi-colored Patterns

Official buildings and temples were decorated with tanch'ong multi-colored patterns that were first used during the Koguryo period. Since the use of the colorful tanchong patterns was restricted to temples and palaces, even upper-class houses were not painted with colors but featured many decorative elements. The houses of the lower class were generally made of logs and had little decorative woodwork. They were usually thatched.

No ordinary house, be it of the upper- or lower-class, could exceed 99 kan (a term referring to the square space inside four pillars).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flower Village

From Jangsu we went to Flower Village or Deulkkotmaeul. Located in Jeollabukdo Province Jangsugun Cheoncheonmyeon Yeonpyeongri. I don't know why it's called flower village when I didn't see any flowers. But the village is small but beautiful. There are lots of plants and trees and it's near mountains. There are fields behind the village. Some parents are taking their kids them to experience how to harvest some fruits and vegetables. They can also ride a horse but I saw that the horse was too small to ride.

By the way, the village was a former school. If you get inside, you'll see that there are still chairs and desks used by the students. I think the kids were all grown up so they couldn't use it as a school anymore. Instead, they make actual lessons for kids or tourists regarding farms.

These are lodges. They are too small but nice places for a vacation. Cool and good environment.

Kids can also enjoy playing soccer and lots of games in the field.

Il Bag Ih Il "1 bag 2 il" (Two days and One Night) also filmed here. One of the famous Korean Entertainment program starring Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun and Kim C.

And here's their picture with their sign.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He loves shopping

I've noticed that my hubby always shops online now a days. He shops more than I do. He loves shopping. Whenever something delivered at home, he checks the websites where he can shop online and see what he can get again. Last month, I received four packages. Those are the things that he bought online. And today, he got a phone call telling that his order will come next week. I didn't know that he ordered car seats. My hubby loves his car even when he said that he wanted to change it, I think he could never do that. Besides, his car still looks new because he takes good care of it.

I agree on the article that I've read. It tells that you don't need to buy a new car. Instead of buying a new one, just buy new car accessories. It's not only because you can save much money but also your car will look stronger, unique and beautiful. There are also lots of special pickup truck accessories like this cargo box cover. Would you believe that there are over 500,000 accessories? Name it, and it will be available for you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We went to Jangsu to go camping. Jangsu is in Jeollabukdo Province and is famous for camping sites because of its beautiful nature. The most famous are the Mt. Jangsan County Park, Banghwadong Natural Recreation Forest, Banghwadong Family Vacation Village and Waryong Natural Recreation Forest.

Jangsu is also famous for Apples and Cow's meat (beef). Actually there is Apple and Beef Festival (Hanwoorang Sagwarang Chukje) that will be held next month Sept.9-12 (Fri-Sun) at Jeollabukdo Jangsugun Uiam Gongwon Ilde. You know that you're in Jangsu when you see lots of apple trees or apple signs in the street.

If you know the KBS drama Lady Castle (Agassireul putakhe), they took some film here at the Resting Area. I think it's the only resting area in Jangsu.

At night, hubby and I decided to go downtown. It's very small. There's nothing to see. Even the bus terminal is too small but interesting.

The bus schedule and bus fare are just written in a cardboard paper.

See the Beauty of the World

It's too hot! What do you like doing in this kind of season? Like what most people do, isn't it going to the famous beaches and have fun in the sun? Instead of complaining about the hot weather, why don't you spend your holidays in turkey and see the beauty of the world. Can you just let this beautiful season pass without enjoying it? Go out and have fun in the sun.

Actually, I didn't know that there are beautiful beaches, lakes and mountains in Turkey that's why it wasn't included in the country that I want to visit. Last time, I saw the special program on TV about the food and sightseeings in Turkey but they didn't show the wonderful beaches. They only show the traditional places and dishes. But I was surprised to know that the country has also lots of fantastic and relaxing sites. I think it's one of the best destinations for holidays all year round.

And the food, oh there's a lot of delicious food because turkey is also famous for its fresh local meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. I had Kebab when I went out of town and I really love it. I always crave for kebab and I'm sure the taste is excellent if it's made in Turkey.

If you're from the UK, you're lucky because it's your chance to get up to £100 off if you book online today. Check out the hot holiday deals for this month with the basic price from £313. Imagine spending your 7 nights at the apartment with well-maintained gardens, pools and a poolside bar for only £313 including flights. Wow! Isn't the best vacation for this summer?

I hope you have a good time on your turkey holidays. Beautiful sightseeings, excellent food, cheap but high standard hotels and apartments, what can you ask for?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Waryong Natural Recreation Forest

We went to Waryong Natural Recreation Forest located in Jangsu County Cheoncheonmyeon in Waryong Mountain to spend our vacation, as what I've said on my previous post. Here's what we prepared for our three days and two nights vacation in the famous Recreation Forest.

Waryong Natural Recreation Forest is the best recreation forest that I've been so far.

Why is it the best? Because of the swimming pool and watersled. Can you imagine swimming at the mountain? At Waryong Recreation Forest, there is a swimming pool (suyongjang) with slide that kids can enjoy.

And watersled (ssolmejang). But adults have to pay 6,000won ($5) and 4,000won ($3.5) for children for 3 hours. It's open from 10a.m.-1:00p.m. and 2:00 - 5:00p.m.

We set up our tent at the third camp. It is the highest campsite. You have to climb up the mountain. The payment is 5,000won on the ground and 10,000won if you set the tent on the deck. It's better to choose the deck just in case that it will rain. Here's the deck.

Our tent next to the valley.

And the bathroom and washing area.

Oh, there are mushrooms near our tent. They look good but poisonous?

Wait! We are starving. Let me cook for a while. At night, we went out to hang around Jangsu downtown and bought BHC chicken for dinner.

If you don't have a tent, then you can rent a treehut from 30,000won ($25) - 150,000 won ($120), depends on the size from 13.2 - 59.5 square meters.

There's also a training or seminar room (40-50 persons) for 300,000won ($250).

I'll tell you our next adventure on my next post.