Saturday, May 23, 2009

South Korean Former President Roh Mu Hyon commits suicide

South Korea Former President Roh Mu Hyun committed suicide this morning. This shocking news woke me up this morning. I was still in bed when my hubby said that Roh Mu Hyun died so I got up and turned on the tv while hubby was reading the news on the internet. The SOuth Korean Former President went out at 5:45 to climb up the mountain in his hometown and around 6:40 he fell down (jumped down) on the rock. He was brought to the nearest hospital to get an urgent treatment then moved because his head was injured and arrived at Pusan University Hospital at 8:13 a.m. At 9:30 a.m., he was confirmed dead.

Roh Mu Hyun (Noh Moo Hyeon), South Korea President 2003-2008 loved and trusted by most Koreans. After serving his country, he moved to Bongha Village a small town in Gimhae which is near the mountain. The village became famous and lots of people visited there to see him or his house. He also helped the people improved and developed the village.

But later last month (April 30th), he was investigated in bribery scandal that surprised the whole country. He was still under investigation and don't know yet if he would be put into prison.

It wasn't confirmed if he really committed suicide but reporters, police officers and most people said that he did because of his present condition. And his words "I'm very tired", "I made people tired", "I can't read a book", etc. can tell that he really did. Besides, he also went out hiking without telling his family and he went out with his bodyguard only.

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