Sunday, April 26, 2009


Although it's still cold at night but it seems like spring is almost finished. Some flowers in my neighborhood are starting to wither and you can see the trees are fully recovered with leaves. I always think of going out on the weekend and take some pictures of flowers but it seems like they will all gone before I could take them. Maybe, I'll just have to wait for my flowers that I have mentioned here.

It's raining here now. It has been raining since yesterday so it's cold again. I started to wear short sleeves pajamas last week but now I'm back ot long sleeves pajamas. The weather is too strange. It's hot in the afternoon and cold at night. If not of the flowers, I can't even think that there's what we called Spring because of the weather. I want to enjoy those nice flowers and weather in Spring.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Hmmmm... It's Spring now! It's sometimes hot and sometimes cold specially at night. The flowers are almost gone but I haven't been to any flower festival. I just saw lots of flowers in my neighborhood, on the way to my work and to my in laws. My mother in law is here and she's inviting us to go out and see some flowers but we don't feel like going out today. We slept around 5 a.m. last night so we are sleepy now. We have just got up when my mother in law came. We were surprise of her doorbell. Although we know that she's coming today, we didn't expect that she would come earlier. But hubby asked why she came without calling.

I always don't expect a call when my in laws come here. They sometimes call but there were times that they surprised us. I mean surprise because it's they usually come without any phone call. So don't be surprised when someone knocked or you saw your in laws at the screen door. Well, it's Korea!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black Day

It sounds unusual for you but today is a Black Day here in Korea. Korean celebrates this day by eating Jajangmyeon (Black noodles). It is a day for singles who don't have boyfriends/girlfriends. As what I always say, Korea has the Days of Love that are always celebrated every 14th day of the month. February 14th is for lovers where women/ladies give chocolates to men and March 14th is the Candy day. A day where men give candies to women. After the two celebrations for lovers, now it's time for the singles. Those who don't have partners eat black food.

I heard that they serve Black noodles in some elementary school today. Instead of rice for lunch, they served black noodles. Are they sure that some of them don't have any boyfriends of girlfriends? Well, let's not talk about this single thing because i'm also craving for jajangmyeon now. If the samgyeopsal restaurants made money last Samsam Day, then it's Chinese restaurant's turn this time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Surgery in Korea

After watching my favorite drama, I changed the channel and it happened that one of the program was showing about those who got surgeries. There was an interview that a lady said she's not shy to tell the whole world that she had an operation because it became normal to Korean to get a plastic surgery. Some of them work as a part time job to pay for their operation. There's a case that a guy got 31 surgeries. If the first one didn't work well, then they have to get another one until they can be satisfied.

The part of the bodies that they usually get operated are the chin, eyelid, lips, forehead, and nose. One of them had them all and she spent almost $15,000. Some had legs and breast operations. They said, operations changed their way of lives a lot. Some of them even made much money because of their physical appearance and they receive more respect from others. I agree. Beauty is like a treasure in Korea. If you'll listen to Korean parents of what they want for their children, you'll always hear the same line. "Grow healthy and beautiful!"

Now a days, men/women don't care if their girlfriends/boyfriends had an operation as long as she/he is pretty/handsome then there will be no problem. Is it also okay for you if your boyfriend/girlfriend had a surgery? And are you willing to get a plastic surgery if the money is not a problem?