Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wedding event

Last weekend, my father in law came here again. At first i felt uncomfortable and felt nervous whenever i knew that my father in law is coming here. But because he already came here several times and stayed here for many days, i feel comfortable now and i don't feel anything when he called and said he's coming. Eventhough he visits us, he doesn't stay home the whole day. I just prepare toast and juice for him for breakfast. Koreans have to eat rice for breakfast but he ordered me to prepare toast and fruit juice. I know he just doesn't want to burden me but because he told that so i just followed his command. hehehe...

He came here to attend the funeral of his relative and the next day attended a wedding ceremony. And yes, we are always with him whenever he goes out. Well, i never cook when he is here. Meals is always free except breakfast. hehehe...

Here's the wedding ceremony that we attended last weekend. The woman at the back is busy setting at the wedding dress. She is paid for doing that job. Some brides just let their sisters or friends to do that for them.

At the entrance of the hall are the family and men waiting for the visitors to come. The men usually the brothers of the bride and groom are in charge of that. They receive the envelope and give meal tickets. There are two desks. One for the groom's visitors and the other for the bride's visitors.

And it's marching time. After the preaching, there's usually an event for the couples. Here's one of the event. The groom will do the push up and the groom will sit on his back. Then the groom has to say "Jagiya (honey)" and the bride should answer "Onulbam kidarilkoya (I'll wait for you tonight)". hehehe...

I got the picture well because i was sitting in front with my father in law. When my hubby left to go to the bathroom, my father in law grabbed my hand and we went in front. He said we had to hide from my husband and let him find us. mwahahaha...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I want to play golf

My father in law plays golf in his spare time. A few weeks ago when he came here to attend a wedding, he stayed here during the weekend. We attended a wedding ceremony on Saturday and visited his friend the next day. On our way home he saw this golf club and told us to drop by for a while. He went into the office to inquire while me and hubby waited at the parking lot. We waited and waited until we got bored so i got off the car and took some pictures. hehehe...

My hubby likes most sports but doesn't golf. He asked me what is interesting about playing golf. I remember when hubby was watching sports games on tv, my father in law asked him what was interesting about those games (soccer and baseball). Well, every man has its own taste. What is fun to you is not fun to others and vice versa.

Anyway, here are the pictures that i've taken. Whenever i look at them, i got interested in learning this sport someday. Maybe, several years later if i will learn with hubby, but that's impossible i think. hehehehe...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

World Wide Link Love

Hailey tagged me with this World Wide Link Love. Thanks sis!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last week, my brother in law and his family came here and we went to the Baegyangsa. Baegyangsa Temple is considered as a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. It is one of the temples that will not only attract you towards its preaching philosophical order but also towards its beautiful setting in the boughs of Nature. The weather is getting nicer everyday and Spring is in the air so we thought we can see some flowers in that beautiful and famous temple. But as usual, our guess was wrong again but at least we saw this.

We've already been there once so we decided not to go inside and see the temple. We just stayed out looking at the beautiful nature and went to the restaurant. My brother in law just ordered makgoli and puchinggae. Hubby and I don't drink so we only ate some puchinggae and my BIL with his wife drank the makgoli. He also wanted to have lunch there but my hubby said that he wanted to eat tangsuyug and my nephew wanted to eat jajangmyeon so we went to the chinese restaurant.

After lunch, we visited my SIL and spent the rest of the day in her house. Her husband bought raw fish for dinner.

Friday, April 11, 2008

First Korean astronaut

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying South Korea's first astronaut has blasted off into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Yi So Yeon The first Korean astronaut, lifted off on a Russian rocket headed for the International Space Station last Wednesday. Last year, two Koreans were chosen among the 36,000 applicants. A man named Ko San, a 31 year old researcher and a female Ph.D Yi So Yeon, 29. Originally a reserve candidate, Ms Yi was picked for the flight last month after Russia accused Ko San, the primary South Korean crew member, of removing sensitive documents from a training centre. Mr Ko later apologised for his actions. The South Korean Government paid Russia about $27 million for the right to send the first Korean into space. Yi is set to fly back to Earth on April 19 after spending 12 days in space.

Well, isn't it a news that their first astronaut is a woman? Yi, is always on tv specially this evening because it was the space ship docking.

Here, i took a shot of our tv when Yi was talking on the phone. Yeap, they can talk to her even when she's up there in the space.

See, it's already past 1 a.m. and i'm still awake. hehehehe...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Attended a wedding

Two weeks ago, my in law came here because we had to attend a wedding ceremony. The ceremony took longer than the normal one because it was a church wedding but was held in a wedding hall. It was my first time to attend the church wedding and because my father in law doesn't go to church, he got bored and invited us to have lunch even when the ceremony has just started.

Getting married here is like a business. You earned money after the wedding. The visitors don't give any wrapped gifts. Everyone gives money. So, don't be surprised if you attend a wedding and see the siblings of the groom and bride at the front desk giving and receiving some envelopes. After giving the envelope with money of course, then they will give you a food ticket.

My father in law doesn't like getting late in any appointment he has. We came thirty minutes earlier at the wedding hall. So here are the parents, practicing for the wedding march. The girl in the red uniform works at the wedding hall. They are teaching the parents and the bride and groom on what to do during the wedding. There's also someone who guides for the bride, telling her on what to do and putting her wedding dress in position.

Compare my post here.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Korean Election

We may have a vacation this coming Wednesday (April 9) because of Parliamentary Election. I hate politics and i'm not interested in election but i still like it because of holiday. hehehe...

What interests me more before election is when i see people dancing and singing in the street to cheer for their favorite candidate. Like what people do in this picture.

They are dancing with the sound of loud music. I enjoy listening and watching them but i can't stand it sometimes specially during our class discussion. Even when i close all the windows in the classroom, we can't concentrate in the class because students are busy listening and sometimes stand up, sing and dance, too! hehehe...

Well, people have different ideas in getting the attention and vote of the crowds. I hope they will also give attention even when they are already in their position. Goodluck to all the candidates!