Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leaving the Island

It's too sad that I'm gonna leave the Island soon. I already told my boss that I'm gonna quit and I'm just waiting for someone to take over my position. Jeju Island is beautiful but it's not the perfect place to live in. It's a perfect place for traveling because I've been to many countries and saw lots of sightseeings in different countries and I can say that Jejudo is the most beautiful one. There are also lots of beautiful places in some other countries but Jejudo has the lots of interesting places, attractions or sightseeings. You can just go in one city and you can see lots of famous places. You can do lots of activities. The nature of the whole Island is breathtaking. You can enjoy every minute of your stay in Jeju even when you just go out for a drive. It's hard to explain how beautiful the Island is unless you will come and visit.

Anyway, I had enough here in the Island but I will miss it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm ready

I'm ready to say that I'm gonna quit. But it seems like the time doesn't agree with me. My boss didn't come. While having lunch, one of my co-workers said that I have to say to my boss that I'm gonna quit as soon as possible. It's hard to believe that my new co-worker has signed a resignation paper before me. Ouch! I was surprised when he said yesterday that he wanted to thank everything for helping him and letting know everything about his work. He said yesterday was his last day. Ugh! When I asked why, he said it's a private matter. Well, what should I say. I asked my boss about that, he said yes it was his last day yesterday. I asked why? I said we don't have new employee yet, and I said he has to wait for a new employee to come or at least wait for a few days. He said he would hire a worker immediately so don't worry about it. I guess there's a problem with the two of them.

I guess my co-worker is right. I called my hubby and said that I have to tell my boss today that I'm gonna quit so he can hire someone to replace me. I just wanna work until next month and my hubby said if I could quit earlier that would be better. Well....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's an irritating day

It's snowing again and it's very cold. I want to go home and sleep or just lie down on the sofa while watching TV. Now a days, I really want to tell my boss that I'm gonna quit specially now that he irritated me. He always blames me for others faults or his fault. He doesn't stay long in the office so he doesn't know what's happening here. And when someone calls him to fix the problem, he complains and said that we have to do like and like that when the truth is, he himself can't fix it or don't know anything about it. If we don't call him and tells him about the problem when he comes in, he complains again and said that why didn't we call him. I can't understand him. Most of my co-workers complain about him. And he also complains about others work. He never satisfies and appreciates others work.

My boss just comes in the office for a short time to check out the input and pays the bills but most of the time, the bills always meet the deadline. Aygu! I'm really irritated today. My boss told me to do this and that and told me to tell someone to do this and that. Aygu! Aygu!

I'm looking forward to it

Yes, we are busy preparing for our next trip and this time we are planning to go to some part of the US. We already bought a new backpack and sneakers to use for our long trip. All we need to do is to pay the ticket that we reserved and make a reservation for our accommodation. My hubby is also thinking of buying transportation cards so we can save a lot for our transportation fee. That was a good idea but I realized that there's better than that. I think taking the Chicago Limo is cheaper and much more exciting. You can't believe guys that you can take a limo for $35. Oh, my gosh! It's my dream to take a limo with my love of my life. And this Chicago limo service is the answer for my dream. It's cheap, comfortable and with great service.

I think I need to register now to receive a coupon and get an instant discount for our next trip. My hubby is in charge of making reservation or booking for our trip so I just have to let him know about it. He must be happy to know about this very affordable Chicago Limo Service. I can't wait for my next trip. I'm really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Travel to Canada

Do you think we are really going to Canada? This is the question that my hubby asked me last night. I said I think so. Hmmm... Maybe! he said. So, what are you gonna do in Canada?, he asked. Hmmmm... aren't we going there to travel? I answered. Then he asked again, do you really want to go? "Eung", I said which means yes in Korean. "But I don't want" he said and laughed. My hubby likes teasing me specially when he has something special for me. I think he's happy when he teases me. I sometimes get angry and don't talk to him until he will change the topic or make serious again.

Yes, we are planning to go to Canada. It's just a plan but it's possible that we are going there. It's 80% sure unless he would change his mind and go to another country instead. He reads some articles about Canada now a days. He checked out some accommodations, famous sites, transportations, etc. Whatever his plan is, I just support. I have to because his plan is for both of us.

Now I can write longer

Everyone knows about the famous site twitter right? I'm sure you also have a twitter account. It's famous even here in Korea that has high technology and most people if not all, who have iphone, smart phone, mobile phone etc. have a twitter account. In most TV programs there are lots of events where you have to send some messages on twitter to win some expensive gadgets. You can even vote for your favorite singer or entertainer so they can win. There are also some competition programs where you can vote to support your family, friends, etc. It's hard to explain how famous twitter is but do you know that there's a site where you can write longer through twitter? A site where you can write more than 140 characters at a time. Wow, that's cool!

You can stay connected with your friends and tell your message longer. I just remember when I send mail to my friends, I always don't have enough space so I delete some of my message and find out later that I deleted the most important one. Thanks to mobile twitter where I can write longer. Now I don't need to cut my message or need to send twice so I can send the rest of my message because mobile twitter can allow me to write longer. Perfect!

Enjoy your Meal

I was having lunch when my hubby sent me a message telling me to enjoy my lunch. It made me smile and even the food is not good today, I ate much because of the message that my hubby sent me. I also had lunch alone today because my co-workers left early and others went to their hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their families. One wasn't allowed to go home so he decided to quit his job that's why we had a part-time worker last night instead of our co-worker. Well, it's a Korean tradition to go home during holidays like this. But what can we do. It's not a right thing to work even on holidays but there's no choice. If we don't work, who will do our job?

Anyway, my hubby's message made my day so it made the food delicious and I got the courage to eat deliciously even when I had lunch alone.


I always use envelopes at work. I make invoice everyday. I make two copies for group tour. I give one to the guide and send another one to the travel agency. Just yesterday when I had a talk to my co-worker about envelopes. I said I need more envelopes and I told him to buy at the store. I said, I can't wait for my boss to buy envelopes for me. My boss is good at procrastinating something. Whenever I tell him to buy something, he always says ok but it takes many days before he could buy.

I'm so glad that I found a store envelopes online. There are lots of envelopes to choose from like custom made envelopes, printed envelopes, envelopes for business, direct mail, envelopes for general use, etc. Now, I don't have to worry about the envelopes to use for invoicing, because I already found the best one. Unlike the one that I use now which is dirty, very thin, and looks very cheap.

Btw, I also love the printed envelopes. Wow, this is really a perfect site. A perfect online store envelopes. Whatever types of envelope we need is available. All I have to do now is to tell my boss about it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Saehae Bok Manhi Padeuseyo

Saehae Bok Manhi Padeuseyo! It's Chinese New Year! It has been snowing since I woke up this morning. Wow! It's unusual to see much snow like this in Jejudo. It's a kind of presents for children on this holiday season. Children must be happy to see snow even when it's very cold. It's freezing and it's negative degree celsius today. But I'm sure children prefer to play in the snow freezing than to stay in a warm room doing nothing.

I must be happy too because it's holiday but I'm working now. I'm at work but I have nothing to do. Well, at least I'm present and isn't it great to be at work without anything to do? hehe...I can work every holiday if it's always like this. Doing nothing and just blogging. hehehe...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Working on Holidays

Working on Holidays? Ugh! It's too boring. I have nothing to do and I'm so sleepy. The telephone doesn't ring and my co-workers left early except me. Women said they have to go shopping to buy something to prepare for Chinese New Year. I couldn't say anything at least they have done their job well. They came early and they already did their job. I also want to leave early but no one can take place of my job. My boss isn't here either. I think he's busy meeting his friends, relatives, etc.

The weather doesn't agree with me either because it's raining here in the Island now. Unlike in other cities, it is snowing. I don't like snow but isn't it fair to snow on New Year? I feel so sorry to the kids here because they can't enjoy their childhood life. Unlike in the city, kids enjoy the snowy weather. But here? Ugh, it's too boring because instead of snow it rains! hehehe...

The weather in Jeju Island is different from the mainland so it seems like you're in different country if you're here. Except the weather it's really different because of the beautiful sightseeings. Many people say, it's like a small Hawaii.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Dream House

The reason why we travel a lot is not only because we love traveling but also we are looking for the perfect place to live in. It's not bad to live here in Korea but we want something different. Sometimes, I think of moving to a country from the City where I live now. I just want to live in my dream house but it's impossible to do it because living in the City means living in an apartment building.

My dream house is a bungalow with backyard with full of fruits and vegetables. Also, I want to have a flower garden in the front yard. I want a bungalow but what kind of bungalow is it? What does it look like? I had no idea either so I checked out these house plans online. And wow! What lots of beautiful houses they are.

How about you? Have you already thought the kind of house that you want to have in the future? If you don't know yet, then checked out these house plans to get an idea. You can browse by architectural types, number of rooms, construction type, foundation type, or by square footage. Check it out and you'll find out what you're looking for.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year in Korea

Seollal, Myeongjeol, Gujeong, Chinese New Year, Korean New Year, whatever it is; is coming again. It is the first day of the Lunar calendar and this year it happens on the 23rd of this month. So, 23rd (Monday) and 24th (Tuesday) are considered holidays and including Saturday and Sunday, there are four days vacation. Seollal is one of the most important holidays in Korea.

On this day, Koreans have to eat Tteokguk, soup with sliced rice cakes. Once you finish eating your Tteokguk, you are one year older. Also children bow to their parents, grandparents, relatives which is called Saebe and people say Saehae Bok Manhi Padeuseyo which means "Have a Blesses New Year". Children also receive Saebe Don or New Year's Money or Pocket Money or is it called Lucky Money for Chinese? Parents and Grandparents offer words of wisdom to their children.

Saehe Bok Manhi Padeuseyo! Happy New Year!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A new backpack for our next travel

My hubby ordered a backpack online last Friday and it is delivered at home today. It's too fast. We expected it to arrived here in the Island tomorrow but it came today. Besides we didn't have to pay $3 like what is said online that we need to pay because it's in the Island. Well, the delivery man didn't ask for money. He just gave the box and left.

My hubby is so happy to receive his backpack. Yes, he's preparing for our next travel again. Although he doesn't know where to go yet. We are just waiting for the owner of this lodge that we are living now. The owner is in Australia and he's coming soon. We paid the lodge for a year and if it's possible, we want to leave before our contract ends. If we live and the owner will give back the money then we'll leave and go to our next destination. Where would it be? Let's wait because me neither doesn't have any idea. hehe...

I remember the days

My friend in California is inviting me to her home. She knew that me and my hubby travel a lot because of the pictures that I sent her online. She has two adorable kids who love animals so I'm thinking of sending her nice, cute and wonderful chickens. I just remember the time when we were young that we used to play with chickens. We bought chicks and raise them together but sad to say that the chickens died. I want to remind her the days that we spent together. We were so happy and I want her kids to experience that at and the same time she can always remember me while looking at the chickens. I think they are the best gifts that I could ever give for my bestfriend's children. Don't you think so?

I just suddenly thought of my bestfriend when I saw this Chickens for sale. A site that sells and delivers chicken and other poultry supplies anywhere in the United States for a very affordable price. Good quality poultries and chicken feeds that can be shipped even if you order a small order quantity of chickens, ducks, etc. This is really great because I just can order and let it deliver in my friend's house rather than carrying heavy luggage for my friend's childrens presents.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a wonderful world

My hubby said it's a wonderful world because he can do everything through internet. My hubby who loves traveling was searching on the internet about the guesthouses, the airplane ticket, the things that he needs, etc when he suddenly said that it's a wonderful world. When I ask why, he said because he can find everything on the net. Wow~ that's true. We can some lots of information that we need. Internet is good but we have to use it in good way.

Well, I agree with my hubby. It's really a wonderful world but why there are some who still commit suicide? Specially here in Korea, there are students, entertainers, businessmen, etc. who commit suicide. Even elementary grade students think of committing suicide. That's what I heard when I was teaching elementary. They said they are having a hard time at school and private institutes. Not to mention the "wangtta" issue, a student who doesn't have friends in school.

Think about it

Everyone needs insurance for the sake of our family and for our future. There are some who ignore about getting an insurance but regret it later. Life is too short and we don't know when our time is. Sometimes we are surprised that we've just met someone yesterday and then we'll hear the news that he passed away the next day. Don't think that you live well now and you think you have enough money until you are old so you don't need any insurance. What if something emergency situation happened? What will happen to the family that you're gonna leave? Think about it!

If you're an Australian, check out this insurance quotes at CGU where you can find the insurance that you're looking for. Just sit back and relax. Have a peace of mind because no matter what bad things happen in your life, you have a strong foundation that can support you and your family.

Well, if you're still confuse and can't find out what you are looking for, just type the product or service here and the site will lead you to the kind of service or product that you're looking for. Don't ignore it. Be prepare if you love your family.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm sick

I'm sick but I'm working. I said it was too cold yesterday so when I came home last night, I was shivering. After dinner, I lay down and watched TV. I told my hubby that I have bodyache so he boiled some water for me and told me to drink hot water. It was hot and not warm. He said I have to drink it even when it's hot because it makes me body warm. I guess he was right. I felt better after drinking much water. He also put hot water in a plastic bottle, covered it with a towel and told me to hug it. It was also hot that's why I sweat a lot. I don't know where did he got those idea but I felt better last night. He asked me if I wanted to take medicine but I said I felt better so I didn't have to take medicine and so I came to work today. hehehe...

I feel sick but feel much better than last night.

Licensed Money Lenders

I received a spam email on my cellphone. It says I can get loan $10,000 right away if I would call. Sometimes I also received some spam phone calls about loan. I saw on TV about the loan companies who send text messages and those who really are in need borrowed money but later on they found out that they have to pay back the money with lots of interest. Others have to pay ten times the amount of money they have borrowed. There are lots of swindlers now a days so we have to be careful specially when it comes to money.

When we get loan, even when we are in need, we still have to choose the right money lenders. Make sure that they have the license and they are the ones who are willing to help us and not willing to make money from us. If you are living in Singapore, check out this Singapore Licensed Money Lenders Directory, they are the list of money lenders that you can trust.

If you are a money lender and want to add your company, please contact here.

Because of the trusted company loans in Singapore, I'm sure the country will develop and lots of businesses will grow. I believe that loans can help people specially businessmen.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's too cold

Oh my gosh! What's wrong! It's too cold. The heater in the office is already on but it's still cold. It's too windy! It's freezing even when it doesn't snow. I want to go home and lie down while watching TV and eating snacks. Ah, I think it's time to use my vacation now. I didn't use my vacation before so I guess I have to talk about it to my boss when he comes in the office.

Pssstt... the truth is I'm quitting so I have to use my vacation. I'm just afraid that I can't use my 3 days vacation before I leave specially now that one of my co-workers is quitting, too. He said he's getting married so he needs time to prepare for his wedding ceremony. So, before he leaves I will ask him to do my work while I'm away. hehehe..

Planning to Run a Jewelry Shop

Running your own business is the best way on how to make much money. But opening a business is not that easy. It's not because you have saved enough money for a business, you are now ready to be the boss of your own. You should know that there are some ways to consider in order for your business to grow and work well. You need to make a business plan. If you don't know how, here's a Jewelry Store Business Plan for you. A guide for a successful business specially if you're planning to own a jewelry store.

If I would open a business, I'd like to own a cosmetic or Jewelry Store. But I don't have any idea on how to start until I found the site and learn how to manage a business well. After reading the Jewelry Store Business Plan, I suddenly had the courage to open a jewelry shop. I think I have to discuss again to my hubby about it. When he asked me before on what kind of business I wanted to do, I couldn't answer him but not now because the business plan that I've mentioned above helped me a lot.

I'm glad that I found the site. Thanks to Jewelry Store kiosk and wish me luck on my business.

I'm Quitting

I want to go home. Since I knew that we are leaving the Island and I'm gonna quit my job soon, I started to get lazy at work. I don't wanna work anymore. I don't feel like working hard because I'm leaving. Even if I work hard, it's nonsense anyway. What's the use of promotion if I leave a few weeks later from now? Actually, I already got promoted but it's useless. My boss just made business card for me and I have thousands of business cards. The day that I received the business cards from my boss was also the day when my hubby told me that we're gonna leave soon. Ahhhh.... what is the next step in our lives? Where are we heading? Of course, we'll gonna travel to another place. It sounds interesting and eventhough we traveled a lot, I still feel nervous and wonder what kind of place are we gonna stay and what kind of people are we gonna meet?

Goodbye Wrinkles

I was cleaning the drawer at the office when I saw a bottle inside. I read it and saw that it's a medicine to remove wrinkles. I asked one of my co-workers and he said it was Ricky's. I was surprised! I couldn't believe that he's using medicine to remove his wrinkles. It's so funny because he really looks old. I don't think that the medicine gives good result on his wrinkled face. Actually, I'm older than him but we called him "Ajassi" which means an old man. He's still single but he looks too old with lots of wrinkles specially on his forehead. Even when he use 10 bottles of that fluid to remove his wrinkles I think it's useless.

I want to send him to Australia to visit the famous cosmetic clinic in Melbourne so he can remove his wrinkles instantly. But I'm also interested so I'd rather receive the wrinkle injections melbourne instead of him. I don't have much wrinkles but I wanna look prettier and younger. So, I guess I'd better tell him about this famous clinic for his wrinkle treatments.

Australians are too lucky to have this clinic in Melbourne where celebrities also visit to receive treatments. I wish I knew it in advance so I could also visit when I went on a trip to Australia. Anyway, it's not too late because my hubby is planning to visit Australia again someday.

Good morning

Yes, I'm too early to blog. Psssttt... Be quiet! I'm at work. My boss isn't here so I decided to blog first before I start to my work. Don't worry! I always do my best at work and I think I'm the only who does the work well. My co-workers don't so I think I have the right to blog. My other co-workers always use the computer but I don't. Sometimes they play computer games. So, I think blogging is better than playing computer games, don't you think so?

Anyway, good morning everyone. It's too cold today. It's dark and it seems like it's gonna rain. Yes, it doesn't snow here in Jeju. It snows in some higher part of the Island like Mt. Halla but never here in the plain. But still it's too cold because of the wind. It's too windy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perfect Blouse for my Pants

I'm looking for a blouse that will fit my new pants that I bought last week. I looked around at the department store but couldn't see anything. When I came home, I decided to search on the net and voila, I found the perfect blouse for my pants. But the problem is, I saw lots of beautiful blouses so I don't know which one to choose. I wish I could buy all these erdem blouses. If I knew that I could find the best blouses online, I should have not spent my time looking around at that department store where I got dizzy and just felt hungry.

Anyway, I'm happy now because I already found what I'm looking for. The perfect blouse for my new pants. I'm sure it will look great on me. I can't wait for the Chinese New Year to come because I'm planning to wear it on that special day. I guess my hubby will fall in love again and my in-laws will admire me more. They always say that I dress up well. By the way, I think it's a good idea if I also buy blouse for my sister in law as a present for Chinese New Year. Oh yes! Perfect! The erdem blouses are also the best presents for this New Year.

Thank you so much erdem blouse for saving me. Now, I don't know to think about on what to give for my sister in law because I already found you.

Goodnight Everyone

Goodnight everyone! I've just done watching my favorite drama but before I go to bed I check out my site and decided to say something a little bit of nonsense thing before I leave for bed. It's too late and I need to get up early tomorrow. It's too hard to get up in the morning but I have no choice. Anyway, I just need to do it for a few weeks and I'm leaving the Island. I think I already seen all the famous places in Jeju so we decided to make our vacation shorter than we expected. Yes, we are leaving the Island soon. I will miss the place but my hubby said we can come back when we want to. But for now, because we already visited the places that we wanted to visit and think that we have no place to visit anymore, or there's no interesting place that we want to visit anymore that's why are planning to leave the Island soon.

Well, I'll tell you more about it later. I'm sleepy and I need to park here now. Goodnight everyone!

Let's Explore the Island

I love traveling. I like to explore new things and interesting places around the world. I also like trying different kinds of food and see how people around the world live. How about you? What do you like doing on your free time? What's your hobby? No matter what your answer is, I'm sure we are compatible if we both explore this Island Oasis.

If you are interested, sign up now and get your free membership. No matter what type of person you are, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay at Island Oasis. Have fun! Enjoy the virtual worlds, virtual land and virtual games. Or you can just talk to your friends using the 3D avatar chat. There are lots of fun things to do at the Island Oasis no wonder why hundreds of people already made the thumbs up on the site.

Anyway, I already feel like I'm in Oasis Island whenever I look at the site. It's so attractive that I don't wanna leave it even when I need to do something. I love everything about it including the template. It's really an Oasis. So what are you waiting for? Why don't you check out the site. Join, play, uploads and imports for free. Yes, you read it right! For free!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jeju Coastal Road

Jeju Island is famous for its beaches so there are also coastal road that you can enjoy while driving. My hubby and I usually go driving on weekend or when we visit famous attractions we usually go home using the coastal roads. The one that we like the most is the Coastal road from Jeju City to Gwagji Beach and sometimes until Hallim to visit Hyopjae Beach.

Going driving at the coastal road is the best activity that you can do in Jejudo specially in winter where you can view the famous beaches without going out of the car.

Here's the Aewol coastal road view.

Have you ever seen a UFO restaurant? It is located in Aewol if you drive along the coastal road.

More coastal road sightseeings.

Here's the road. We stopped by for a while at the view point where you can see the beaches, sea and the road.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Walking Course at Night

My hubby said he's starting to like Jejudo more because of the walking course that he discovered everytime we take a walk at night. After dinner, we usually go out to take a walk for more than two hours. That was a long walk in a dark area. We just follow the narrow and dark road. It seems like the roads have dead ends but when we walk they all have connections that will lead you to some destinations. We just walk without any destinations that sometimes the road leads us to mountains, farms or temples. My hubby said it's really interesting with lots of thrill to take a walk at night. It's very dark that you can't see the road in front of you so my hubby said it seems like he's going to heaven because it is dark and you're suddenly going up or down.

I used to be scared but my hubby likes it so much so I got to use to it. And it's too strange that we always miss that thing if we don't go out. We always want to go back in that area even when it's scary.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Next Destination is Thailand

We love traveling and this year we are planning to travel again but we don't know where to go yet. Among the countries that we've been to, I think Thailand is one of the best country because it's cheap and there are lots of famous attractions to visit. There are also lots of delicious food. We visited Thailand a few years ago but we only stayed there for 10 days. Our vacation was too short so last year we decided to visit the country again and we stayed there for a month. It was so awesome that I always want to go back there again if I have time. My hubby said if we travel around Asia, we will visit Thailand too for the third time. Wow~ I'm so excited! You know, I always miss the times when I was in Thailand. I miss the beautiful place, the kind people, the hotel where we stayed and of course the food; the cheap and delicious food. I'm sure our next vacation will be more fun because of this Thailand Holiday Packages that I found out on the net where we can save much. Lots of package deals and lots of discounts.

I've traveled a lot in Thailand. I've been to famous places like Bangkok, Ko Samet, Ayuthaya, Nongkhai, Pai, Chiangmai, Maehongson, etc. but never been to Phuket. I know it's the most famous place in Thailand. It's the best place for honeymooners that's why we are planning to visit there someday and stay at The Impiana Resort Phuket. Accommodation is another most important thing to consider when we travel so we decided to choose the Impiana resort. I think it's the most comfortable and affordable resort in Phuket. Actually, we were supposed to visit there on our last vacation but we didn't have enough time so it's our next destination in Thailand on our next vacation. I can't wait!

We usually go backpack when we travel to another country. We thought we could save more when we go backpack but we realized that it's cheaper and more comfortable to travel if we make a reservation through Holiday Packages. It is much cheaper with lots of bonus and discount to get. So, the next time that we go on a vacation, we are going to travel using the holiday packages.