Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Day

Last day of the month and supposed to be my last day at work. But until now my boss couldn't hire someone to replace me. Anyway, whatever! I'm just gonna work until this week. That's what I've told to my boss. There's still three days to go so I hope my boss can find someone who can work here. Someone called yesterday and I told her to come here by 2p.m. with her resume. I also called my boss to come at 2p.m. to interview an employee. My boss came in the office and asked me where the employee lives. When I told him that he lives around this area and he told me to call and tell her not to come. I think he doesn't want to hire someone who lives here because they know him well. Anyway, whatever his reason is. I don't care as long as I can quit this week or else my hubby would get angry again. hehe..

Btw, for those who have birthdays today. Happy Bday! I think this year, is your lucky year because after four years, your bday finally came again. I'm glad that Feb. 29th isn't my bday.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Save our Future

I'm quitting my job. I'm gonna leave the Island soon because we are going to travel around the United States. We have thought about it many times before we finalized our decision. Although we planned to travel in Canada, we never thought of going to the US but since Canada is near the United States, I think our vacation is not complete without visiting the near country. We have been to some other parts of Asia and Australia but it's our first time in the US so i'm so excited.

We love traveling and we never left the country without getting International Health Insurance whenever we go on vacation. Wherever we go, we have to make sure that we are safe and insured. No matter how careful we are, accidents and emergency situations sometimes happen so we must be always prepared and ready specially when we are not in our own country.

To save our future, International Health Insurance is what we always need when we travel.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Red Cabbages Farm

They are called red cabbages in Jeju. But I don't think they are red. They look maroon or purple. If you put something on your cooking, the red cabbage soup is very dark. It's my first time to see them. I've been going to the big market like homeplus, e-mart, lotte mart, etc and I've never seen such a cabbage like the red cabbage. Only here in Jeju that I saw one. Besides, I saw them in the farm while taking a walk with my hubby at one of the walking courses here in Jeju. It is on course 15 or 16, if I'm not mistaken. I was so surprised! They are so beautiful.

Look! Doesn't it look like a flower? Since then, the walking course became my favorite course because of the beautiful vegetables planted in the farm. They are lots of vegetables that I never knew before until I came here in Jeju.

Wow~ Jeju seems to be like another country because of its different weather and lots of fruits and vegetables that can't ever see in the mainland.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Rain in Jeju

After winter, spring comes. We know that spring is just around the corner when it rains. It's what they called spring rain or "Beom bi" in Korean. Jejudo island has a very good weather. It's not hot in summer and it's not cold in winter compare to other cities in Korea. In summer, the temperature doesn't exceed to 30 degrees celcius and in winter, there's no negative or minus degree celcius. Last night, while watching a weather forecast, the newscaster said that the rain yesterday was a beom-bi or spring rain. Wow! Is that mean that spring is coming soon? Wow, that's why it's not too cold today. I can't wait for spring to come. I hope I can quit my job soon so I can go out and visit all around Jeju again before we leave the Island.

Speaking of quitting, I was about to tell my boss again that I would just work here until next week. My co-workers are worried that they have to do my job. They said it's a big burden for them. They don't have the guts to do my work specially when it comes to account, receiving phone calls and computer works.

I feel so sorry for them but I have to quit or else my hubby would get angry with me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seonun Temple

Seonun Jeongsa or Seonun Temple or Monastery is one of the best route that we like when I take a walk with my hubby. It's one of the best walking course in Jeju, I think.

The best thing about the Seonun Temple in Jeju is the golden bell. I think it's one of the symbol that made the temple famous.

What I like the most are the trees with full of fruits. They are the first things that caught my attention. I really want to pick one. I waited for someone in the temple to pass by so I could ask for one. When someone did, I was shy so I just left the temple craving for the fruits. hehe..

The water spring.

It is where they do the Buddhist rituals.

The bathroom that looks very traditional.

The two towers.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anyone in the Island?

Is there anyone here who wants to work in the Island? It's already three weeks now since I told my boss that I'm gonna quit. It seems like I can finish this month without anyone to replace me. Ahhhhh... Is there anyone in the Island? I have to quit my job until the end of this month or much better if I could quit right away. As soon as possible specially now that the weather is not good enough. I want to stay on my bed until late in the morning or just lie down and watch TV at home. Anyway, even if there's no one to replace me, I have to quit by the end of this month because we are leaving next month. But before we leave, my hubby wants to visit around Jeju Island for the second time.

I just hope that someone will come. I have to wait until next week. Please! Please!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Too Windy Jeju

It's too windy again. No wonder why Jeju Island calls the Windy Island. It winds almost all year round. I live on the second floor of a lodge and when I go out, the wind blows me that I almost fly away. I live near the beach so it's more windy here than some other places in Jeju. It's not the snow that I complain about here. It's the wind. It doesn't snow much or when it snows, it melts before it landed on the ground. But it's too windy that you almost fall on the ground. hehe...

It's too windy now that some travelers or tourists couldn't come to Jeju because the ships or boats coming here were canceled. When I look out, the waves look beautiful but scary at the same time. Well, Jeju is a beautiful place but the wind sometimes bother me in winter but it's great in summer because it's not hot. You don't need an electric fan. Just go out and feel the blows of the wind.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Koreans Travel

I don't understand why Koreans are looking for a kitchen in a hotel. They travel with lots of stuffs to carry. Others seem like they are moving that they carry lots of luggages. Boxes that are full of food to be cooked. They make a reservation in a hotel then they will be surprised when they get in the room, they can't see any kitchen. They should make a reservation at a pension house not in a hotel.

Don't we travel to relax? Just sit back, eat when you're hungry, sleep when you are sleepy, go out to see famous attractions, etc. But Koreans are different. They travel with lots of boxes to be prepared for the family or friends. They bother themselves about the room that needed to be cleaned so they ask the housemaid to clean it without giving any tip. Others are noisy while drinking that seems like they bought the whole building. And one thing that I hate the most is, they leave or forget something like clothes, accesories, etc. and they tell you to mail it for them.

I think it's better for them to stay home than to travel. I can see that some of them get stress while traveling that some of the couples fight in a hotel room or lobby. Not to mention that they complain at the counter with nothing.

I'm glad that my hubby is not one of them.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aewol Soccer Stadium

What my hubby likes the most in Jeju are the soccer stadium or sports grounds. Most of them have real grasses specially in school playgrounds. One of my hubby's favorite is the Aewol Soccer Stadium. It is wide and it has real grasses. We usually go there on weekends to exercise, play baseball or badminton.

It was under construction when we last go there. They are trying to make it more beautiful and more comfortable and more attractive for players or visitors like us.

The area where you can watch the players playing or just go inside to exercise. There are lots of sports machines inside.

Here are some of the machines that you can use to exercise for free.

Here's the library building where we borrow books. You can just read books if you don't want to exercise, play games or watch sports games.

Next to the building is a gymnasium where we usually play badminton when it is windy outside. If you are interested, you can even join a badminton club.

We love the sports ground except the man who told my hubby to pay if he wants to play soccer. Ouch! Is that true? He must be crazy! I think that guy wants to make money from us. The stadium is for public use so never pay if you happen to meet that guy. That's what my hubby told him and he didn't say anything. We'll pay if we'll use the lights like those who practice soccer but we never did.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day

I was eating chocolates last night when I suddenly thought of Valentines Day. My hubby said that I don't need to buy chocolates for him. We have many chocolates at home that he bought last week when he went to the supermarket. We always have candies and chocolates because my hubby is trying to quit smoking so instead of lighting a cigarette, he eats candies or chocolates.

Eventhough my hubby said that I don't need to buy chocolates for him, I feel uncomfortable for not buying anything for him. The chocolates at home and the presents that I'm going to give are different. Valentines Day happens just once a year so giving a present is not a big deal.

I'm at work today and I don't have time to go to the supermarket to buy chocolates but there's a Seven-Eleven Convenient Store around 3 minutes away from work so I went out and bought chocolates for him. I didn't wasted the time. I went to the store and bought the chocolates with the most beautiful wrap. There are 18 small round chocolates inside and I bought it for $10.

Anyway, I hate Valentines Day here in Korea because it's opposite in other countries. Instead of man giving chocolates to woman, woman has to give chocolates to man. Grrrr...

Well, Happy Hearts Day to my one and only love. I love you my darling!

Monday, February 13, 2012

He wants to commit suicide

With the problem that my co-worker has, he told me that he wanted to commit suicide. He told this not only to me but also to one of my co-workers. He told him that if he couldn't see him in the morning, check out the suite room on the third floor and he might be there hanging. I was so shock when I heard from my co-worker about it. He's really desperate. In the morning, I was relieved when I saw him in front of the computer. He asked me if he could stay illegally in the US. He said instead of committing suicide, it's better to run away the country. He asked me how much he needed if he would go to US and what documents does he need. I said, just passport and airplane ticket would be enough to prepare. But he needs some amount of money. He said he doesn't have any money. He's even worried that they won't let him go out of the country if he has much loans from the bank. I said, he can go out of the country with his loans because nobody in the embassy would ask about loans. He smiled and it seems like he finds hopes.

He said he would just go to the States, meet Koreans and live. I said, it's hard specially now that it's cold. He can't even just stay outside if he doesn't have any visa or else the police officers would catch him if they find out that he stays there illegally.

Well, everything will go well with him. If he could live here in the Island with his $30, I guess, he can also do it wherever he goes although it's hard but nothing is impossible.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caught Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

It's not me but my co-worker who has caught driving under the influence of alcohol. He came 3 hours earlier than his working time. He said he couldn't sleep because of the tragedy that happened to him last night. He said he drank with his friend and a lady that they met and he drove home under the influence of alcohol. Unluckily, there were policemen checking so he was caught. He said it was Feb. 10th last year when he was caught driving while he was drunk. At that time they took his license so he couldn't drive for a year and paid 2,500,000won or around $2,300. The night before he could get his license, he was caught. That was Feb. 9th when he was caught under the influence of alcohol and he was supposed to get his license on Feb. 10th, the next day after he was caught. He's so unlucky guy! Yesterday he said he has to pay 3,000,000won but he found out that he has to pay 5,000,000won. Because he was too drunk, caught twice a year and without a license. He said he's in big trouble now. He doesn't have any money now and he has to pay that amount of money.

Yesterday, he was so upset, disappointed and frustrated. We had a talk for almost three hours and he also mentioned that he just got divorced that's why he came here in the Island to forget everything. But it didn't go well as he expected. He said his life is so terrible now so he wants to commit suicide. I told him that committing suicide is not the right thing to do. I said everything happens for a reason and everything will go well.

I really hope that everything will go well soon.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Live in Jeju with 30 Bucks

I have a co-worker who has been working for almost two weeks now and he said he came here in the Island without anything except $30. He said he used to work here 3 years ago and when he arrived here in Jeju, he called my boss and he's too lucky that we were looking for a worker at that time. He asked my boss if he could stay or live in one of the rooms here but my boss didn't allow him. He doesn't have any money and he can't go anywhere with his 30 bucks so we always hide him. He sleeps in one of the rooms with my other co-worker. He doesn't go out and when he does, he calls first and ask if my boss is in the office. If my boss is out, then he would go out of the room and go to the kitchen to have something to eat. He has been doing it for many days now.

Yesterday, my boss asked me if my new co-worker is doing well. Actually, he doesn't do his job well but I said yes. I just take pity of him. He has nothing and nowhere to go. I just told my co-worker on what he has to do at work so he can do well. Before my boss left, he asked me what time he leaves work and he asked continously that he doesn't sleep here, does he? I said NO! He leaves work at 9:30a.m. Okay, he said.

Again, today there's a package came and it was for my new co-worker. My boss asked whose package it is and I said it was Kim's. My boss left the office with curiousity. He was still in the parking lot when my new co-worker came out of the room and I told him to hide because my boss is still in the parking lot and he may come back. He went to the bathroom and hid there. Then when my boss left, he came out and brought his package in the room. Ah, it's too complicated and I think it's too funny, too! hehe..


Oh, yes! Valentines Day is coming so everyone is busy packing things to send to their loveones. Sending chocolates, flowers and cards are the most popular on this special day but it's more romantic if you include more stuffs in your package. Small things but memorable ones. On this special day, we are not only busy buying things but also busy on how to make our package more beautiful and safe. In that case, I recommend you to buy large jiffy bags so your package will arrive in its destination safely. Besides, it is a self-adhesive strip for ease of closure. And the most important thing is, it is an enviro-friendly. The thing that I always look for when I buy something.

You can check out here if you need anything when it comes to packaging. It has everything that you need. In a very affordable price and it is free delivery on over 2,500 packaging products that you order. Check it out to find out what you're looking for.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work in Jeju Island

I came here in Jeju for a trip. Then we decided to stay here for a year because we were attracted by the beautiful island so my hubby rented a lodge and paid for a year. It's just a small island so we can visit the whole island for less than a month if we really decide to travel. But the nature and well-being environment is good so we decided to stay for a year. One year is too long without doing anything so I decided to find a job. Luckily, I got one after a few days of staying here. Now that there's nothing to visit in the Island, my hubby wants to leave earlier so we are not finishing our contract in the lodge that we are renting now. We're gonna leave two months earlier. We're gonna leave next month so I have to quit my job. My hubby wanted me to quit as soon as possible because he wants to travel around the island before we leave. I already told my boss that I'm gonna quit so I'm waiting for someone to replace me but until now we haven't got any new worker yet. My hubby always asks if there's someone called for an interview but I always disappoint him with my negative answer.

So, if you're in Jeju and wants to replace me. Give me a sign. It's not a hard job. You see? I can blog at work. hehe.. I really want to quit. No, I mean my hubby wants.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waiting for someone to replace me

When are you gonna quit your job? It's the question that my hubby asked me last night. I said I already told my boss last week but until now I haven't got any phone call to replace me at work. My hubby asked if I can't leave without a new worker. Of course, not! I have to take over my job and I have to teach someone to do my work. No one in my co-workers now who know how to do my job. And it's not right to leave work without anyone who will replace me.

But today, when I came in the office, my co-worker said that someone called and she may come for an interview. My boss also told me that someone will come around 2-3p.m. for an interview but no one appears. Maybe it's because of the weather or it's just really hard to hire someone who will work here. A company who always changes its workers. They said I'm too strong to work longer here. I think so but I don't think I have already work for a long time. I've been working here for less than a year and if I like my job or boss, I can work for at least 3 years like the job and my boss that I had before. Anyway, I can work until we are staying here in the Island but my hubby doesn't want. And now a days, I also feel stressful and I really want to quit. I hope a new worker will come soon.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Who do you think the problem is?

One of my co-workers is sick so we hired a part-time worker. She has been working for 3 days now but I haven't give her any salary. I told my boss to give some cash so I can give salary to our part-time worker but he said he doesn't have any cash so he told me to get her bank account number and he would transfer the money. I told the part-time worker about it but she said she doesn't know her account number and she needs some money today so she told me to give her at least $50. I went back to the office and was about to tell my boss about it but he has already gone. I told the part-time worker about it but she said it's an emergency situation so she needs some money so she told me to call my boss. I tried to borrow some money to my co-workers but they don't have any so I had no choice but to call my manager. My manager was angry and he told me not to call him about that kind of matter. What should I do? He has the right to give salary. Besides, I already tried my best. Well, I was arguing on the phone with my manager when another co-worker suddenly appear and asked me why. While talking to my boss, I wrote something on the paper and showed my co-worker so she said she would lend me the amount of money. Then I told my manager that the problem has already solved. Well, well, well... Who do you think the problem is? Is it me who called my boss? Is it our part-time job worker who wanted some money or my manager who is outside with friends and got angry because I called him because I needed some money to pay for our worker.

Best Product Ever

I've just had my long hair straighten. I used to go to the hair salon but a few days ago my hubby did it for me. It took more than four hours to do the procedures so we were very tired. My hair looked good on the first and second day but after washing it, my hair ruined. I think it is over-cooked. My straight hair started to curl and some gray hair started to appear. My hubby said it's because of the cheap machine that we used when he straighten my hair so he bought a new one and he said he would try it again. I'm worried but I have to give him another chance. Anyway, my hair is already ruined so I think he can't ruin it anymore. I wish there are also medicines to take for straightening the hair like the one that is use to treat our gray hair. Medicines are the best way to treat hair. It's more comfortable, more convinient and more effective.

It's true that we are now living in a wonderful world because of the new products that appear now a days and this gray hair treatment is one of the best product ever.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A visitor coming

The weather is not that bad. It's warmer than yesterday. I hope there will be a great weather next week because I have a visitor coming on Monday. My brother in law is coming to visit us. He's coming alone and he said he would travel around the Island. He said he would rent a motorcycle instead of a car. My hubby said that maybe he won't sleep in our home because he will move from one place to another. Wow~ I think it's better but not in cold weather. I told my hubby to just guide him and show some famous attractions in Jeju but he said it's better to let my brother in law what he wants. Maybe he wants to be alone and it's best for him to relieve stress. Well, I guess so but I feel uncomfortable to let him do that when he can just stay in our lodge and use my hubby's car.

Anyway, it's my brother in law's choice but I will let him know about my feelings and it's up to him what he wants because I also want to respect his feelings.

My Dream Garden

I always mention here that I wanna live in a house that has a big garden and a backyard so I can plant some flowers, vegetables and trees. But I think it's impossible to do it now because we live in an apartment in a big City. The reason why we travel a lot is because we are looking for a best place to live in. And when the time comes, I want to build a bungalow with a garden and a big backyard. It's my dream eventhough I don't know anything about gardening. But I know it's not that hard because there are lots of sites where we can get some information on how to garden well. And I found the best site for it. This backyard gardening site is a great site where we can learn and know the secrets of a great backyard garden.

I love gardening but sad to say that I don't have enough knowledge on how to grow plants and vegetables and I'm too lucky to find out the best gardening online. I can't wait for my dream house. I can't wait to see my plants, flowers, and vegetables grow in my backyard. I'm sure I can have the best backyard in town.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm freezing

It's f***ing cold now a days. Can you imagine -16 degrees celcius in Seoul? It's too cold. I saw on TV the icy roads which is too dangerous for passengers, drivers, travelers, etc. I can say that the coldness here in the Island is nothing compare to the mainland but it's still cold here. Besides it's near the sea so it's too windy. It's true that it's too windy here in Jeju Island. There's a strong wind almost all year round. I hate windy weather. It dries my skin, it ruins my hairstyle and it makes my skin darker.

Anyway, I'm gonna leave the island soon. I will miss it a lot but not the windy weather.