Monday, April 30, 2012

My tantalizing eyes

My hubby said that he felt in love with me when he saw my eyes. I can say that my eyes are one of my assets. It's not only my hubby who told me that I have beautiful eyes but also most of my friends or people that I meet. Sometimes, they think that my eyelashes are not real so they are trying to pull them. They don't believe that they are real so I sometimes let them touch my eyelashes. Since I was in high school, my friends told me that I have tantalizing eyes. You won't believe if I tell you that my hubby kissed my eyes first before my cheeks or lips. I can say that until now my hubby still feels in love with me because of my eyes. I know they are still one of the reasons that's why I have to take care of my eyes. But now, I think I'm having trouble because I feel that I'm having an eye problem. My eyes are teary and feel dirty. Do you think I need Lasik Eye Surgery? Just because I don't want to wear glasses or contact lenses.

I heard a lot about Lasik Surgery and I'm glad that there are ways to make our eyes normal again. I just can't stand wearing glasses. It's so uncomfortable and I don't want to hide my eyes because as what I said, they are my assets. Wearing contact lenses are also uncomfortable. Besides, I heard that it's also dangerous to wear them specially when you are close to fire.

Anyway, I need to check out this Lasik Eye to get some information and learn more about them by reading some guides.

Korean Drama

I'm so crazy about Korean drama. That drama that I missed when I left for Canada. Now, that I'm back, I'm enjoying watching the replay of Korean drama although I was still confused on how things happened because I missed a lot of series. Anyway, I'm still catching and still enjoying watching them and I'm glad that they are sometimes shown on cable and sometimes they replay them on weekends.

If my hubby missed Korean food when we were in Canada, I missed Korean drama a lot. While my hubby enjoys the food, I'm enjoying the drama. hehehe...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vacation in Morocco

For travelers like us, spending a lot of money is just normal. My hubby said he doesn't care and doesn't feel burden when he buys ticket, spend money for accommodations and food. He said he doesn't think it's a waste of money when he spend thousands of bucks for our flight or vacation to another country. We've been to many places around the World and I can say that you can't have a vacation in another country if you don't have enough money to spend specially in some part of America and Australia. While we were on plane on our way home, my hubby asked where I wanted to go again. I can't say anything because I still don't have in mind on where to go. But after seeing this Luxury Hotel Marrakech, I suddenly thought that Morocco is also a best place to visit. The hotels looks luxurious that I really wanted to stay even in just a day. The hotels look relaxing and luxurious. I think I will feel like a princess if I stay there. Don't you want to experience on how to live like a princess? The interior of the rooms are so elegant. They look perfect if you're finding a relaxing, comfortable and elegance rooms.

I have stayed in many hotels and guesthouses in some countries but the rooms of Riads in Marrakech are fantastic. You feel that you are staying in a paradise. You can also have a magical experience in the spa or eat luxurious food in the restaurant.

For our next vacation, I wish I can go to Morocco and stay in Luxury Riads Marrakech. I can't wait for our next vacation. I think this vacation is so different from my other vacations. Just looking the pictures of Luxury Riads makes me feel so excited.

Korea, here I come!

Yeap! Vacation is over! I'm back to Korea with my hubby. It's good to go on vacation but it's also great to be home. My hubby miss Korean food a lot! There are Korean restaurants and shops in Canada but the taste and the quality is different specially Kimchi. He made a list of food that he wanted to eat when he comes back.

We've just arrived in Korea this early morning. We were tired but we were happy to be back. The weather is so great! It's sunny and warm. It's much different in Vancouver where we've been because it's still cold there and it rains a lot.

Ahhhh, i'ts true that there's no place like home! Korea, here we are again!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do you want to be rich?

We travel a lot not only here in Korea but also in other part of the World. We've been to many countries like Canada, Australia, Thailand, Nepal, India and other part of Asia. My hubby's hobby is travelling and I always go with him. It's so interesting to learn the cultures, what people eat, and how people live in the countries that we've been to. My hubby always plan for our travel but I want to help him specially on how to get discount for our flight, hotels, etc. I'm so glad that I found this BestOnlineCoupons where we can save much for our travel. I believe that the more you save for your flight the richer you become. I'm not saying that we are rich, but if we can save a lot everyone will become rich. Don't you think so?

I'm sure you also want to become richer so check out this Expedia coupon codes where you can save much in the store online for the products that you need.

Get your Expedia coupon code now and start to save. It's one of the ways on how to become rich.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lodge in Jeju Island

We stayed in Jeju Island for almost a year. We were looking for a place to live in so my hubby dialed the numbers that he saw on the net. We were about to rent an apartment but he said we have to see one more accommodation because he already made an appointment to the owner. He said it is a lodge and it's near the beach. We like the apartment but we didn't make a contract yet but we told the owner that we would come back on that same day.

The lodge owner kept calling us so we decided to meet him at the famous beach in Jeju Island. From the beach it was just two minutes away drive to the lodge. The lodge gave us a good first impression. It looks like we are in another country. We checked out inside and we made a deal and signed a contract for a year. So here's our lodge in Jeju Island for almost a year.

The living room. The TV and make-up cabinet where I also use the computer.

It is the secret attic. Just pull down the string and it will open.

The ladder will come out if you pull down the string.

The kitchen.

The kitchen when the string is pull down. That's the ladder to the attic.

The bathroom.

The bedroom.

The dining room.

The room upstairs. I mean in the attic.

There's a small bed.

The attic window. It's too cute. It's so nice to stay and sit at the window looking at the nice view.

The entrance door.

And the porch where we always have barbecue specially when we have visitors. The porch has the beach view.

We were about to stay here for a year. We paid our one year monthly rent but after 10 months we decided to leave. There was nothing to do anymore because we saw almost everything in Jeju Island. Anyway, the owner was too kind to us and he gave back the two months payment. He was too kind from the beginning until we left.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time for Fishing

We love traveling and doing some adventures in Korea and other part of the World. We have traveled in some part of Asia and Australia and now we are traveling here in Canada. But now we are tired or traveling so my hubby wants to do something new. Before, we liked to go camping so we bought a tent, sleeping bags, chairs, utensils, and all stuffs that we need for camping. It was good at first. We were always excited when we go out for camping but not now. My hubby thought about of doing something new so I suggested him to play golf. He said, he doesn't want to play golf because it's doesn't look fun and it's just expensive. Then I suggested him to go fishing and he said it was a great idea. Actually, we've been thinking of going fishing before we bought the tent.

If we go fishing, of course we need fishing rods and I think these sage rods are cool. I've never seen as cute as the sage rods before. Besides it's extremely light so I think it's the best rod for me.

And what do you think of these hardy rods? I think they look good and they are also perfect for my hubby. I'm so excited to go home so I can go fishing with my hubby. We can go camping and fishing at the same time. Wow~ it's another adventure! It sounds so much fun! Besides, through fishing, you can relax, enjoy and save much because you can eat the fish that you caught. And that's the best thing, I think!

Well, I have to let my hubby know about the fishing rods. He has to choose with the hardy rods or winston rods. Both are the best. It's hard to choose so I'll just let my hubby choose the one that he likes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Sign from Gary of Runningman

I was at work training the new worker when somebody came and asked if he could use the bathroom in the hotel where I worked for. He looked nice so I said yes and showed him the washroom in the office. He smiled and he said he would come back. After a few minutes, he came back with Gary. As soon as my co-worker saw him, she recognized him. So we waited until he came out of the bathroom. It really was Gary of Runningman, a South Korean famous variety show that is on every Sundays.

My co-worker prepared a pen and paper and asked if she could get a sign. He asked her name and signed. I said me too! So he asked my name and gave me this.

While he was going out we saw his name at the back of his shirt so we asked if they are making a video of their show. He said yes. So it's the Runningman whose making film outside. We just saw from morning that there were many people and cars parking at the beach and there are also big cameras. We just wondered what kind of film they are making again at the beach which is just in front of our hotel but when we knew that it was runningman, we got so interested that we couldn't work well.

When my boss came, he said he would go out to see the casts of the show. I asked are you going alone? Then, he said let's go together if you want. So, I and my new co-worker that I was training went with him. They were already leaving but we saw them inside the car. I saw Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-su, Ji Suk-jin, Ha-ha and Song Ji-hyo. Unluckily, I didn't see Yu Jae-suk, the leader of the team and the most famous Korean MC.

My co-worker was about to take a picture of them with her cellphone but the staffs stopped her so I didn't try to take them a picture either.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island

Teddy Bear Museum is one of the best attractions in Jeju Island. It is where you cand find everything about bears! I love teddy bears and this museum has thousands types of bears. Of course I won't leave Jeju Island without visiting the Museum again. After 10 years, I finally visited the museum again.

This teddy bears couple will greet you at the entrance where you pay your admission fee.

With lots of bears inside, it's hard to choose which one have to look first. You can't just stay in one place because your eyes will stare to another teddy bears that most of them look awesome.

Here are group of bears singing, dancing or look like performing in an opera.

There are lots of bears in group who act like people. This bears are demonstrating for Love and Peace! It seems like they are real. They are so cute!

Have you ever seen Monalisa Bear? Except Monalisa, there are lots more.

The 125 Karat Bear and Little Elephant. I wonder how much the bear is. The bear is wearing 125 Karat necklace.

There's the Kings including Gandhi!

The Prince Bears and Princess Bears.

The bears having a picnic outside.

Some bears are fishing.

A bear is driving a car.

This one great! I thought it was nothing at first but I suddenly heard a song. Goodness! The bears are holding a wedding ceremony. The bears appear according to their role. Look at the clock!

And look at this picture! The wedding couple appeared from the clock. It's fantastic if you see it in person. It's so romantic!

There's also the Elvis Presley Shop and Theater at Jeju Teddy Bear Museum. Here, you'll see the fantastic performance of the bears based on "Aloha from Hawaii", a concert performed by Elvis Presley in Honolulu, Hawaii on January 14th, 1973.

When the curtains open, Elvis Presley Bear sings and dances with other bears. It's another interesting thing in Teddy Bear Museum. You must see it! It doesn't take long.

Here's one of the performances.

If you're looking for a souvenir. There's a teddy bear souvenir shop inside.

Oh well, this one is huge! It's much bigger than I do!

Kingkong climbing up the tree outside added to the beauty of the Museum.

Mrs. Panda and her kids are extra. They are reminding us to "Save the Panda" of course.

Btw, there's also Lotteria inside, a famous Korean fastfood restaurant.