Monday, July 7, 2008

National Holidays in Korea

January 1: New Years Day- The first three days of the New Year are generally celebrated. The majority of the Korean people traditionally observe the holidays by the lunar calendar, as they have done for many centuries.

March 1: Independence Movement Day- Koreans observe the anniversary of the March 1, 1919 Independence Movement against Japanese rule.

April 5: Arbor Day- On this day, government officials, teachers school children and hundreds of Koreans throughout the country plant trees in accordance with Government's reforestation program.

May 5: Children's Day- This day is celebrated with various programs for children throughout the country, who enjoy themselves to the full with their parents.

Eight Day of the Fourth Month by the Lunar calendar: Buddha's Birthday- Solemn rituals are held at Buddhist temples, and the day's festival is climaxed by a lantern parade.

June 6: Memorial Day- On this day, the nation pays tribute to the war dead, and memorial services are held at the National Cemetery in Seoul.

July 17: Constitution Day- This day commemorates the adoption of the Republic of Korea Constitution in 1948.

August 15: Liberation Day- On this day in 1945, Korea was liberated from Japan after 36 years of colonial rule. THis day also marks the establishment of the government of the Republic of Korea in 1948.

Fifteenth Day of the Eight Month by the Lunar Calendar: Chusok or Harvest Moon Festival- This is one of the great national holidays of the year. On this day, a feast is prepared and families hold memorial services at the family grave site. Viewing the full moon is a feature of the evening.

October 3: National Foundation Day- This day marks the traditional founding of Korea by Tan'gun in 2333 B.C.

December 25: Christmas Day- Christians and other citizens celebrate this holy day as in the West.

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