Saturday, November 29, 2008

New fruits in Korea

Oh boy! What happened to me! I couldn't update my blog and I feel sorry for not visiting you for a long time guys.

Btw, while we were having lunch, I saw this program on tv that there are new fruits that grow in Jejudo. One of them is like soursop but I'm not sure about that because they showed that people were eating them unripe. I mean they were still hard when they harvested them and ate. Another fruits are dragon fruits.

I remember when my friend told me that foreigners who got married to Korean farmers are carrying some seeds from their countries. They hid the seeds carefully in their luggage and they grow here in Korea. So, I guess those soursop fruits came from the Philippines and dragon fruits are from Vietnam. I saw lots of dragon fruits when I visited Vietnam. Jejudo is a hot area so tropical fruits like pineapples and bananas grow there and now the soursops and dragon fruits? Wow!~

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