Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sleeping bags for the camp

It's getting colder and it seems like fall is just around the corner. It was still hot last Thursday afternoon so I left for work wearing summer clothes but at night when I went out from the office, it was windy and a little bit cold. Now, I've just finished arranging my cabinet. I had to take out my fall clothes and put away the summer clothes. Hew!

Did I say fall? Well, although it's getting colder we'll still continue our adventure. Actually, we've just bought our sleeping bags yesterday to use for our camp.

And here's my hubby checking out the sleeping bag if it will make him warm. He slept for almost an hour and said we are now ready to go out for our fall camp. Oh yes! We don't have to get up at 3 a.m. to boil some water to make us warm like what happened to our camp in Jirisan Recreation Forest. When would it be? I'll give you an update later.

We also bought this burner. My hubby doesn't like the burner that we used here. He said it's big and too complicated to carry so we bought this small and light burner. We also got these two 230g LPG for free. The saleslady was giving us a lantern instead of discount but we already have one so we told her just to give us gas instead.

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