Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What to bring on a camp

We went camping last weekend but before i'll make an entry about that, let me post first the "What to Bring on a Camp". I suddenly thought about it because I didn't prepare the things the night before we left and did it in the morning. We've been going out for a camp for many times and I thought my memory will be enough to prepare all the things that we needed but I was wrong again. hehehe....

List of Stuffs to bring on a camp.

1. tent
2. mat
3. lantern (lamp)
4. gas range
5. gas
6. cooking wares
7. blanket (warm or thin depend on the weather but its usually cold at the campsite so I recommend to take the warm blanket)
8. pillow (these travel pillows are uncomfortable to use when you're lying down so we bought dolls to use as pillows)
9. rug (use to clean up the deck, inside the tent before you leave)
10. newspaper (use to dry up or cover the land when it rained specially if you'll set up the tent on the ground; that if there's no available deck)
11. soap and shampoo ( rinse optional)
12. toothbrush and toothpaste
13. towel
14. suncream
15. tissue
16. knife
17. wooden chopsticks
18. book (if you like reading and just want to relax and stay in a tent)
19. cards (optional)
20. dishwashing (soap and scrub)
21. mosquito killer
22. rice
23. water
24. snacks and drinks
25. warm and summer clothes (it's always cold at night at the campsite and summer clothes to use if you want to play in the water like valley or swimming pool)
26. camera


Advertiser said...

This is a very useful list of what to bring for a camp! Camping is something I never done before!

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

very detailed list you have!