Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Chuseok Day

Oh yes, it's still holiday here. It's a long vacation. There was heavy traffic from Monday. Our 15 minutes drive from work to home took us almost an hour. Even when there were many traffic officers, they couldn't stop the traffic.

Holiday started on Tuesday and we were supposed to visit my in laws but my hubby decided to go camping instead. We left in the afternoon because we woke up at noon. There weren't many people at the camping site. Only three tents were set up including ours. Before dark, one of the campers decided to leave and a few hours later, we left too. The reason was because of the drunk ajassi (old men). There were too noisy. We went there to relax and get rest but we couldn't endure their noise so we went to the office and got refund the money that we paid for the deck and entrance fee. The administrator warned the ajassis because new campers came. At first they were setting up the tent on the deck area but before we left they moved to another area. They chose to set the tent on the ground next to the deck area because of the noise.

It rained a lot while we were on our way home. We knew that it would rain so I think it's a good choice to go home. Actually, it flooded the other part of the country including Seoul. There was heavy rain and flood in some area during Chuseok.

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