Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's go camping

It's my vacation. Yahoooo! I have three days vacation. I mean five days including weekend so me and my hubby are planning to go camping. I just hope that the weather will agree with us. I've never gone camping for a long time so I really miss sleeping in a tent specially now that it's too hot. Going to the recreational forest and reading books is what I love the most when we go camping. The fresh air and lying down all day is what I miss the most. Koreans are very lucky for having a very good nature. There are lots of beautiful forests and mountains. I love trees and mountains although I don't climb them. I love beaches but I don't like going swimming. I just love watching them. I'm so happy and feel relax when I see trees, mountains and beaches. I'm a nature lover that's why I love Korea.

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Nova said...

that sounds pretty amazing, the last time I went to a camping was during my highschool years and it was really memorable