Friday, January 29, 2010

Korean cultures Part 2

11. Is it funny? Different cultures have different ways to express embarrassment. Sometimes and embarrassed Korean will laugh. But that doesn't mean that they like what happened.

12. Where's your hometown? This always asked when you meet someone. Koreans are happy if you have the same hometown with them. What is more if you entered in the same school. My hubby found out that the man downstairs is my hubby's senior. They went in the same school but different years. The man went to school 10 years earlier than my hubby but they have good relationship now.

13. It's what they called Noraebang (Karaoke bar). Koreans like singing so when there's gathering together, going to noraebang is a must. At noraebang, you are forced to sing even when you just sing like a frog. They don't care as long as you sing korean songs. They will just surprised to hear you singing korean song and not the kind of voice that you have.

14. There's a 1st batch, 2nd batch and 3rd batch. When you go out with co-workers or friends to go dine out, expect to have the the 3rd batch. First batch is having meal outside with soju (alcohol) or mekju (beer), then 2nd batch is going to Noraebang (#13) and third is going to Night Club. You can leave after 2nd batch. You are not force to join the last one.

15. Its not unusual to see two men dancing together. It's not unusual to see two girls or two boys holding hands together. And so do two men dancing together.

16. Housewarming party. Once you moved to a house, you are expected to throw a housewarming party. I did it three times. Once for my co-workers, another for family and relatives and third for my friends.

17. That sign is backwards. It's opposite. The sign in Korea is read "Clothes 60%-40% off". They said most people look with the first number so the first number is the biggest to attract more customers.

18. What are those long needles for? When you're sick some will advice to try the Acapuncture. It is a branch of Oriental Medicine that involves using long needles. The doctor inserts the needles into the various parts of the patient's body. I never tried it, though! I'm scared!

19. Go to the hospital and get a shot for your cold. You go to the hospital because you have a cold. At the hospital, they will give you a shot. But after that, you'll feel strong and healthy again.

20. Go to work or school even when you're sick. Koreans don't always miss school or work. My boss had an operation on weekend and he came to work on Monday. We even didn't know that he had an operation if he didn't walk strangely. Students go to school too as long as they can stand.

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