Friday, February 19, 2010

Korean Culture Part4

31. Perfect attendance. I don't know why they don't miss school when it snows a lot or even when they are sick. They are always present.

32. Green arrows on the traffic lights. It's green but it doesn't mean that you can turn left. You have to wait for the green arrows. Although you can turn left in some intersections, but those are the ones that reads biboho. It means you can turn left when there's no car coming.

33. Two New Years' Day. The first New Year is on Jan. 1st but it's not celebrated by most koreans. Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) is more important for Koreans and it lasts for three days. They follow the Lunar Calendar. Koreans often visit their hometowns and see their families.

34. Election day is a holiday. It's election day so there's no work and school. They are giving time to vote so it's a national holiday.

35. They don't drink tap water. Koreans don't drink tap water. They always boil the drinking water with tea, dates, dried corns, wheat, etc.

36. Order the same meal in a restaurant. It's not surprising to see Korean in one table eating the same meal. It doesn't only happen in barbecue or raw fish restaurants. You'll see each of them have bowls or pots in front of them eating the same meals.

37. Students go to many institutes. Some students have to study until late at night. There are different kinds of institutes or academies they attend. There are piano/ violin institutes, math/ english institutes, taekwondo, baduk (korean chess), art class, etc. Others even have tutorials at home.

38. Wear slippers at work. Korean office workers wear slippers at work no matter what kind of dress (attire) they wear. Men and Women do this. It's more comfortable, anyway.

39. There's a bullet train. The bullet train or Korean Train Express (KTX) travels over 350km/hr. It's too fast and comfortable but much expensive than the normal train.

40. Apartments are better than houses. There are lots of apartment buildings. Living in an apartment is better than a house. Apartments are in different sizes. From one room apartment (studio apartment) to many rooms.

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