Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Korean Culture

Before you come or visit a foreign country, you have to learn first about its culture. So here are some of the Korean Culture if you're planning to visit Korea, you're getting married to Korean, or have decided to work in Korea.

1. Don't use red pen when you write a name. I always have red pen at work. It's very easy to remember what I wrote with the red pen and I use it to correct things. I even wrote names with the red pen. But my students were surprised, they said we can only use red ink if we write the name of dead people.

2. Assigned sitting at the Movie Theaters and Express Buses. If you watch a movie of go to another city, there is a seat number in the ticket but you can choose the seat that you want by telling at the counter and it will be given to you if it's available.

3. There's only one bowl. When you order food in the restaurant, it will come in one bowl. Koreans eat soup together. One bowl for everyone!

4. The music is too loud. The music at the supermarket, department stores, and even someone who's just listening to his MP3 on the bus has very loud music. I don't know why they are using earphones when other people can hear the music.

5. There are lots of the same businesses. There are lots of stores, restaurants, karaoke bar, and other the same businesses in one area.

6. It's hard to find your size. Most jeans have the same lengths. If the waistline fits on you, then they just cut it to fit your length size. It's also hard to find your size if you have big body.

7. Lots of side dishes. If you go to the restaurants, you'll often see several different side dishes served. These side dishes don't cost anything extra. Korean have different kinds of side dishes when they eat even at home. Lots to prepare and lots of dirty dishes.

8. Take off your shoes. You're not allowed to wear your shoes inside the house. Even if you go to the restaurants you have to take them off. Koreans wear shoes that can put on and take off easily.

9. Dial 114 or 119. It's opposite! Instead of 411 for information and 911 for emergency, you dial 114 or 119.

10. Never call by his/her first name. Koreans are much more formal so never call the names specially those who have higher position than you. You can call Teacher Kim, President Kim, or any titles they have.

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