Friday, February 10, 2012

Live in Jeju with 30 Bucks

I have a co-worker who has been working for almost two weeks now and he said he came here in the Island without anything except $30. He said he used to work here 3 years ago and when he arrived here in Jeju, he called my boss and he's too lucky that we were looking for a worker at that time. He asked my boss if he could stay or live in one of the rooms here but my boss didn't allow him. He doesn't have any money and he can't go anywhere with his 30 bucks so we always hide him. He sleeps in one of the rooms with my other co-worker. He doesn't go out and when he does, he calls first and ask if my boss is in the office. If my boss is out, then he would go out of the room and go to the kitchen to have something to eat. He has been doing it for many days now.

Yesterday, my boss asked me if my new co-worker is doing well. Actually, he doesn't do his job well but I said yes. I just take pity of him. He has nothing and nowhere to go. I just told my co-worker on what he has to do at work so he can do well. Before my boss left, he asked me what time he leaves work and he asked continously that he doesn't sleep here, does he? I said NO! He leaves work at 9:30a.m. Okay, he said.

Again, today there's a package came and it was for my new co-worker. My boss asked whose package it is and I said it was Kim's. My boss left the office with curiousity. He was still in the parking lot when my new co-worker came out of the room and I told him to hide because my boss is still in the parking lot and he may come back. He went to the bathroom and hid there. Then when my boss left, he came out and brought his package in the room. Ah, it's too complicated and I think it's too funny, too! hehe..

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