Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caught Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

It's not me but my co-worker who has caught driving under the influence of alcohol. He came 3 hours earlier than his working time. He said he couldn't sleep because of the tragedy that happened to him last night. He said he drank with his friend and a lady that they met and he drove home under the influence of alcohol. Unluckily, there were policemen checking so he was caught. He said it was Feb. 10th last year when he was caught driving while he was drunk. At that time they took his license so he couldn't drive for a year and paid 2,500,000won or around $2,300. The night before he could get his license, he was caught. That was Feb. 9th when he was caught under the influence of alcohol and he was supposed to get his license on Feb. 10th, the next day after he was caught. He's so unlucky guy! Yesterday he said he has to pay 3,000,000won but he found out that he has to pay 5,000,000won. Because he was too drunk, caught twice a year and without a license. He said he's in big trouble now. He doesn't have any money now and he has to pay that amount of money.

Yesterday, he was so upset, disappointed and frustrated. We had a talk for almost three hours and he also mentioned that he just got divorced that's why he came here in the Island to forget everything. But it didn't go well as he expected. He said his life is so terrible now so he wants to commit suicide. I told him that committing suicide is not the right thing to do. I said everything happens for a reason and everything will go well.

I really hope that everything will go well soon.

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