Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aewol Soccer Stadium

What my hubby likes the most in Jeju are the soccer stadium or sports grounds. Most of them have real grasses specially in school playgrounds. One of my hubby's favorite is the Aewol Soccer Stadium. It is wide and it has real grasses. We usually go there on weekends to exercise, play baseball or badminton.

It was under construction when we last go there. They are trying to make it more beautiful and more comfortable and more attractive for players or visitors like us.

The area where you can watch the players playing or just go inside to exercise. There are lots of sports machines inside.

Here are some of the machines that you can use to exercise for free.

Here's the library building where we borrow books. You can just read books if you don't want to exercise, play games or watch sports games.

Next to the building is a gymnasium where we usually play badminton when it is windy outside. If you are interested, you can even join a badminton club.

We love the sports ground except the man who told my hubby to pay if he wants to play soccer. Ouch! Is that true? He must be crazy! I think that guy wants to make money from us. The stadium is for public use so never pay if you happen to meet that guy. That's what my hubby told him and he didn't say anything. We'll pay if we'll use the lights like those who practice soccer but we never did.

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