Thursday, August 25, 2011

Noah Yacht Tour

One thing that you need to experience when you visit Jejudo is the yacht tour. It's one of my dream to have a yacht tour and it finally came true. I was so excited and wondered what was inside the yacht. It's not cheap to take a yacht but it's different on what I expected. I think I just expected too much. The yacht looks good specially inside. It has complete rooms like a house.

It has a small sink and refrigerator.

A kind of living room with fruits, drinks and snacks on the table. It's free. It's included on the fee. And a piano and guitar that I think used when someone proposed to her loveone.

The room is enough for a group tour.

A bedroom with a big bed and two decks. My slept well here but I couldn't. I went out because I felt dizzy. It's too dizzy to stay inside because of the waves.

The view outside.

The photographs of the actors and actresses who took the yacht were hanging on the entrance. Some of them are Lee Gyong Gyu and Hyeon Young.

Besides from the lifevest, you should also take this shoes before you take the yacht. The shoes are good because you won't slip even when the yacht is wet.

There's also time for fishing where the yacht stops and people can fish. I tried but I couldn't catch any. I realized that it's not easy to fish but it was a good experience.

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