Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iho Tewoo Beach

We went to Iho Tewoo Beach last Sunday. Iho Tewoo literally translated as "do not pass me by". We were just wondering what it looks like because we always see the sign when we go to Jeju City. It's near the city no wonder why there are many people swimming in the beach. Some are also enjoying playing sand beach balls.

It's summer so it's not surprising to see many people swimming or just visiting some beaches to relax. I don't think it's a good beach to swim or to relax. But the parasols look good. There were so many people and the water is not so clean. But if you're in the city, it's better to visit it.

The beach became more famous because of the great spots where you can pitch tents. So people can enjoy not only camping but also swimming. The best thing about it, is it is open even at night. Here are some Night Regulations:

1. The beach is open at night to the public from July 16 - August 21. Night hours commence at 10p.m. Swimming is only permitted at designated areas.

2. Swimming is probihited whilst consuming food or drink including any alcohol.

3. You should follow tha advice and instructions from the beach's lifeguards.

4. All trash should be disposed of in the appointed trash cans. You should also refrain from any disorderly behavior.

Iho Tewoo is just 10 minutes away from the airport so even you when you just stay at the parking lot, you can enjoy watching the planes coming like what we did.

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