Friday, July 15, 2011

Gwagji Olle Gil

There are lots of olle gil or " walking courses" in Jeju and one of the best known walking courses is the Gwagji Olle Gil. Olle Gil means "narrow road" and there are lots of famous olle gil or walking routes in Jeju.

Most of the Olle Gil that I've been to here in Jeju are mountains and Gwagji Olle Gil is a unique one because it is a walking route beside the sea or beaches. If you love beaches, this place is good for you.

You can walk along the beach.

It's so relaxing to watch the seawaves while taking a walk. Or you can just sit down on the rocks or shades near the beach if you want to take a rest or watch the seawaves.

There are also lots of photographs of the rocks and flowers. Under the photographs are the names or what the rocks look like. You can't notice what the rocks look like but after looking at the photograph and reading what is written under, you will be surprised that it's really look like one. Ex. hippo or rhino rock shapes.

It takes about 2 hours to go back and forth but you can't notice that you already walk that long because you can't realize the time and you won't never feel bored or tired.

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