Saturday, October 6, 2007

Goindol (Dolmen)

Dolmens are megalithic tombs, probably the most representative burial type of the Korean Bronze Age. The most famous of these are the Goindol Rocks, designated as World’s Cultural Treasure. Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do is a major dolmen site, where 596 of these stone relics were designated as a World Cultural Heritage in 2000. I have been to Goindol in Gochang about 2 years ago but never been in Hwasun so i invited hubby to go there.

We see this as we enter the village.

And here's another one found at the entrance at the Goindol Park.

Here are some of the stones that we see.

Hubby said that people live here long time ago. Yes, my hubby is not only my driver but also my tourist guide. hehehe...

We still see some utensils they used for cooking....

and for drinking.

Here's a small park.

We saw some hajuma and halmoni selling peaches on the way home so we dropped by in one of the stores and bought this.

I asked halmoni if i could take some pictures and she allowed me. She was a little bit upset when i took a picture of these peaches instead of her so she said i have to take some pictures of her, too so i've got this one.

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