Friday, May 13, 2011

Hwemunsan Recreation Forest

Hwemunsan Recreation Forest is located in Jeollabukdo Sunchang-gun Gurim-myeon Anjeongri San3-1. It's still cold and some of the recreation forest are closed. Some of them will be opened on May because there are not many people going camping in cold weather.

Look! We were alone. Nobody was on the camp site except us.

The recreation forest has a great view. There's a bridge over the spring and near the mountain. It's a great place for a scenic view.

I think you can also climb up to the mountain going to this rest house but we didn't choose to because it was too cold.

A bench where you can take a rest or take pictures of a wonderful view of the mountain.

The beautiful mountain.

The waterfalls from the mountain rock.

If you don't have a tent, you can stay there by renting a guesthouse.

The roads from the camp site.

Well, I can say that the view is great but not the camping site. I don't like the old style bathroom. It's dirty and too small. Not advisable to stay here in the summer when there are many campers specially for those who have kids. You'll have trouble with the bathroom.

I wish they could make a good bathroom so that I can go back there for a nice camp.

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