Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Children's Day

It's Children's Day here in Korea. Children's Day is celebrated every 5th of May. It is a holiday here so that parent's can give time to their children. Parents in Korea are always busy so this day, it's time for parents to spend time with their kids. Most of the family go out to celebrate this occasion. Parks, Amusement parks, camping sites are almost full during this day. There's also heavy traffic so if you don't have any kids, it's not reasonable to go out on this day.

Parents also give gifts to their kids. The famous gifts are cellphones and games. They also eat delicious foods like pizza, hamburgers, chicken or barbecue (samgyopsal). You know they are kids favorites.

Well, Happy Children's Day to all kids out there!

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RingBali said...

It must be the most wait day by children...We have mothers day but when is the fathers day ? :)