Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sixtieth Birthday

It's my hubby's uncle's sixtieth birthday this coming weekend and we're gonna attend his birthday. The party will be held in one of the hotels close to my apartment so we don't need to bring a car. Hubby's uncle chose two hotels. Whether the one near to my flat or the one where hubby's another uncle celebrated his birthday which is very close to the mountain. The hotel has a very nice view but the food wasn't that good. The hotel that is close to my apartment doesn't have a good view but I heard that the food is great. And the price is three times the price of the other hotel.

My hubby's uncle's siblings suggested him to chose the cheaper hotel but the celebrant chose the more expensive one. And because of that, my mother in law decided to raise the amount of her birthday gift.

Birthday gifts here are not presents that are wrapped in the box. Koreans prefer to receive money during the celebration. So whatever occasion it is, either if it is a wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Parent's Day, birthday, etc, just prepare and envelope and give cash.

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