Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Travel to Canada

Do you think we are really going to Canada? This is the question that my hubby asked me last night. I said I think so. Hmmm... Maybe! he said. So, what are you gonna do in Canada?, he asked. Hmmmm... aren't we going there to travel? I answered. Then he asked again, do you really want to go? "Eung", I said which means yes in Korean. "But I don't want" he said and laughed. My hubby likes teasing me specially when he has something special for me. I think he's happy when he teases me. I sometimes get angry and don't talk to him until he will change the topic or make serious again.

Yes, we are planning to go to Canada. It's just a plan but it's possible that we are going there. It's 80% sure unless he would change his mind and go to another country instead. He reads some articles about Canada now a days. He checked out some accommodations, famous sites, transportations, etc. Whatever his plan is, I just support. I have to because his plan is for both of us.

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