Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Muin Cafe Sanchek Owner

Is he the Muin Cafe Sanchek Owner? Is he caught in the act? It's my third time to visit the cafe. First, with my hubby next with my in-laws and then with my hubby's cousins. We introduced the cafe to them. They also liked it because it is a quiet place and it has good environment. It's a great place when you want to kill your time or take time to relax. It's great specially if you're with your loveone.

I just wondered at first how could there be coffee in pot whenever we come to visit. But then, while I was having brewed coffee, somebody came and made some coffee in the pot. He also cleaned the area of the cafe.

Here he is. Do you think he's the owner? Hmmmm... I guess so! I should've taken a picture of him when he's making some coffee but I think that was his privacy.

I wish him success!

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