Thursday, April 10, 2008

Attended a wedding

Two weeks ago, my in law came here because we had to attend a wedding ceremony. The ceremony took longer than the normal one because it was a church wedding but was held in a wedding hall. It was my first time to attend the church wedding and because my father in law doesn't go to church, he got bored and invited us to have lunch even when the ceremony has just started.

Getting married here is like a business. You earned money after the wedding. The visitors don't give any wrapped gifts. Everyone gives money. So, don't be surprised if you attend a wedding and see the siblings of the groom and bride at the front desk giving and receiving some envelopes. After giving the envelope with money of course, then they will give you a food ticket.

My father in law doesn't like getting late in any appointment he has. We came thirty minutes earlier at the wedding hall. So here are the parents, practicing for the wedding march. The girl in the red uniform works at the wedding hall. They are teaching the parents and the bride and groom on what to do during the wedding. There's also someone who guides for the bride, telling her on what to do and putting her wedding dress in position.

Compare my post here.

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JonaBQ said...

this venue looks grand.
if this is also the tradition of weddings here in the Philippines, we would have had more money to start our marriage :) and good to avoid same gifts like we received two oven toasters, two punch bowls of the same kind, and lots more same gifts. anyway, it served it's purpose we gave the other ones as wedding gifts to some friends LOL :D