Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wedding in Korea

My hubby's co-worker got married three weeks ago, then two weeks ago was his friend's wedding and it was last week when we also attended his cousin's wedding. We recieved 3 invitations in 3 weeks. Yaiiikkkss...Let's blame the weather here because it's very cold and everyone needs a human blanket.

Like most koreans, all of them got married at the wedding hall.

Guests don't wrap a gift for the bride and broom because at the entrance of the wedding hall are the members of the family giving small envelopes to the visitors. After putting some money, they will give you a ticket for the reception. The wedding ceremony only last for 30 minutes, i think. After hearing the lines of the preacher, bow down to the parents, cut the cake, then comes the picture taking with family and friends.

You can go at the reception anytime which is mostly located in the same building of the hall as long as you have the food ticket. Here's the food that we had at the reception.

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