Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's get insured

Me and my hubby are looking for the right insurance for our home. We left our home and let someone stay there including our things to use. I can't deny that I'm always worried even when I enjoy travel with my hubby. While taking a walk, we talked about our home. My hubby asked if our home is still in good condition. We are worried because we work hard so we could buy that home. So in order not worry, I suggested him to get insurance for it. He said he would think about it.

I've mentioned about this to my friend who has the same condition like me. She said she understands what I feel so she said it's really great to get valuables insurance. Because my friend who is leaving in the UK has an insurance and she said she's satisfied with it. She doesn't need to worry about everything including her important and valuable things like TV.

I can't forget when she said that we have to live smart by getting insurance to insured our valuable things and lives. I guess she's right and I think I have to get one now.

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