Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gochang Barley Plantation

Gochang Barley Plantation or Wheat Plantation is located in North Jeolla Province or (Jeollanamdo) South Korea. The weather is getting better everyday so last week my hubby search on the net about the good attractions to visit on weekend. He came with the site of Gochang Barley Plantation and we visited today.

Gochang Barley Plantation is in Hakwon Farm in Gochang. Hakwon Farm is a famous place for filming korean movies.

The weather was too hot but even in the mid day, there were many people coming from different part of the country to see the beauty of the farm full of barley plants.

When you're far from it, the wheats look like short grasses on the plain. But if you come closer, it is tall as high as waist of a middle height man.

Besides from the barley plantation, there are also lots of things to see like the bamboo where it is said that ttokaebi or a kind of korean ghost appeared.

There's also a horse-drawn carriage if you don't wanna take a walk in the sun. Hubby and I didn't take a walk. We drove the car around and just stop when we see good and cool places to stay.

On our way home, we had jang-o gui (roasted eels) for lunch. Gochang is famous for bokbunja (raspberries) and jang-o (eels) so if you happened to visit Gochang, don't forget to try jang-o gui or roasted eel.

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