Friday, March 21, 2008

Incheon International Airport

We've just got back from our vacation. We arrived here last Sunday and as usual i have to work hard again the next day. Thank you guys for always visiting me here even when i'm away. We left early and arrived at Incheon International Airport few hours before our flight so we spent our time walking around the airport so i have many pictures to share you in this World's Best Airport.

I think the airport looks like a plane. Inside are these gardens with benches. I didn't know and saw this before. If we didn't check the subway train (yes, there's a subway train, too) then i can't know about this fantastic view of this airport which is just located on the high floor of the airport subway station.

Isn't it nice to wander the place? Although we waited for few hours, we didn't get bored because there are many fun things to do inside the airport. There is also an internet cafe, free events like teaching on how to make necklaces, cases, and a lot more. I'm gonna tell about it on my next post with pictures of course.

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ms. choy said...

wow. like a fairytale land :)