Saturday, February 2, 2008

more sports, less crimes

When i watch sports games on tv with my husband either a baseball, soccer or a rugby game, i always see the stadium with full of people watching and cheering for their favorite teams and players. I didn't used to like sports but because i got married to a sports minded husband so now i learned on how to accept any sports games. We even sometimes go the stadium to cheer for our favorite team.

I envy those coutries where young, teenagers and elders enjoy watching sports. I think the countries that focus more on sports have less rate of crimes.

Do you like sports? If you don't then it's time learn on how to accept it. Watch this rugby tournament which represent by 6 nations championship. See how they make the games more fun and interesting by watching the highlight videos, reading the news, and checking the photo galleries. Check out the 6 nations official website and be updated for your rugby dream team.

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